Blueberry Autoflower - week by week Grow Diary

Blueberry Auto Grow Diary Week by Week

This diary is based on Mrs_Larimar growing experiences.  A lot of grows has been done by Mrs_Larimar, with awesome results and photo's.  Here is Mrs_Larimar's grow diary on Blueberry Autoflower, a cross between Lowryder #2 and Blueberry.

Mrs_Larimar's Grow Setup

Here's some key info about the grow setup, including how many plants he grew, the size of grow tent, and much more.

Strain Blueberry Autoflower by WeedSeedsExpress
Number of Plants Grown 2
Light cycle 18/6 hours, from week 10 14/8 hours
Medium Perlite
Nutrients used

Growzyme, Living Organics, Humic Acid Plus, Organic Bloom Liquid, Organic More PK, Big Fruits

Seed to harvest time 15 weeks
Veg time 4 weeks
Flowering time 11 weeks
Germination method Paper towel method with Cotton.


Final Results

Yield: 2.8 ounce / 80 gram per plant 
Growing Review An easy grow and rewarding strain.
Smoke Report delightful taste profile, reminiscent of berries and fruits with a hint of gassy undertones


Grow Diary Blueberry Autoflower


Germinating Blueberry Auto Seeds

Started with six Blueberry Automatic seeds this week ( Mrs_Larimar's has a soft spot for Blue genetics). The seeds began their germination in lukewarm water, soaking for 24 hours to activate the growth process.

After that, the seeds were placed under a wet kitchen sponge to maintain darkness and humidity. The propagator, housing these seeds, spent the day in a warm outdoor spot.

The following day the seeds were moved into tiny pots within the propagator.

Weeks 2 and 3

The second week Mrs_Larimar resetting the grow after a cat killed some seedlings . Six Blueberry Auto seeds were reinitiated into the germination process in lukewarm water. By Monday, signs of root development were visible, showing a shift under the kitchen sponge to foster further root growth. Five of the six seeds boasted long roots and were planted the same evening.

Throughout the week the setup was 18 hours of light,  24°C day air temperature, 75% humidity, and optimal nutrient levels from Green Buzz Nutrients. After a few days,  some seedlings were already breaking through the soil, accelerated by the warm weather, by the next day all seedlings were breaking through the soil.

Week three sustained the vegetative phase under similar grow conditions, maintaining  the same nutrient levels with Growzyme, Living Organics, More Roots, and Humic Acid Plus. However, the outdoor risks surfaced with one plant lost to unknown causes.  Despite a week marked by colder, rainier days, the remaining four plants continued their development, now approximately five days post-germination. 

Week 4 and 5

The plants  where growing well towards a height of 12 cm. The light, temperature and humidity was kept equal to previous weeks. Mrs_Larimar continued with the nutrient-rich protocol from Green Buzz Nutrients, including Growzyme, Living Organics, More Roots, Humic Acid Plus, and Fast Plants Spray, totaling 64.35 ml/gal.

Later this week some extremes in weather occurred, with very hot days and heavy rainfall. IT was somewhat challenging to keep the environment steady. Mrs_Larimar's daily watered the plants and used nutrients like Fast Plants Spray, eto make sure  the plants continued with their grow witthout any major incidents.

Week five had stable grow conditions, no extreme weather. With the plants sustaining their vegetative progress at the same 12 cm height. The nutrient schedule remained unchanged.. 

Week 6 and 7

The Blueberry Autos went into the flowering phase, still at a height of 12 cm under the following conditions: 18 hours of light, a day air temperature of 24°C, and a 75% humidity level. The plants were primarily sustained on water enhanced with beneficial substances, without the need for heavy feeding, reflecting the strain's ease of cultivation.

By week seven, the plants had a growth spurt reaching 65 cm! The preflowers were healthy and growing vigorous as well. No changes to the grow setup. After some  days, Mrs_Larimar saw the plants' rapidly growing towards the popping of the actual flowers. 

Week 8 and 9

The plants maintained their height of 65 cm. The warm and humid weather were ideal for the Blueberries, making  the visible development of flowers significant. A change in the feeding schedule,  focusing on nutrients along with nitrogen to support the growth of the flowers.

Entering week nine, the plants had stretched to 75 cm, which make it necessary to increase the  pot size to 0.6 liters and a slight adjust their nutrient intake, now totaling 71.92 ml/gal. The nutrient mixture was composed of Growzyme, Living Organics, More Roots, Humic Acid Plus, Fast Plants Spray, and Organic Grow Liquid from Green Buzz Nutrients, providing a well-balanced support for their rapid development.

Week 10 and 11

Week ten of flowering continued with the Blueberry Autos  kept a steady height of 75 cm. The light schedule was adjusted to 14 hours, because of  the flowering stage. Plants growing at 24°C day air temperature and 75% humidity.  During this week, the plants developed more buds and stopped growing, putting its energy in bud forming. A minimal feeding was given because of  the shooting growth over the past week. The weather had very hot days and cool nights, making the plant consuming more water.

By week eleven, the nutrients were slightly adjusted to support this flowering phase. New additions included Organic Bloom Liquid and Organic More PK, alongside Big Fruits to enhance bud size and quality. Mrs_Larimar reported a successful adjustment to the heatwave conditions, with daily watering essential to keep the roots cool and hydrated. The plants responded well to the adjusted feeding schedule, with Humic Acid Plus, Growzyme, Big Fruits, Organic Bloom Liquid, and Organic More PK.

Week 12, 13 and 14

During week twelve, flowering continued under a 14-hour light schedule and optimal growing conditions, including a day air temperature of 24°C and 75% humidity.  Mrs_Larimar was away during this period, but the plants were well-cared for by capable sitters.

A week later, Mrs_Larimar returned to find the plants nearly ready for harvest. Despite her absence, the plants showed great progress. Most pistils were still white, but the trichomes indicated maturity. Sadly  the largest and densest plant developed powdery mildew due to not being moved under cover.

In week 14,  the plants were placed indoors due to the mildew issue and to control the environment more tightly as they neared harvest. The nutrient regimen was reduced to 45.42 ml/gal. The plants responded well to their new indoor setting, budding awesomely. 

As the Blueberry Autos approached the final stages of growth, the focus shifted to ensuring the plants remained healthy and the buds developed fully, anticipating a fruitful harvest despite the challenges encountered.

Harvesting Blueberry Auto Plants

Time to harvest those Blueberry Autos! Mrs_Larimar stated it was an easy to grow strain. The yield was better than expected, with 160 grams collected from two plants.

The Blueberry Autos delivered a delightful taste profile, reminiscent of berries and fruits with a hint of gassy undertones. As an Indica hybrid, the effects were potent yet comfortably balanced, offering notable stress and pain relief without overwhelming potency.

Mrs_Larimar's experience reflects the strain's good yielding capability and enjoyable smoking qualities, marking a successful end to the growing season.

Grow your own Blueberry Autoflower

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