Best weed seeds for beginners

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Some strains are easier to grow than others, but you probably already knew that. However, many breeders want to make their species accessible to a big market and therefore focus on the most important aspects of a strain: easy to grow and high quality weed.

Because of the high cannabis prices and accessibility offered by cannabis seeds for beginners, a home-grown breeding has become very popular. Besides, it’s just very nice to grow your own cannabis plant. You will probably agree to this. Otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up on this page.

Growing your own cannabis plant for the first time is exciting, instructive and gives a lot of satisfaction. Especially during harvesting where you get the actual result. But what are the best weed seeds for beginners to start with?

Misunderstandings among novice growers

Before we show you our top 6 with the best weed seeds for beginners we would like to take away some misunderstandings. Many novice growers think that an easy-to-grow strain means that the quality is less or that a hard to grow variety always produces a high quality weed. Let’s reassure you. That is not the case. The difficulty level of a species doesn’t say anything about the quality of the weed.

Many starting growers also think that growing weed is difficult. Fortunately, growing a cannabis plant is almost as simple as growing a houseplant. Of course knowledge about watering, lighting and feeding plants doesn’t come from itself, but everyone can grow a cannabis plant, so why not you? However, for a successful breeding, beginners need a species that is easy to grow and we would like to show your options.

Top 6 best cannabis seeds for beginners

If you are just starting out as a grower, or are looking for easy cultivation, here are some of the species that are easy to grow and develop excellent quality:

  1. Somango XXL
  2. Power Plant
  3. Big Haze auto
  4. AK47 auto
  5. Amnesia Lemon Kush
  6. Big Bud

1. Somango XXL

Somango XXL is a delicious Indica dominant plant and actually has all the qualities that are important for a novice grower. The plant is easy to grow, produces large yields and a delicious weed with a strong effect on the body.

Note: Somango XXL has a slightly reduced mold resistance. This makes this species a little less suitable for the novice outdoor grower, but if you are planning to grow indoors then this is an absolute must.

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2. Power Plant

Sativa enthusiasts who want to start growing indoors or outdoors for the first time will rather choose our Power Plant. Power Plant have a very high mold resistance because of which the chance of a successful culture is considerably high. In addition, the harvests are noteworthy. Power Plant is also known to be a powerful weed with a stimulating effect.

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3. Big haze autoflower

Real Haze lovers pay attention. With our Big Haze autoflower you make a good choice and will grow a high quality Haze. Moreover, with an autoflower you don’t need to adjust the lighting scheme. Pure convenience and very suitable for the novice grower. In addition, the crossing with the Ruderalis will ensure that your plant will survive a breeding error.

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4. AK-47 autoflower

The AK-47 is a classic and probably one of the best-selling varieties worldwide. With this autoflower variant you probably won’t experience any problems. The plant has a very high mold resistance, blooms without changing the light scheme and produces a good stock of weed. The weed isn’t too powerful, but certainly not soft. Great for all-round smokers.

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5. Amnesia Lemon Kush

Not only novice growers, but actually every grower who loves a powerful energetic weed with fresh flavors such as citrus and lime must have grown the Amnesia Lemon Kush once. Due to the cross between the Amnesia Lemon x Afghani Kush the plant has 40% Indica and 60% Sativa properties. This results in a beautiful, powerful plant with an average height and easy to grow for starting growers.

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6. Big Bud

If a big harvest is important to you then you probably choose Big Bud. This plant is easy to grow and able to develop big buds in a short time. Harvesting is possible from day 49 of the flowering period so it’s a quick one. The weed is sweet and skunky with a predominant effect on the body. A delicious weed to chill with.

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Additional tips in addition to the cannabis seeds for beginners

Check out our Blue Dream, Diesel CBD, Girl Scout Cookies or Sexxpot seeds, because these are probably interesting as well. Besides the cannabis seeds that are suitable for beginners, we would like to give you a few extra tips, so you can be sure that you make a good choice.

  • The most easily cultivated species are ruderalis species. Also called autoflowers. They are mainly easy to grow because they are more resistant to mold, pests and diseases, for example. Moreover, you don’t need to adjust the lighting scheme with these types. The plant blooms on the basis of age.
  • Consider in advance whether you will grow indoors or outdoors. Some species grow better inside than outside. In addition, some species thrive particularly well in warm climates while other species can also be grown in cool climates.
  • Note the flowering time. If you have little time or are simply impatient, you can best choose a fast flowering type of cannabis. You can find this information on our product pages.