Best strains to grow for beginners and advanced growers!

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Because there are so many types of weed, it is not easy to indicate which is the best type of weed. Some strains offer great yields, but are more challenging to grow. Other strains are easy to grow but may not be as potent.

With this in mind we’ve put together ten of our current best marijuana strains. In our first top 5 you’ll find strains suitable for beginners. In the top 5 starting halfway through this page you’ll find 5 strains suitable for advanced growers looking for a challenge.

Either way, you’re sure to find a strain in our seed bank that’s right for you!

Top 5 – Best and most popular strains to grow for beginners

  1. AK-47 Auto
  2. Gorilla Glue Auto
  3. Girl Scout Cookies Auto
  4. Northern Lights
  5. Northern Lights X Big Bud Autoflower

1. AK-47 Auto

Like Blue Dream and Green Crack, AK-47 is a true classic and a great strain that is now available as an autoflower version.

The AK-47 has been crossed with our best autoflowering genetics to create a strain as good as the original. However, a lot faster! Yep, that’s the only real difference.

Our auto AK-47 is easy to grow and features a shortened life cycle. Make sure you use new carbon filters when growing indoors, because this cannabis strain is quite fragrant.

The aroma is musky and sweet as an incense while the taste is slightly spicy but still nice and sweet.

From the buds, which are bursting with trichomes, you can expect a soft, cheerful high. Actually, the effect is balanced, just like the original. You’ll feel active and happy, but at the same time you’ll experience a physical high.

The auto AK-47 can be grown almost anywhere – indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. It won’t let you down and provides quite large yields. Flowering starts after a growing period of 3-4 weeks and thanks to her autoflowering genetics she’s ready to harvest after 9-10 weeks.

When grown indoors the plant grows to a height of about 60-70cm and produces a maximum of 425-475g/m². If you grow her outdoors she will grow to a height of 70-100 cm and is capable of yielding 110-160 g / plant.

AK 47 autoflowering feminized seeds AK 47 autoflowering feminized seeds
Levels 21% THC / 1% CBD
Variety 40% Indica / 35% Sativa
Yield 400 to 90 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 42 days
Growersprofile Beginner

2. Gorilla Glue Auto

The Gorilla Glue autoflower belongs to one of the best autoflowering strains and takes its name from the amount of sticky resin it produces. This Indica dominant strain is a descendant of Gorilla Glue #4, winner of the best hybrid award at the High Times competition in California. An absolute top shelf!

The Auto GG produces up to 24% THC and is therefore a real power plant. A record, especially for an autoflower. She features small leaves with small spacing in between. At the end of flowering she has grown huge buds, which are very dense and resinous.

That the autoflowering Gorilla Glue seeds are among the best seeds in the world will probably not surprise you. Certainly not if you know that she can yield up to 600 grams per square meter indoors which is a good yield!

The plant is very easy to grow (even in colder climates), and perfect for any substrate or medium. Outdoors the yield varies between 50 and 300 grams per plant. Are you going for a maximum yield? Then opt for 40-50 liter pots. You can harvest after about 60 days of flowering!

The effect of this Autoflower with its 24% THC content is very potent and brings together the best of Indica and Sativa properties. The high is strong, and you’ll feel great both mentally as physically.

The taste of Gorilla Glue Autoflower is mainly spicy. Think of pines, with notes of fruit and lemon and a lingering background of skunky diesel.

Gorilla Glue autoflowering feminized seeds Gorilla Glue autoflowering feminized seeds
Levels 26% THC / 1% CBD
Variety 50% Indica / 40% Sativa
Yield 450 to 120 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 56 days
Growersprofile Beginner

3. Girl Scout Cookies Auto

The Girl Scout Cookies autoflower belongs to the new generation of Indica strains and is a genetic miracle. Unanimously recognized, very famous in California and in the rest of the world.

The plant is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (OG Kush x Durban Poison) x Ruderalis. This has resulted in a cross where Indica has a predominance of 60%. The auto GSC is a potent strain and can reach up to 22%

THC which is an absolute milestone for an autoflower.

Do you smoke one gram per day or two days? Girl Scout Cookies is a high yielding strain and can yield up to 650 grams per square meter when grown indoors.

The plant is elementary to grow, perfect for any substrate or medium and therefore belongs to one of the greatest strains for beginners. Girl Scout Cookies can be harvested after about 60 days of flowering and when grown outdoors, the production varies between 70 and 300 grams per plant.

The effect of Girl Scout Cookies is very powerful. The feeling is narcotic, but at the same time social and creative. It features medicinal effects that are indicated for the treatment of pain, neuropathy, post-traumatic stress and muscle spasms.

Another strong point is the taste. Especially sweet, with caramel and chocolate. A combination reminiscent of cookies!

Girl Scout Cookies autoflowering seeds Girl Scout Cookies autoflowering seeds
Levels 22% THC / 0.5% CBD
Variety 60% Indica / 20% Sativa
Yield 500 to 150 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 56 days
Growersprofile Beginner

4. Northern Lights

Northern Lights has been a true classic among Amsterdam’s coffee shops since the early 90s. She is known for her delicious high and therapeutic properties.
Moreover, Northern Lights is very easy to grow and therefore great for beginner growers. Especially because she performs well in different climates. This means that you can count on an excellent yield, even during a tumultuous summer.

Northern Lights features a short flowering time and is therefore one of the fast strains. So you can harvest quickly and without affecting the total weight of your harvest!

The effect of the weed is very relaxing, cheerful and somewhat euphoric. She will let you relax and can induce a wonderful urge to sleep, so get ready for a good evening on the couch and make sure your TV is tuned to your favorite channel! Or get ready for a Netflix binge-watch!

You can also count on the occasional munchies, so make sure you always have a treat at home when you light up a Northern Light.

Northern Lights feminized seeds Northern Lights feminized seeds
Levels 18% THC / 1.5% CBD
Variety 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Yield 400 to 900 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 49 days
Growersprofile Beginner

5. Northern Lights x Big Bud autoflower

Two coffee shops classics in one fast autoflower? That’s exactly what the Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower has to offer!

Both Northern Lights and Big Bud are known for their generous yields. The cross between Northern Lights and Big Bud gives the plant a more refined taste and a slightly lower THC content than the individual Northern Lights.

Autoflowering seeds bloom regardless of the number of light hours and remain relatively small. Because of these unique characteristics, these cannabis seeds are very popular in regions further from the equator, such as Europe and other parts of the world.

The Northern Lights x Big Bud is easy to grow and does best outdoors so if you are planning to grow this strain outdoors it is best to sow at the end of May.

The flowering phase is relatively short. With about nine weeks of flowering the total cycle from seed to harvest can take up to eleven weeks. The plants don’t grow that big and are therefore also suitable for smaller spaces. This variety is fairly resistant to mildew and insects.

Northern Lights x Big Bud autoflowering feminized seeds Northern Lights x Big Bud autoflowering feminized seeds
Levels 22% THC / 3% CBD
Variety 80% Indica / 0% Sativa
Yield 500 to 100 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 42 days
Growersprofile Moderate

Top 5 – Best strains to grow for advanced and expert growers

  1. Super Silver Haze
  2. Jack Herer
  3. Snow White
  4. Haze 1
  5. Chemdawg

1. Super Silver Haze

Do you go for big harvests? Are you a lover of haze varieties and looking for the best cannabis seeds? Then choose Super Silver Haze.

Super Silver Haze is one of the best strains to grow but certainly not the easiest strain! Just like with the Amnesia Haze, you’ll need to provide your plants with a moderate diet that’s carefully adapted to the different stages of the plant’s life.

For best results, plant these weed seeds in a controlled indoor environment or in a greenhouse. A Super Silver Haze plant thrives best in a hydroponic environment, making it a strain best grown by experts or people with at least some experience in growing cannabis.

Super Silver Haze can also be grown successfully outdoors, as long as you don’t have an early, wet autumn. A mild, warm or even equatorial climate is preferred as your cannabis plants need a fair amount of sunlight to thrive.

Super Silver Haze feminized seeds Super Silver Haze feminized seeds
Levels 21% THC / 0.15% CBD
Variety 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Yield 500 to 700 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 63 days
Growersprofile Expert

2. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is also called the king of cannabis plants and is perhaps the most exquisite marijuana you will ever encounter. It is also Jack Herer that is available on prescription as a recognized variety of high quality medicinal cannabis at Dutch pharmacies.

Due to the complex genetic background of Sativa and Indica, Jack Herer is an exceptionally balanced strain. This balance is also reflected in the effect: a clear high combined with an intense body buzz.

Jack Herer is not sold for commercial purposes. It is a plant for the real lover. She has beautiful calyxes of unparalleled quality that you prefer to share with friends to enjoy together.

There is a double strength that makes Jack Herer so special, namely a cerebral high that lets you float combined with a wonderful feeling that goes through your whole body. Keep in mind that you’ll feel a big landslide as you travel through the stars.

Jack Herer feminized seeds Jack Herer feminized seeds
Levels 20% THC / 0.8% CBD
Variety 45% Indica / 55% Sativa
Yield 500 to 700 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 60 days
Growersprofile Moderate

3. Snow White

This strain is a hybrid between Northern Lights, White Widow and C99. The result is an easy to grow plant with one central cola that is ready to harvest after 9 weeks of flowering.

C99 is famous for her soft peach taste and fortunately with Snow White we managed to keep this taste (sweet and fruity) in a much stronger weed.

The plants grow very fast, so it doesn’t take long before a “scrog screen” is needed. Some skill is therefore recommended.

Snow White feminized seeds Snow White feminized seeds
Levels 20% THC / 2.5% CBD
Variety 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Yield 400 to 700 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 56 days
Growersprofile Expert

4. Haze #1

Haze #1 is a Sativa dominant plant known for its stability and generous amounts of trichomes. Her genetics consist of the Mexican Haze, Chocolate Thai and Jamaican. It’s a strain with excellent therapeutic properties which makes the strain highly appreciated by medicinal weed users.

Haze #1 feminized seeds are suitable for experienced growers. They need a lot of care and attention.

The plant produces thick, fluffy buds, anointed with glistening trichomes. Haze #1 can be grown indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors, but prefers a warm, dry climate.

The effect is intense, clear and fast, brings energy and stimulates the brain. The smoke has a delicious herbal and pine flavor and is described as a fine taste sensation.

Haze #1 feminized seeds Haze #1 feminized seeds
Levels 22% THC / 0.4% CBD
Variety 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Yield 550 to 800 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 84 days
Growersprofile Expert

5. Chemdawg

Chemdawg is a moderate to powerful strain that has been widely used in the development of modern genetics. It is derived from an original Chem 91 clone from a grower on the east coast of America. For 60% it is an Indica plant and 40% Sativa.

Chemdawg thrives in drier climates, although it is strong enough to withstand high humidity. Flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks and yields are moderate to good.

If you rinse her with clean water at the end of the flowering phase you will see that she turns yellow almost immediately. The plant is desperate for nutrients and because she doesn’t get them she quickly empties her bracts. Beautiful yellow and purple leaves are the result!

After a nice Chemdawg hit the effect strikes quickly and hard. The effect is very calming due to the descent of the OG Kush. You can feel it almost directly on your eyes; a really powerful and long-lasting “stone” as they call it. The analgesic and muscle relaxing properties of this strain are enormous.

When you grind your weed you can smell a sweet resinous fruit scent. The smoke is thick and penetrating. When you smoke Chemdawg, you can taste fruity citrus and taste a clear Diesel influence. You can also taste aromas of conifers. All in all, definitely a strain you want to try!

Chemdawg feminized seeds Chemdawg feminized seeds
Levels 21% THC / 0.7% CBD
Variety 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Yield 400 to 600 grams/m²
Flowering time up to 63 days
Growersprofile Expert