Best indica strains 2019

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Indica cannabis began as a desert mountain cultivar, originating in the mountains of Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush region of India that adapted to arid climates. Indica strains are usually small and stocky with dense branches with generous foliage and numerous buds. Structurally, the indica plant does not need a lot of water which is not surprising if it comes from regions where water is scarce. Indica cannabis plants are popular with growers as they tend to flower much more quickly than sativa. Indica was first classified as a subspecies of Sativa because it was first discovered, but the latest research has suggested that the opposite is true.

Regardless of its history, today it has never been so easy to get hold of world-class quality Indica seeds. And 2019 has been a fantastic year for indica strains of cannabis; a variant that delivers a relaxed high, perfect for pain relief or for chilling with friend and less chance of nausea and paranoia. To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of our current top five best indica strains of 2019:

1. Granddaddy Purple
2. Pinkman Goo
3. Skywalker OG
4. Lithium OG Kush
5. Master Kush

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No. 1 Granddaddy Purple

Originating from California, Granddaddy Purple features stunning purple foliage and is the result of a match made in heaven between Big Bud and Purple Uncle. Berries and grapes, undertones of earthy pines and citrus-like top notes make smoking the Granddaddy Purple an unforgettable experience.

Easy to grow outdoors where it will grow taller and with a higher yield than if kept indoors. It is ready to harvest after 8 to 11 weeks; harvest time is usually mid-October if grown outside.

Granddaddy Purple weed has a very high THC content of 23% so it makes undeniably strong cannabis. The indica helps to produce feelings of calm and complete relaxation -users may also feel blissed out and giggle. Perfect for unwinding in the evening after a long day at work.

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No. 2 Pinkman Goo

Pinkman Goo is well-named with leaves that are super sticky and coated with sugar drops of THC-rich crystalline resin like the face of a child eating candy. Pinkman Goo is a truly iconic strain that will blow your mind one of the most amazing you will ever experience.

Originally Pinkman Goo feminized seeds were created by CaliCropDoc (United States) derived from a complex crossing with Granddaddy Purple x Grape Ape x Northern Lights #5. Each of these strains has a well-deserved reputation for excellence – but Pink Goo takes things up a notch.

Pinkman Goo strain can be grown outside but prefers to be kept indoors or in a greenhouse. This makes it easier for you to control the climate to maximise the yield, especially if you want to make the most of that delicious syrup of it occurs in the flowers during photosynthesis

Pinkman Goo is easy to grow but you do need to keep an eye on nutrients so the plants can grow to their full stature although mature plants are pretty compact. Pink Goo likes the climate to be warm and dry – just like California from whence it originates -and make sure that the temperature does not drop below 18 degrees at night.

Pink Goo will induce a blissful and meditate state with positive feelings.

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No. 3 Skywalker OG

A cross between Skywalker and the OG Kush strain, Skywalker OK is an instant classic. High levels of THC, a complex flavour and amazing high all features of this weed. It is also ideal for beginners as it’s resistant to mould and matures in two months.

Easy to grow but keep humidity levels low to lessen the likelihood of mould. Invest in lots of good quality soil and supports such as nettings and wires to maximize yield.

Skywalker makes a fabulous analgesic for long-term conditions and also produces a warm, fuzzy high that will never fail to put a smile on your face.

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No. 4 Lithium OG Kush

Named after the iconic grunge band, Nirvana, Lithium OG Kush seeds are bred from OG Kush and Master Kush. Lithium OG Kush has a unique flavour of citrus and diesel and produces excellent yields.

Lithium OG Kush is quite easy to grow but the plants can get quite bushy so knowledge of various pruning and thinning techniques is desirable.

This weed will make you feel relaxed and happy, and is strong without being overpowering.

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No. 5 Master Kush

Master Kush is one of the best-known strains of cannabis with an ancient lineage originating in the Hindu Kush bordering Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. Master Kush is a dominant indica resulting from crossing Hindu Kush and Skunk #1.

Master Kush is easy to grow, as long as you provide the correct nutrients and water. However, there is a higher rate of mould in damp conditions so we only recommend this strain to growers with some cultivation experience.

Master Kush seedlings grow into stocky, medium-sized female plants with an average height of less than 1 meter. The flowering buds often become large and heavy, especially towards the end of flowering.

Master Kush has legions of fans for a reason – its strong and powerful high with THC levels of 15 to 18 percent. The buzz is energetic and relaxing without being too overpowering. The flavours and aromas of Master Kush are sweet and earthy with citrus top notes.

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