Best indica strains 2018

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Indica species are loved by many growers. Not only because of their relaxed body buzz, soporific and pain-relieving properties, but also because of their ease of growing, beautiful structure, great yields and high quality buds. 

Every year new Indica strains enter the market. Therefore we ask our returning customers every year to create a top 5 of Indica strains, they think were best last year.

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Best Indica strains 2018

1. Girl Scout Cookies
2. Big Bud
3. Sexxpot
4. Santa Maria autoflower
5. White Widow x Northern Lights

No. 1 Girl Scout Cookies

Crossed between the legendary Durban Poison x OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies is an extremely popular variety. The high THC levels (23%) result in memorable enchanting highs.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is easy to grow indoors or outside in mild or cold climates and respond well to SCROG or SOG methods of cultivation. Just like its buzz, Girl Scout Cookies seeds are pretty hassle-free, growing into relatively small plants with strong branches that produce reliably generous yields.

Euphoria, relaxation, increased levels of confidence can all result from smoking Girl Scout Cookies, which is named because of the spicy and sweet aromas that are reminiscent of biscuits.

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No. 2 Big Bud

Incredibly easy to grow and with an exceptionally high yield, Big Bud feminized seeds are the ideal choice for novice growers and experts alike. Created during the Nixon administration, Big Bud, (Afghani x Skunk x Old School Big Bud) is notorious for inducing ‘munchies’ so you’ll need to take care not to become as big as the buds!

Big Bud prefers a warm climate and can be grown indoors or out. Some kind of support system is advisable to stop the branches from breaking due to the weight of the buds. Keeping the plant at a low height is wise, preferably using low-stress training (LST).

The combined effects of the sativa and indica hybrid produce a pleasingly balanced high with users reporting that they feel calm and relaxed, whilst also feeling euphorically happy. Big Bud is great for lovers of old school weed.

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No. 3 Sexxpot

As its name suggests, Sexxpot is a strain that has aphrodisiac properties so if you are looking for weed that will help you to get in the mood for love, this is the choice for you. This variety is pure indica descended from the iconic Mr Nice and provides a euphoric high that is unusual for indica’s.

Fast germination, quick growing time and rapid response to changes in nutrients mean that Sexxpot is perfect for beginners or those who want a high yield as quickly as possible. Can cope with a range of climates and isn’t fussy about how it is cultivated.

Sexxpot is enjoyable to smoke as it has a complex aroma and flavour – nutty, coffee and berry notes predominate. It will make users aroused, energetic, happy and relaxed. Suitable for couples.

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No. 4 Santa Maria autoflower

Originating in the Amazonian rainforests, the Santa Maria auto-flowering feminized seeds are a cross between Santa Maria (80% indica) and a ruderalis, a stocky and stalky plant.

Santa Maria autoflower prefers to be grown outdoors, although you won’t have to worry too much about light level adjustments as it will produce buds regardless. She can be grown outdoors in a cold climate but you need to be aware of her susceptibility to mould, over-watering and pests. Santa Maria autoflower has THC levels of 12% and CBD levels of 0.7%.

Although Santa Maria autoflower does not contain any Sativa, it does cause users to experience an increase in energy levels. Other effects are giggliness, feeling chilled and euphoric. Ideal for sharing with new housemates at a university party.

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No 5. White Widow x Northern Lights

Our White Widow x Northern Lights strain is a unique hybrid with origins in Afghanistan, South America and Thailand. The White Widow and Northern Lights are both good quality Indica strains but the hybrid version produces plants with superb harvests, large buds and a strong effect that will knock you off your feet.

The comparatively small female plants grow up to a maximum of 70 cm. The pale green buds and branches become covered in sticky white crystalline resin. The plants can be grown indoors or outside and are strong hardy plants with excellent resistance to pests, stress and fungi.

White Widow x Northern Lights seeds are classed as suitable for beginners and make a suitable choice for anyone interested in growing trouble-free plants with high levels of THC (21%).

The White Widow x Northern Lights offers a predominantly head buzz, although relaxed bodily effects are also observable. As well as the mental side effects you will probably experience an increased appetite. The aroma of the haze and the notes have a predominantly sweet taste with subtle after flavours that can linger for a good while afterwards. Perfect for smoking with friends while listening to music and writing poems.

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