Top 5 Best High CBD Low THC Strains - 2023 UPDATE

Top 5 Best High CBD Low THC Strains - 2023 UPDATE

Curious to the best high CBD low THC strains currently available? Check this top 5 and buy seeds at Weedseedsexpress! GET FREE SEEDS + BEST SERVICE! Last updated 03/07/2023 6 min read

    Welcome to where the CBD is high and the THC is low in the strains you’re about to grow, that is! Low THC seeds that are also high in CBD have a lot of medicinal value while still having enough THC to give you the benefits of both cannabinoids.

    What Are High CBD Low THC Strains?

    There are several differences between CBD and THC. With knowledge about the benefits of CBD becoming more widespread, many growers are looking for weed strains with high CBD and low THC.

    THC is famous for causing the high effects of marijuana, but not everyone is a fan of high THC strains, and that’s just fine. Since CBD is non-intoxicating, strains that are high in CBD and low in THC are excellent choices if you want the benefits of marijuana but don’t want to feel stoned.

    Main Benefits of CBD

    Growers who choose low THC high CBD strains are capitalizing on the benefits of CBD. Research on CBD shows CBD is an effective alternative treatment for anxiety, depression, and psychotic disorders.

    Some other benefits of CBD include;

    • Anti-Inflammatory - Reduces inflammation
    • Neuroprotective - Protects brain cells
    • Non-intoxicating - No high or impairment

    Best High CBD Low THC Seeds - Top 5

    Low THC cannabis strains will often have high CBD, but that is not always the case. Knowing what to look for when shopping for weed seeds online can save you time and money. As for which weed seeds are best for high CBD and low THC, five strains stand out:

    1. Strawberry CBD Feminized
    2. Alpine Star CBD Feminized
    3. CBG Citrus Nectar Autoflower
    4. CBD Purple Kush Autoflower
    5. CBD Express Autoflower

    1. Strawberry CBD Feminized

    Delight in the fresh flavor of Strawberry CBD. This low THC strain is an indica-heavy hybrid that tastes deliciously fruity, almost tropical, and has a high CBD content of 15%. Strawberry CBD is one of the lowest THC seeds on our list, with only 0.2% THC. She won’t get you stoned, but she will load you up with all the CBD you need!

    Indoor and outdoor growers can expect high yields of compact buds packed with CBD, and full of fruity flavors. Name a better strain to create some strawberry-flavored CBD edibles with, we dare you!

    They’re not only easy to grow, but they flower fast and produce a lot of CBD nuggets. Being feminized, you don’t have to worry about any pesky males, which is also a huge perk. Be forewarned though, this relaxing strain is so easy to grow, that you might end up with more buds than you can keep up with!


    2. Alpine Star CBD Feminized

    Blaze your way to low THC and high CBD with these Alpine Star CBD feminized seeds. As one of the cannabis strains with the highest levels of CBD on our list, it’s easy to see why she’s so popular. Now, let’s look at why she’s winning so many popularity contests.

    CBD content in this strain is as high as 20%, which is a lot compared to other cannabis strains with high CBD. That’s enough CBD to relax on any given day. Genetically, this strain is a balanced blend of indica and sativa, with THC levels measured as low as 0.3%. Making her a perfect candidate for CBD oil and other tinctures.

    Alpine Star CBD is one of the best strains for beginners. Germination rates on this one are high, and multiple reviews rave about how easy it is to grow. Buds are dense, frosty, and full of trichomes rich in heavenly CBD, which you should expect from any properly high CBD strain.


    3. CBG Citrus Nectar Autoflower

    Pucker up for some Citrus Nectar! High CBG marijuana strains can be hard to find. Thankfully, we have you covered with the CBG Citrus Nectar strain. These autoflowering seeds are one of the best strains for CBG and CBD.

    CBG levels are as high as 11%, and CBD is as high as 10%. Low THC levels keep the high away, while still letting you reap the benefits of CBG and CBD. The cannabinoid blend lets you mellow out without checking out.

    Cannabinoid levels have been developed through the breeding process, which started by crossing Auto CBG and Juanita la Lagrimosa CBD. Ever since, CBG Citrus Nectar has been running the streets and sharing CBG everywhere she goes.

    As the name suggests, CBG Citrus Nectar buds have a citrusy scent. Her flavors, when smoking the buds this cannabis plant produces, are reminiscent of fresh lemons with hints of other sweet citrus fruits. You might even mistake your bowl of bud for a cup of lemonade.


    4. CBD Purple Kush Autoflower

    What happens when you cross CBD Kush and Purple Afghan CBD? You get a beautiful purple marijuana strain with low THC and high CBD. The moment you see CBD Purple Kush growing, you’ll fall in love with the colors and aromas.

    Autoflowering seeds are the best seeds for beginners to grow, and the CBD Purple Kush strain is no exception. With these high CBD low THC seeds, you get CBD-rich cannabis in about three months. That’s a quick flip to get you stocked up on CBD flowers.

    Testing at 19% CBD and 0.5% THC, this strain gives you the benefits of CBD in large amounts and the benefits of THC in trace amounts. Many experts suggest that small amounts of THC and terpenes can improve the effectiveness of CBD when consumed together.

    If you’re looking for a high CBD low THC strain with a slightly higher THC level than other strains on our list, you’ve found your match. The THC ratio is low to the point that you don’t have to be afraid of the typical psychoactive effects, while still getting the benefits that THC can bring.


    5. CBD Express Autoflower

    Rounding out our list of the best high CBD low THC strains is the CBD Express Autoflower strain. Out of all the strains on this list, this is the weed strain with the highest CBD levels. When we say high CBD on this one, we mean absolutely dripping in it. No wonder she is one of our most popular CBD strains.

    She packs a whopping 30% CBD, easily making it one of the best marijuana strains to grow for CBD. That’s enough to make any CBD lover drool with excitement. At the same time, THC levels measure in at 1%, so it offers a two-punch combo of medicinal benefits. The effects of CBD Express are known to be relaxing, therapeutic, and happy. Who isn’t looking for those effects? Some even say she can help with chronic pain and muscle spasms.

    CBD Express’ sweet and piney buds are light, sticky, and full of CBD-rich trichomes. As one of the highest CBD strains you can grow, you get a lot of cannabinoid bang for your buck. That’s why CBD Express also made the list for Top 5 Highest Yielding Autoflower Strains.


    Choose Your Favorite High CBD Low THC Strain

    Now that you know what the best marijuana strains for high CBD low THC are, you can start finding the right ones for you. We recommend growing at least two varieties so that you can sample the effects of different flower types.

    Experimenting with growing different strains is the best way to find your favorite high CBD low THC strain. All of these strains on our list are perfect for CBD lovers, but one of the CBD strains on this list even made the ranks of Best Weed Strains of All Time! Browse our weed blogs for other useful tips and tricks for growing your own cannabis and how to pick out the best cannabis seeds online.