Top 5 - Best cannabis seeds for big yields

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Home growers invest money in a relatively expensive product. Because of this, a large yield is undoubtedly one of the most desirable characteristics which makes sense of course. It will therefore not surprise you that growers regularly ask us which varieties produce the largest yields. For us the reason to write this blog and present the top 5 best cannabis seeds for big yields.

Choosing the best marijuana strains for high yields

Although all kinds of factors such as nutrients, climate, plant care and growth medium influence the harvest, choosing the right genetics forms the basis for a large harvest. So if it’s your goal to achieve the biggest yield, you will have to choose a species that is known for it’s abilities to produce large yields. However, making such a choice isn’t easy due to the large supply.

Nowadays there are more than 5000 different cannabis varieties of which the seeds are offered in various seeds banks. These species all possess plant properties that are determined by their genetics. Think of properties like the taste and smell of the weed, whether the species is resistant to mold, the flowering time, whether the plant has mainly Indica or Sativa properties and whether the species is capable of producing high yields.

In this blog we dive deeper into the latter aspect (big yields). In addition, we name the cannabis species that stand out because of their abundant production. In that way you can easily make a choice.

The best cannabis seeds for the biggest yield

In our category high yielding seeds you find species that produce substantial harvests. Think of yields that can reach up to 500 grams per m2 in a sog setting and of course under the right conditions. However, there are always species that produce just a “little bit” more:

  1. Sexxpot
  2. Super Silver Haze
  3. Amnesia Haze x White Widow
  4. Jack Widow
  5. Somango XXL

1. Sexxpot

With harvests that can reach up to 1000 grams per m2 indoors and 1200 grams per m2 outdoors, Sexxpot is one of the world’s largest profitable cannabis strains. Moreover, the Sexxpot strain has a high mold resistance and is easy to grow (also for beginners).

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2 Super Silver Haze

As a predominantly Sativa species with extreme yields, Super Silver Haze earned a well-deserved second place in this overview with the best seeds for big yields. Indoors, the strain easily produces a yield of 600 grams per m2 and under ideal circumstances even 800 grams per m2. However, outdoors the harvest is considerably larger and can be as large as 1800 grams per m2.

Note: Super Silver Haze is only suitable for growers with experience.

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3. Amnesia Haze x White Widow

The Amnesia Haze x White Widow strain is a nice challenge if you have some breeding experience and a must for anyone who loves a powerful weed. You can be rewarded with a considerable harvest (indoors max 600 gram per and outdoors max 700 gram per m2). Besides, the strain is known for its high mold resistance, which makes the plant very suitable for outdoor cultivation.

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4. Jack Widow

And of course Jack Widow can’t be missing in this list with the best cannabis strains for high yields. Indoors, the plants yields up to 650 grams per m2 in a SOG setup, but especially outdoors this plant comes into its own with a yield that can be as much as 1000 grams per m2.

Note: Outdoor growers must take reduced mold resistance into account so a bit of breeding experience is helpful.

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5. Somango XXL

Somango is in itself a species that can achieve substantial harvests, but the XXL variant adds even more to this. The XXL behind the name of the Somango actually reveals that this strain is capable of producing (very) large harvests. An indoor harvest can reach up to 675 grams per m2 while the plants are able to produce a harvest of up to 800 grams per m2 outdoors.

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