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Autoflower weed seeds

There is no better feeling than harvesting your own homegrown buds. If you choose autoflower seeds, you don’t have to wait for long either. A shorter lifecycle means you can harvest quicker! At WeedSeedsExpress, we have the best autoflower seeds for sale. Choose from a wide selection of autoflower weed seeds, and you can grow your next favorite autoflower before you know it. Buy autoflower seeds at WeedSeedsExpress today!

  • Autoflower feminized seeds always produce buds
  • Multiple grows per grow season with autoflowering seeds
  • Delivery & germination guarantee
  • #1 place for the best autoflowering seeds
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Autoflower seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the best invention since feminized weed seeds. Why? Because not only will you get guaranteed female plants (just like with our feminized seeds), you can expect to harvest your buds in no time! Unlike our feminized marijuana seeds, which are photoperiod, autoflowers grow based on level of maturity. Because of this, autoflowering seeds are not dependent on a light cycle and can have a seed-to-harvest time of fewer than three months. Who doesn't love a short growth cycle?

Another great quality of autoflowering weed seeds is the fact that the plants grown from said seeds are very sturdy. If you, as a beginner, make mistakes when growing autoflowering seeds, they are rather forgiving, which can (at least in part) be attributed to their ruderalis genes.

If you are on the hunt for autoflower cannabis seeds, look no further! Take a gander at our catalog and buy autoflower seeds, right here at WeedSeedsExpress.

Advantages of growing autoflower weed seeds

Quick harvests

Due to a short vegetative stage, (and often shorter flowering period as well), you can expect to yield your homegrown weed very quickly, some strains even within 10 weeks.

Multiple grows per season

Another benefit of the shortened lifecycle, you will be able to grow your autoflowers twice in the same grow season.

Ease of growth

Anyone can grow an autoflower plant, as she needs little care and is very forgiving when it comes to mistakes by (beginning) growers.

Less space needed

Most autoflowering strains tend to be on the shorter side, which perfectly suits a stealthy grow or a smaller grow space.

Hardy plants

Thanks to their sturdy genetics, autoflowering plants are very strong plants that can withstand a lot of different weather conditions and are mold resistant as well.

Suitable for

Autoflower seeds are suitable for:

Beginner growers

While advanced growers might have their reasons to grow autoflowers (who doesn’t love to harvest their weed asap?), it is mostly beginners that benefit from cultivating autoflower cannabis seeds. As said, autoflower strains are very easy to grow and are rather forgiving when it comes to mistakes during the growing process. Our autoflowering marijuana seeds are seeds for beginners, for sure.

Quick harvests

The choice for autoflowering seeds is easily made if you are impatient. These weed plants are fast growers, so the vegetative and flowering stage is relatively short compared to (photoperiod) feminized marijuana seeds. Many of our autoflowering weed seeds can be harvested within 70 days, so you can enjoy your own weed within three months.

This also means you can create multiple harvests within the same grow season with your auto marijuana plants. Perfect if you grow outdoors, but do not want to wait until the very end of the season for the final harvest of your high THC or CBD seeds.

Indoor and outdoor cultivation

Autoflower seeds can be grown virtually everywhere, and with their shorter stature, can fit perfectly in a smaller-sized grow space, indoors. Or let’s say you don’t want your plants to peek over your fence; you can always opt for autoflowering strains for a more stealthy grow.

The best autoflower cannabis seeds

When shopping for autoflower cannabis seeds you only want the best of course, we understand this. Choosing the right, or even the best autoflowering strain is rather subjective, however.

That is why we have divided this section into four different categories, based on popularity, yield, ease of grow, and our own personal favorites. This will help you choose the right auto-cannabis strain for you.

The most popular autoflower cannabis seeds

Here at WeedSeedsExpress we believe in democracy. We have let the people speak, and its very clear that the following autoflower cannabis seeds are clear favorites of our customers, quickly becoming our best selling seeds. And you know what, we have to agree with the people.


Without a shadow of a doubt, if you need to pick a strain to grow as your first, AK-47 autoflower seeds are likely the best choice. Perhaps this is the reason why this is one of our most popular autoflowering seeds, anyone can start growing this cannabis plant. Lukey, one of our customers says the following about this autoflower strain: "Extremely low maintenance, very resilient and simple to grow!"

You can grow her almost anywhere, and can bounce back after experiencing beginner's mistakes. AK-47 buds are powerful, but not too overwhelming. So if you have smoked weed before, and you are finally ready to grow your own, you now know what strain to choose.

White Widow

We can hardly imagine that you have never heard of White Widow, but in case you haven't, here is a quick recap: White Widow is the most famous strain to ever come out of Amsterdam, and virtually every Dutch coffeeshop has a permanent spot for this strain on their menu.

While many growers love to grow White Widow autoflower seeds in grow room, her cannabis plants are also very suitable to be cultivated by outdoor growers. Bennettlove, a happy customer wrote the following in his review: "Grown in Ibiza where the sun is out almost always and really had a blast with this strain."

White Widow auto cannabis seeds are also very easy to grow, and the hybrid weed they produce is rather balanced. Her long-lasting effects are both relaxing and energy-boosting. Either way, this autoflowering cannabis will leave you a happier person at the end of the day.

Pink Runtz

While often linked to the original Runtz, which is not very surprising, our Pink Runtz autoflower seeds bring together the best of Rainbow Sherbet x Pink Panties. The aroma of cherry candy will fill the air, and you will experience a similar flavor.

When you grow her auto-flower marijuana seeds, and it's time to harvest her lovely colored buds, get ready for high that will be very versatile. It's best to save this strain for a fun night with friends, playing a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity or Mario Kart. A guaranteed success!

Bruce Banner

Usually, you need to make Hulk angry to see a truly powerful, green being form. But with Bruce Banner autoflower seeds, no one needs to become angry. This sativa dominant hybrid will uplift you to the point of pure euphoria. If weed usually makes you slow and lazy, Bruce might actually help you get off the couch and ready for a work out. This autoflowering strain is just simply amazing.

And if you don't want to take our word for it, one of our experienced customers, Eric, wrote in his review, "Absolutely some of the best Autoflower genetics I’ve ever seen/grown." Now if that ain't a seal of approval, I don't know what is.

The highest yielding autoflowering marijuana seeds

Do you want to get the most out of your autoflower grow? If you grab any of these high yielding autoflower cannabis seeds, you know you are in for a big treat at the end of the growth cycle.


Looking for the biggest possible autoflower indoor yield? With a harvest of 750 grams (1.7 lbs) per square meter, AK-48 autoflower seeds are clearly one of the best choices you could make if your growing space is inside. This big harvest delivers plenty of buds, that can put you in a relaxed, yet social and creative mood. She is definitely a worthy AK family member.


Another heavy indoor yielder is our Do-si-Dos autoflower seeds. A harvest of 650 grams (1.4 lbs) indoors is not out of the ordinary. Her buds are rather citrusy, but her effects will leave you far from sour. If we had only one word to describe this strain, we would call her mellow. You will have plenty of Do-si-Dos to mellow out with, after growing these autoflower cannabis seeds.

Acapulco Gold

If you are searching for a pot of gold, you should grow Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds! And it doesn't really matter if you cultivate her in your cannabis garden outdoors, or indoors in a grow space. Either way, you will be able to harvest plenty of her golden buds: 550 grams (1.2 lbs) outdoors per plant and 600 grams (1.3 lbs) indoors per square meter. Acapulco Gold weed is strong, kicks in quickly, yet lasts for quite a while.

Easiest to grow autoflowering seeds

Autoflower cannabis seeds are very suitable for growers that just start out. And these strains are the easiest to grow among our entire autoflower catalog.

Hindu Kush

This strain is able to grow in the mountains of Central and South Asia, so it can survive in your hands as well, especially if you consider her Ruderalis genes as well! Hindu Kush autoflower seeds are hardier than a rock which makes them a breeze to cultivate for first-time growers. She is potent, however, relaxing you to the very core, so first-time smokers might have to take it slow.


If you are into sweet and fruity weed, yet haven't grown any, Zkittlez autoflower seeds are a perfect choice for your first grow. In case you do have a bit of growing experience, you can also apply low-stress training to get an even bigger yield.

A Zkittlez high is a perfect way to get the edge off after a hard day at work, bringing you closer than ever to taste the rainbow. But what else would you expect from a descendant of Granddaddy Purple?


One of the original autoflowering plants, Lowryder is the ancestor of many great autoflowering cannabis strains, including Critical, Diesel, and Lemon autoflower. One of the main aspects that makes this strain so easy to grow, is the fact that she is mold resistant, and can survive many harsh environments.

Another perk of growing Lowryder autoflower seeds is the compact cannabis plants they produce, meaning you can fit them in almost any type of grow room, or even your balcony. Great for a first grow, that is for sure.

Some of our favorite autoflowering seeds

While the following autoflowering strains do not fall into any of the previous categories, we still wanted to spotlight them. We are sure growing these autoflower cannabis seeds will make any grower a happy grower. That's how much we love these strains.

Girl Scout Cookies

We have the perfect strain for all true cookie monsters: Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds. Quickly rising the ranks in the cannabis cultivation scene, GSC's wonderful cookie flavor has been her true claim to fame. But she ain't just sweet; she is also strong. While Girl Scout Cookies can get you inspired to produce art in the broadest sense of the word, she is not very reliable when it comes to actual productivity.

GSC, however, is a beauty to behold in your grow space. In a review of this strain, our customer Camilla said: "Mine are flowering now and have some lovely pink colours coming through the buds." You simply can't go wrong with Girl Scout Cookies.

Gorilla Glue

Named after one of the strongest glues in the world, Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds are rather deserving of the name, as the resin of her buds can even stick your trimmer scissors together. You can imagine how potent this makes GG, she actually is one of our most powerful auto-flowering strains.

A customer, Renee, emphasizes the stickiness of Gorilla Glue in her review: "True to its name, it is very sticky when it is flowering! Be careful touching the plants when buds are present. Other than your fingers being glued together, this a great strain to grow-very vigorous for an auto." (edited for ease of reading)

While this Glue is as strong as a gorilla, her effects are rather balanced: calming while still uplifting. Smoke this strain with like-minded friends, and you are undeniably in for a great time.

Blue Dream

Mixing two staples of the cannabis scene, Haze and Blueberry, Blue Dream autoflower seeds have become quickly one of our favorites. First, she is so easy to cultivate, a beginner can pick up her cannabis seeds and start growing. Two, her fruity flavors are truly a dream.

We are not the only ones that love her for her ease of growth and blueberry aroma: "Easy to grow and actually has a blueberry smell to it.", as a customer by the name of 'Old' mentioned in his review.

As with many sativa strains, Blue Dream helps you to stay active, while not slowing you down doing activities in and around the house. We cannot guarantee you will stay focused; however, Blue Dream will not let you sink through the couch.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds FAQs

What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering seeds (sometimes spelled as auto-flowering seeds) are seeds that sprout into cannabis plants that, unlike plants grown from photoperiod cannabis seeds, do not base their development on the number of light hours. Due to the cannabis ruderalis genetics, Autoflowering plants take their own plan and begin flowering based on maturity, not based on a light cycle.

This means that after a set amount of weeks, usually 3-4 for most autoflowering cannabis strains, the auto cannabis plant will start with creating her buds. This is where the 'auto' flowering cannabis seeds got their name. Auto being short for automatic, as plants grown from autoflowering cannabis seeds flower automatically.

Are autoflower seeds always female?

Our autoflower cannabis seeds are always female. That might not be a given for all auto seeds being sold on the market, but if you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds at WeedSeedsExpress, you are assured of female autoflowering cannabis plants only.

This means that if you germinate autoflower seeds from our seed bank, you do not have to worry about those annoying male plants that ruin your harvest of those amazing buds you have invested so much time in, when growing autoflower seeds.

Are autoflowers less potent?

If you compare the same strain between both our autoflowering and feminized seeds, the autoflower version tends to be a little less potent, due to the ruderalis genetics. However, we have plenty of autoflowering seeds that are much more potent than some other photoperiod weed strains.

Just consult the autoflower seed pages in question, or filter on THC above and look at the terpenes profiles to find our most potent strains.

Can autoflowers produce seeds?

Yes, autoflowering marijuana plants are capable of producing seeds. Preventing this, however, is very simple. If you buy autoflowering seeds, make sure they are feminized. This way, you know you will grow female autoflower cannabis plants exclusively, and no pesky male plants to pollinate your precious bud-producing plants.

Are autoflower plants any good?

Any good? We would even be so bold as to call plants grown from auto cannabis seeds amazing! One of the biggest perks is their very short seed-to-harvest time, and the fact that it makes so many amazing weed strains (even) easier to grow for beginners.

The only downside really is that their yield tends to be lower when compared to photoperiod cannabis plants. But we would argue that autoflower plants start flowering so quickly, and often have such a short flowering stage as well, that you could plan two grows in the same season. At the end of the season, you will end up with the same amount of buds.

Can autoflowers be grown outdoors?

Yes, growing auto-flower seeds is a totally viable option. Most autoflower strains are not very susceptible to pests like mold, so they are actually a great choice for those who live in more damp or mountainous areas.

Due to their smaller stature, you can easily fit an autoflowering plant on your balcony or a small space in your garden. Auto plants are not only ideal if you don't have a lot of room, but also if you want to grow your weed without your neighbors finding out.

Are autoflowering seeds expensive?

Our seed bank catalog is filled with weed seeds in many different price classes. If you are looking for cheap autoflower seeds, you can visit our cheap weed seeds.

Some of our best auto-flower seeds are often on sale as well, so if you're looking to buy autoflower cannabis seeds, don't forget to checkout our deals first. You can't miss any of our deals if you signup to our newsletter, which you can do on the bottom of the page.

We can say with certainty that buying weed at your neighborhood dispensary or coffeeshop will always be more expensive than smoking your own cannabis (harvested from your homegrown auto-flowering marijuana plants). This could be a really good reason for investing in seeds and gardening supplies.

Can you grow autoflower seeds indoors?

Many marijuana growers who buy autoflower weed seeds, choose for growing indoors. This is because they grow quickly, and start flowering without a strict light cycle. As mentioned, a marijuana plant grown from auto-flower seeds is often on the smaller side as well.

Many indoor growers tend to want a quick turnover of buds, without needing a lot of space. So in that sense, autoflower marijuana seeds are a great choice for anyone that wants to grow indoors.

Are autoflower seeds smaller?

Not by default. It all depends on the strain in question, so some autoflower cannabis seeds are smaller, but some might be bigger than feminized or regular cannabis seeds.

Weed plants sprouted from autoflower cannabis seeds are often smaller, as was already stated.

Can autoflowers be topped?

You can indeed apply the growing technique 'Topping' to your autoflower plants. We do, however, advise you not to try this on your first few grows and to wait until you have a bit of experience with the growing process. If you make mistakes while applying this high-stress training technique, you can end up stunting your autoflowering plants, which means a smaller yield.

Can you get feminized autoflower seeds?

All our autoflower cannabis seeds are feminized. So you will only get female, bud-producing plants when you buy weed seeds with autoflowering genetics from our shop.

Buy the best autoflower marijuana seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

At WeedSeedsExpress, we want to make sure every autoflower grow is a wonderful one. This means offering you high-quality seeds from all kinds of different genetics, but also helping you out with the growing process.

Fortunately growing autoflowering cannabis is something growers of any experience level can do. And you don't even need to have a lot of patience when growing an autoflower, seed to harvest some of the best autoflowering seeds can be grown within two to three months. When you grow autoflowering seeds you can even plan multiple harvests in the same grow season, as these auto cannabis strains grow not only fast, but they also do not have to adhere to any light cycles.

You are at the right place to order your next batch of autoflower cannabis seeds, as we also offer a delivery guarantee (only on tracked orders) and a germination guarantee, which is one less thing to worry about. So order your autoflower seeds, and get ready for the grow of a lifetime.