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Autoflowering seeds have become increasingly popular in recent years, which is not surprising, as it is straightforward to grow cannabis plants with autoflowering seeds.

As the name suggests it’s a plant that flowers automatically. When growing weed indoors, regular or photoperiod species need to be placed in the light for 12 hours to flower. Outside, they won’t begin to flower until the number of daylight hours begins to decrease. Autoflowering seeds will flower automatically as soon as the cannabis plant has enough branches to accommodate the flower heads.

The species are Indica or Sativa plants crossed with a Ruderalis plant, which grows across Northern Europe, Russia, China and Mongolia. The Cannabis Ruderalis contains less THC than Indica and Sativa types, which is why they are crossed. The result is a speedy flowering strain with high THC production and great buds.

Autoflowers seeds are highly suitable for the outdoor growing season in Northern Europe due to the relatively short summers. They are easy to grow and allow you to have multiple harvests in the same season potentially. Also, they are incredibly quick to reach the flowering phase but some varieties are speedier than others.

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Shortest autoflower strains | TOP 5

If you are interested in a rapid-growing auto, here’s the lowdown on our top five autoflower strains with the shortest time to harvest:

  1. Blue Cheese Autoflower
  2. Critical Autoflower
  3. Mazar Autoflower
  4. Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower
  5. Gorilla Glue Autoflower

1. Blue Cheese Autoflower

Blue Cheese Auto is renowned for her delicious taste as well as her incredible speed and ease of cultivation; she’s pretty much perfect for novice growers thanks to the many advantages specific to autoflowering genetics she exhibits. This Indica-dominant hybrid comes from a cross between a Cheese Auto and a Blueberry Auto.

Blue Cheese Auto is a medium-sized cannabis strain, sometimes reaching 1.5m in height. As well as being very stable, thanks to its Skunk heritage, this Indica-dominant hybrid is incredibly reliable to grow; you’ll enjoy great harvests time and time again.

The taste of Blue Cheese Auto is its most distinctive trait, as you would expect from an autoflowering strain with all the aromatic richness inherited from its parents. Notes of berries and cheese complement its intense and fruity aroma. Its effect is relaxing and excellent in terms of potency and duration. In the privacy of your own home, it is the perfect strain to unwind after a hard day’s work. Lying on your sofa, you will enjoy every delight of its exquisite taste. The feeling of Blue Cheese Auto will relieve any stress.

It’s the perfect strain for inexperienced growers who want the confidence that they are getting a premium taste. This is possible because this easy-to-grow plant does not require a lot of attention to produce, in just 75 days, a bountiful harvest of fragrant buds.

To get the most out of Blue Cheese Auto, the use of 10-20 litre containers is best. Try adding 30% coconut fibre to the substrate to improve aeration and speed up the plant’s metabolic processes. However, as autoflowering strains have an attractively short lifecycle, there is also little margin for error!

More information | Auto Blue Cheese seeds

2. Critical Autoflower

Characterized by a sweet and juicy scent, vigorous growth and a relaxing body high, Critical is a strain that can’t go wrong. And Critical Automatic is no different. Combined with stable Ruderalis genetics, Critical Automatic is a strain that displays all the excellent qualities of its parents.

Consumers familiar with Critical will already be aware of its lovely scent and intense aroma. Critical Automatic follows these instructions to the letter and guarantees the smoker the same intensity that has made this weed family so popular. You will feel completely relaxed as the powerful physical high kicks in, making it an ideal choice for relaxing on the sofa.
In terms of medical potential, Critical Automatic is perfect for helping treat a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, sleep disturbances, stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, and a host of physical ailments.

In terms of growth, she reaches an average height of around 80cm and is usually ready for harvest in approximately nine weeks. Beginner growers will have no trouble dealing with Critical Automatic as she is remarkably easy to care for, and is a great choice for a first autoflowering strain. Critical Automatic is capable of producing yields of around 70-80g per plant: a bountiful harvest when you consider the speed of flowering.

More information | Auto Critical seeds

3. Mazar Autoflower

Mazar Auto cannabis seeds are the result of a cross between a legendary Mazar, a strain particularly famous for its formidable organoleptic qualities, and a Ruderalis /Indica. This hybrid is an Indica-dominant autoflowering plant that inherited from its parents and, among other things, the hardiness of Mazar.

Mazar Auto seeds grow into small but extremely vigorous plants with a slender upright structure and little horizontal stretch. It has beautiful long leaves of a beautiful deep green hue, and it flowers quickly giving a large number of buds which are copiously covered with resin and orange-coloured trichomes and petite leaves in a limited number.

The weed features an aroma reminiscent of the earth freshly turned after the rain with fruity notes, and its flavour is a real delight.

The effect of Mazar Auto is long-lasting and very physical. A gentle sensation of bodily drowsiness can invade the consumer at the first inhaled puffs, and this feeling of intense relaxation can nail you to the sofa. The psychoactive effects are much less present while being felt as ideas, often slightly aphrodisiac.

More information | Auto Mazar seeds

4. Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is derived from the cross between West Coast OG, Durban Poison and Ruderalis. The result is a feminized, Sativa / Indica autoflowering cannabis strain that is strong, robust, easy to grow, short flowering, potent and productive.

The seeds grow into cannabis plants that are small to medium in size, with a strong structure, with a short distance between nodes and medium-sized leaves. It is the automatic version of a variety which is very popular at the moment in the USA, it develops a rather compact plant, with the formation of a beautiful and thick main head, which is accompanied by numerous other dense buds. Its fragrance is so strong and pervasive that we recommend using an anti-odour filter with activated carbon to contain it.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto works well indoors, mainly thanks to its contained size, but also outdoors in a temperate, Mediterranean climate or even in a greenhouse and grows rapidly reaching its flowering phase in as little as nine weeks. She produces an intense aroma and taste, with tangy, sweet and earthy notes. It is an ideal cannabis strain for anyone looking for a physical and mental high, good potency and long-lasting.

More information | Auto Girl Scout Cookies seeds

5. Gorilla Glue autoflower

Gorilla Glue Auto is a cannabis seed resulting from the cross between Gorilla Glue and a selected Ruderalis. It produces cannabis plants that are small in size, with a solid structure, with a fairly short distance between nodes and broad leaves. It is an auto hybrid that perfectly combines two criteria, quality and speed. Gorilla Glue Autoflower is well-named as it produces such a large amount of resin that the scissors become incredibly sticky during a pruning session. Gorilla Glue Auto stands out for its aroma and effect, which is viable for therapeutic use.

The strain generally provides a good yield indoors, as outdoors in a temperate, Mediterranean climate, or in a greenhouse. It is an excellent option for beginners, just prepare a well-aerated soil, use a pot with a minimum capacity of 7L (10L optimal), and practice regular watering and in small quantities.

Gorilla Glue Auto produces an intense aroma and taste, with notes of lemon, pine, sweet fruit and the Diesel strain. She is an ideal cannabis strain for anyone looking for a quick growing strain with a well-balanced brain/body high, high potency and long-lasting effects.

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