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Top 5 Fastest Growing Weed Strains

We have compiled a list of the fastest growing weed strains for growers in a rush. Pick your favorite and start growing! Last updated 10/01/2023 7 min read

    Every ganja grower wants to get straight to harvest time. After all, that’s payday for all your hard work.

    But is there anything that you can do to get to plucking your luscious buds any sooner? Believe it or not, there is, pick the fastest growing weed strain that is!

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    Not all weed seeds are created equal. Some strains are way speedier than others. If you plant one of the fastest growing weed strains, you’ll get to the good part a lot quicker. And the good part will be you happily puffing away on your own homegrown pot!

    Which plants will produce the fastest growing weed? We’ve compiled a short list from our vast seed catalog for your consideration. Each of these gals has a reputation for being reliably fast. The strains we’ve selected will be ordered starting with the shortest growing time. But have no fear, they are all faster than a leopard. However, certain varieties may have other qualities you may want to consider. Fast is good, but speed plus great effects and taste are even better.

    This list consists solely of photoperiod feminized strains. Photoperiod means that changes in the light hours trigger the flowering stage. Feminized means the seeds produce primarily female plants. Those are the ones that guarantee a harvest of consumable buds, making them the right choice for virtually every grower.

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    All the seed strains and types we reference from here on out will be feminized. We are, after all, entirely about the budding.

    Now, you can also go with autoflower seeds. For more information on this variety and the benefits of these seeds, you can read our article answering the question ‘what are autoflowering seeds?’ Should you want to go with one of the fastest autoflowers, then that is certainly your call. We even have a separate list of the 5 fastest autoflower strains.

    So, what are our super speedy seed suggestions?

    Fastest Growing Weed Strains - Top 5

    They say waiting is the hardest part. The following cannabis varieties zip through to the final stage before you know it. That means you will have your reward in record time!

    We’ll give you an overview of what each of these fastest growing weed strains is all about. You’ll learn about the expected taste and aroma for each kind of cannabis. We will clue you into what effects you can expect to experience when toking. And we will give you an idea of how swiftly they grow and mature.

    Lots to look over and learn, so let’s get started.

    1. Grape Ape Feminized
    2. Critical Feminized
    3. Swiss Cheese Feminized
    4. Cherry AK Feminized
    5. Afghani Feminized

    1. Grape Ape Feminized

    We begin with the shortest growing time on our list. Grape Ape feminized is officially the fastest growing photo weed strain we currently offer. That doesn’t mean the others aren’t worthy of your consideration, but if you want to get your buds as fast as possible, this strain is the way to go! Feminized Grape Ape only requires a mere 42 to 56 days of flowering time. Yes, really!

    Plus, this 80-percent indica-dominant beauty has a high THC level of 25 percent. So, you can definitely expect that you’ll get a good buzz from it. The high kicks in with a nice heady brain rush after settling into a heavy body stone made for an evening of movie streaming and chill. Getting your grass fast and knowing you’ll get lit is stoner Nirvana.

    This Grape Ape Feminized ganja also has a pleasant taste and smell. When you touch fire to this weed, you’ll be perfumed in a pleasant tropical fruit fragrance. And the taste is sweet like grapes and pineapple with a hint of cinnamon spice. It’s very flavorful and aromatic, for sure!

    Grape Ape feminized is not only a quick-harvest cannabis plant, but she is also high-yielding. We’re talking indoor bud bounties of between 400 and 500 grams per square meter, and outdoors it’s an insane 500 to 700 grams per pot plant. Nice!

    Now, you see why we started with this one!

    2. Critical Feminized

    Here’s another indica-dominant ganja girl. She’s a 60-percent indica to 40-percent Sativa hybrid. So, you can expect a lot of body relaxation with some mental stimulation. Sounds like a good weekend weed when you just want to relax and read.

    Critical feminized will produce a powerful skunky perfume when you puff. The flavor, however, is more like lemon and sweet berries. It’s a very pleasant smoke.

    And the yield is a generous 450–650 grams for each square meter. Outdoors, you can expect in the neighborhood of 800–1300 grams per plant. Thus, you’re going to get a great deal of dank goodness with each harvest.

    Okay, but what about the speed of flowering? Well, how do 42-56 days sound? Critical Feminized strain is like lightning when it comes to growing speed!

    3. Swiss Cheese Feminized

    If you like it cheesy, then this is one you want to keep in mind. Lighting up some of this kind of cannabis produces a strong, stinky cheese smell. The flavor is also cheesy with some earthy accents.

    She's a fairly balanced hybrid pot plant. The effects of smoking Swiss Cheese feminized give you a physical buzz, sure. But there's also some psychological euphoria. The nice thing about hybrids is that they are so even. They're generally neither going to couch-lock you nor overstimulate.

    Flowering time comes after about 42–56 days. So, she’s an ideal choice for those impatient to get to puffing their pot.

    What happens when your girls begin to birth buds? You can expect 400–500 grams for every square meter planted in your greenhouse. Outdoors, the offering is a whopping 525–600 grams per shrub.

    Swiss Cheese Feminized sounds most impressive, does she not?

    4. Cherry AK Feminized

    Here’s a strain that roars into harvest time like a rocket! It’s only 49–56 days before you can begin plucking the fruits of your labor, after the flowering stage sets in. This speediness is what earned it a place on our list of fastest growing weed strains.

    And it will bless you with abundance. This lovely gal gives 200–450 grams for every square meter grown indoors. The outdoor yield is 350–450 grams per plant. That’s a great deal of dankness to enjoy!

    Toking Cherry AK feminized pleases your palate with a fruity flavor with hints of diesel. Her perfume has a sweet cherry scent. It’s as close as pot comes to tasting like a slice of pie. Yummy stuff!

    With 25 percent THC, this sativa-heavy honey will get you good and high. Once the buzz begins, you’ll start to feel heady and happy. Medical users may also benefit from a strong de-stressing with promising pain relief. If your life is busy, this variety can energize you while reducing your aches and pains.

    We believe if everyone grew some Cherry AK feminized seeds, the world would be a much nicer place. At least for those who love the taste of cherries.

    5. Afghani Feminized

    Okay, while this one may be last on our list, it’s hardly the least appealing. Why? Well, for one thing, you can grow it in many different climates. In fact, she’s especially hardy to colder climate conditions!

    Because her THC content is not crazy high, she makes for a lovely toke during a relaxing evening at home, without getting too inebriated. Perfect if you want to read a great book, without falling asleep.

    Her buds also taste great! The flavor boasts sweet earthiness with hints of fruitiness and herbs. The bud bouquet is woody and spicy. A cedar-scented incense would add to the ambiance with this one.

    Furthermore, Afghani feminized produces prodigious amounts of weed quite quickly. Would you believe 350–450 grams for every square meter of indoor growing space? How about an outdoor bounty of 450–500 grams per plant? Well, believe it because she won’t let you down.

    As to how soon harvesting can happen, you’re looking at 49–56 days. That’s hardly a snail’s pace. It’s only a few months between planting and puffing away. So, our list concludes with a strong contender. Afghani Feminized may be just what you need to get some good ganja without testing your patience.

    Choose Your Favorite Fastest Growing Photo Weed Strain

    Picking one of the above fastest growing weed strains may not be an easy choice, because they are all so good! But there may be other qualities that tip the scales in favor of one or the other. That’s your call, but you can now make an educated choice about what to grow next. For example, Grape Ape Feminized was our overall fastest growing weed strain. But she’s an indica-dominant seed variant. You may prefer some sativa seeds for stimulation. Or perhaps a well-balanced hybrid is preferable. There is no wrong answer.

    All the strains we’ve suggested have a great output. If you work your weed garden well, then you’ll be up to your buttcheeks in buds! And if you ask us, that’s not a bad place to be. In terms of sheer speed, none of them take longer than 56 days to flower. So that’s less than two months of flowering stage for each of our fastest growing strains of weed. That’s hella quick!

    Put on your thinking cap and take a good look at the list we’ve given you. You’ve got plenty of info on taste, flavor, effects, and more. Then, when you’re ready, select the seeds you need. We’ll ship them to you so that you can get started on your garden of good smoking as soon as possible.

    Do you want to get a little more education? We've got great articles about fast photoperiod plants. Or maybe you're more interested in reading our Beginners Grow Guide. Whatever your curiosity, feel free to investigate our blog. It is chock-full of expertise in producing pot plants that pop. You’ll find all kinds of ideas that will help you get from germination to harvest.  

    You came here to Weedseedexpress for some seeds. Hopefully, you leave with those and some knowledge. Happy planting! And, with these fastest growing weed strain seeds, you’re gonna be harvesting your own homegrown weed before you know it! Enjoy!