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When customers want to buy weed seeds, they regularly compare various seed banks. Every seed bank uses its own policy in terms of service, prices, returns, guarantees and shipping (for example, shipping worldwide or only in Europe). In this blog we hook on the delivery and especially the question: “Which seed banks sell cannabis seeds with free delivery?”

Some seed banks have marijuana seeds for sale and have them sent free of charge while other seed companies charge shipping costs or a minimum order amount for free delivery. This also applies to extra options such as Track and Trace or stealth shipping.

If you want to buy weed seeds, it’s important to buy from a professional and trusted cannabis seed company with the best conditions and policy. These seed banks are often located in the Netherlands, Spain or the UK. However, even between those seed banks there are a lot of differences in policy so if you want to find out which company applies the best conditions in terms of delivery, you will have to compare the conditions and guarantees.

The shipping costs are an important factor in this. Perhaps the most important factor. Cannabis seeds can be cheap, but when a seed company charges 25 euros for the shipping costs, those cheap marijuana seeds are suddenly quite expensive.

Conclusion: Especially the shipping costs ultimately determine whether the seeds are cheap or not. Only looking at the price of the cannabis seeds won’t be enough. But which seed banks provide free shipping and which companies charge shipping costs? Are there any conditions attached to the free shipment?

Which seed banks have cannabis seeds for sale with free shipping?

Free delivery is a great advantage for you as a consumer. For the company, the margins become a lot smaller while your order becomes considerably cheaper. Free shipping is therefore an important service. Although free delivery with the purchase of a single seed isn’t possible, there are several seed companies that offer free shipping. Even without spending a minimum order amount.

To make things simple, we have looked at each seed company to see if they provide free delivery.


In the table below we use the following abbreviations:

  • WSE
  • AMS
  • ILG
  • MSS
  • MSNL
Standard free deliveryYesYesYesNoNo
Standard shipping costs€0.00€0.00€0.00€22.50€5.50
Minimum order amount for free shippingNoNo€90.00 only for Australian and New Zealand customers No€278,-
Track and Trace€7.00Not possible€21.50€17.50€17.50
Minimum order amount Free Track and Trace€50.00Not possibleNot possibleNot possible€278.00
Costs stealth shipping





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