10 Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds for Cold Climates 🥶 (2023)

10 Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds for Cold Climates 🥶 (2023)

Cannabis can be a tricky plant to grow, especially in colder climates where the outdoor growing season is short.

Selecting the right strains can make a huge difference if you want a successful harvest.

Some strains are naturally more resilient and better suited to withstand cold temperatures and shorter daylight hours.

In this article, we look at 10 marijuana strains that will thrive in cold climates. 

1. Northern Lights


The genetics of Northern Lights are locked in when it comes to dealing with lower temps and rainy weather. She can handle whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at her. Snow, frost, dampness - Northern Lights eats it up.

Growers in places like the UK, Netherlands, Canada, etc, where it stays cold, will benefit greatly. Northern Lights will grow big, juicy buds in climates that would give other strains trouble.

Her plants stay short and bushy, which helps avoid issues like bud rot in damp conditions. And the nugs grow tight without clustering, so you don't gotta worry about powdery mildew even when humidity gets high.

The yield will be well worth the effort, too. We are talking big harvests per plant. Northern Lights produces major weight thanks to her Afghani roots.

2. Blue Cheese Autoflower


Blue Cheese Auto has that sturdy Skunk genetics running through her veins. Makes her super resilient in colder climates. She can handle frosty nights and chilly days like a champ.

That's huge for growers dealing with cooler Mediterranean weather or even trying some low-key guerrilla grows. Blue Cheese Auto is built to adapt and flourish in less-than-ideal conditions.

Her plants stay short and stocky to avoid issues like mold when the weather gets damp. And when the nights get really cold right before harvest, you might see some dope purple colors start to show in the buds.

This auto can pump out fat nugs in cold areas where other strains would struggle. Her fast flowering time means you'll get multiple harvests, too, while the weather cooperates.

3. White Widow


White Widow Auto is tried and tested when it comes to chilly climates. Low maintenance and super resilient plants that thrive outdoors in Northern Europe and other cold spots.

And that auto-flowering trait takes things to another level for beginner growers. You can just plant the seeds and let White Widow Auto work her magic. There's no need to stress about light cycles - she'll start budding on her own when ready.

I'm talking a meter tall indoors, stretching to 120-140cm outdoors in unfavorable conditions. Fat frosty colas with that classic White Widow potency. She delivers the goods!

4. Purple Kush 


Purple Kush plants are straight-up tanks for fighting off mold and other funkiness. Their natural resistance means newbie growers can't go wrong even with less-than-ideal conditions.

Purple Kush is also adaptable as hell to limited sunlight and chillier temps between 18-24°C. She might not yield as heavy, but you'll still get that signature dank PK bud structure.

Her low humidity preference makes Purple Kush a great choice for outdoor growing in damp, cold spots. Late September to early October is prime harvest time before winter really sets in.

And for the growers out there dealing with colder weather, Purple Kush needs to be in your arsenal. Her hardy genetics handle low temps and powdery mildew like a champ.

You can expect decent yields from squat, bushy PK plants even in suboptimal conditions. Just ensure they get a little protection from frost, and you're golden!

5. Super Skunk Autoflower

Super Skunk Auto's genetics and autoflowering abilities make her perfect for those conditions.

First up, that fast 12-week seed-to-harvest time is crucial for getting in multiple outdoor grows before winter hits. No, waiting around for light cycles - Super Skunk Auto starts flowering herself when ready.

She might not yield as heavy in limited sunlight, but the squat, bushy plants will still churn out some fire nugs. We are talking quality over quantity.

The medium height and mold resistance provide insurance, too. Even newbie growers can get decent results from Super Skunk Auto in not-so-good weather conditions.

6. Bubba Kush 


Bubba stays short with a dense, bushy structure perfect for tight spots and stealth grows. No need to worry about height restrictions, even outdoors.

That legendary Kush genetics also means she can take a beating and still bounce back strong. Super forgiving for beginner missteps. You'll get some dank nuggets even in suboptimal conditions.

And when the temps drop late into flowering, Bubba rewards you with those icy purp hues on the buds. A real sight to see and shouts out the cold weather pedigree.

For most spots, you can expect a harvest around early-mid October before the deep freeze moves in. Nice quick turnover if you plant in spring/summer.

7. Blackberry Kush


That rugged Afghani heritage makes Blackberry Kush thrive in the cold. She's bred to handle dampness and fight off mold trying to ruin the harvest.

But you still gotta stay on top of pruning to keep the fungi and mites away. A little care goes a long way with these hardy ladies.

The payoff is frosty purple and plum-colored nuggets resistant to powdery mildew. That exotic bud bag appeal. Cold climates bring out Blackberry Kush's best! She'll reward your efforts with mouthwatering fruity terps too.

With a little TLC, she'll produce dank, resinous buds before winter shuts down the operation.

8. Harlequin


Harlequin seeds are tough as nails and are built to resist mold even when dampness creeps in. It's super important for chilly climates.

On top of that hardy resistance, Harlequin finishes flowering crazy fast. That means you'll get a nice harvest before Old Man Winter comes knocking!

Her resilience lets her thrive in spots where other strains would get choked out by the cold and humidity. Don't sleep on this CBD-rich gem if you're battling stiff temperatures.

Grab those seeds, and she'll reward your efforts with frosty, mold-free nugs in no time.

9. Cinderella 99 

Even though Cindy likes warm spots, her sturdy-as-hell genetics let her thrive if growers work a little magic in cold areas.

Sheltering your girls in a greenhouse stabilizes temperatures when the mercury dips outside. Consistent conditions keep Cindy churning out crystal-coated beauties.

You must stay on top of any mold or mites, though, since dampness can creep in. But Cindy's resilience lets her bounce back from the nasty stuff trying to ruin your harvest.

10. Snow White


Snow White might not have the strongest mold resistance, but her resilience means she can still produce dank nuggets in cold areas when properly cared for.

The key is staying diligent about controlling moisture and humidity levels. A little extra effort goes a long way towards keeping powdery mildew at bay.

With mold managed, Snow White's hardy genetics allow her to push through cool summer temperatures that would stifle other cannabis plants. She's built tough!

Need More Cannabis Strains For Cold Climates?  

We hope you found the perfect strain for your next cold weather setup.

For even more choices, check out our full range of outdoor cannabis seeds and huge collection of automatic seeds, which will all do well in colder conditions. Our purple cannabis seeds will also do well as the pigment in their leaves makes them resilliant to cold temperatures.

Picking early finishing outdoor strains helps ensure your plants complete their life cycle before winter weather sets in.

Happy growing!