10 Best Cannabis Strains For a Mediterranean Climate ☀️

10 Best Cannabis Strains For a Mediterranean Climate ☀️

The Mediterranean is known for its warm, sunny climate that is ideal for growing cannabis outdoors.

The dry summers, mild winters, and plenty of sunshine mean that most cannabis strains will thrive.

In this article, we'll discuss some of the best marijuana strains that are well-suited to Mediterranean growing conditions.

1. Blue Dream


Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with roots in California, boasting a high THC content and a sweet berry flavor.

Blue Dream thrives in a Mediterranean climate, making it an ideal choice for growers in regions that enjoy ample sunlight and mild winters. Its natural resistance to mold is an added advantage for these humid regions. 

When grown outdoors under the ideal conditions of a Mediterranean environment, Blue Dream can stretch its limbs, reaching heights of up to 3 meters and yielding a whopping 700 grams per plant.

This strain excites the senses with sweet notes of blueberry and lemon, enhanced by hints of vanilla and mango. One can attribute the mango undertone to the terpene Myrcene. 

On consumption, users are treated to a cerebral high, attributed to its Sativa dominance, which gradually mellows down into a soothing full-body stone, ensuring a balance between relaxation and upliftment. 

With a THC level of 21%, Blue Dream promises a potent and enduring experience, making it a cherished choice for both medicinal and recreational users. Those battling pain, anxiety, depression, or insomnia might find relief in its effects.

2. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a potent and delightful strain that has captivated the global cannabis community with its award-winning qualities.

Amnesia Haze thrives in warm climates, making a Mediterranean environment perfect for maximizing its potential. 

An experienced grower can expect generous yields with up to 800 grams per plant outdoors in such conditions. 

Its Sativa genetics ensure a tall growth, reaching up to 2.5 meters in height in extreme cases, making it crucial for growers to ensure ample space for this towering beauty.

One of the first things that catch your attention with Amnesia Haze is its striking lemon aroma. Its taste profile complements this, presenting an earthy and sharp flavor accented by citrus hints typical of Haze hybrids. 

Amnesia Haze packs a punch with its effects. With a THC level around 20%, users often experience a positive, energetic feeling followed by daydreaming and a burst of creativity. 

While its name may suggest memory loss, this "trippy" effect is rather relaxing and enjoyable. Furthermore, its potential in alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety makes it a choice strain for many seeking therapeutic benefits.

3. Purple Haze


Purple Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain with exotic origins, known for its uplifting effects and vibrant purple buds.

Purple Haze cannabis seeds are renowned for their high mold resistance and adaptability, making them ideal for Mediterranean climates. 

This type of climate, characterized by dry summers and mild winters, aligns with Purple Haze's resilience against heavy winds and its preferred flowering time. 

With an outdoor harvest time in October, Purple Haze thrives under the Mediterranean sun, potentially offering yields up to 700 grams per plant. 

Its forgiving nature towards beginner mistakes further ensures successful cultivation in such conditions.

Purple Haze emits an exotic aroma, reminiscent of freshly picked blueberries blended with nutty and earthy undertones. This delightful fragrance sets the stage even before lighting up. 

Once consumed, the flavor profile is equally tempting, combining sweet and spicy earthy notes, lingering in the mouth without causing any harsh coughing. 

But it's not just about the aroma and taste; Purple Haze's effects are potent and invigorating. Dominated by its 70% Sativa genetics, Purple Haze delivers a psychedelic high ideal for sparking creativity or gearing up for a night out. 

With THC levels reaching 20%, it's a powerful mood enhancer, offering euphoria and energy without leaving you couch-locked. Whether you're seeking relief from stress or just a mood lift, Purple Haze has got you covered.

4. Critical

Critical, a potent cross between Big Bud x Skunk #1, stands out with its short flowering time and remarkable flavors.

Growing Critical in a Mediterranean Climate

Critical's Indica-dominant genetics, characterized by its compact size and dark green leaves, make it an ideal choice for the Mediterranean climate. 

This region's long, hot summers and mild winters offer a perfect environment for this strain's growth. Its short stature (below 1 meter) makes it a good choice for discreet outdoor cultivation. 

While Critical might be slightly more vulnerable to bud rot and fungi than some other strains, the Mediterranean's dry summer climate reduces these risks. 

For growers in regions with a Mediterranean climate, maintaining proper ventilation and humidity remains essential, but Critical's overall resilience and massive yield potential of up to 1300 grams per plant outdoors make it a top pick.

One of Critical's most memorable features is its distinctive aroma and flavor profile. As you indulge, fresh hints of citrus, lemon, and sweet berries come to the forefront, complemented by an underlying earthy skunk aroma. 

Critical's potency ensures a dual experience: a relaxing body sensation paired with a mentally invigorating buzz that can inspire creativity. It's a balanced blend that promises both relaxation and a boost in creativity for users.

5. Super Lemon Haze 

Super Lemon Haze, a sativa dominant hybrid, boasts a notable lineage, famed for its uplifting effects and distinct citrus aroma.

Super Lemon Haze thrives in warm, temperate regions reminiscent of California or Southern Europe, basking in the full heat of the sun. 

This strain, rich in sativa genetics, can shoot up quite tall, especially outdoors, where it can stretch to a commanding height of 2 meters. Due to its inclination for height, a spacious grow area is recommended.

With a flowering time of roughly 10 weeks, early spring planting ensures a bountiful harvest by mid-October. 

Choosing feminized seeds of Super Lemon Haze guarantees that growers will reap the benefits of female plants only, eliminating the fuss of dealing with male plants which lack those coveted buds.

Super Lemon Haze greets your sense of smell with a robust lemon scent. This zesty aroma is complemented by a sweeter lemon flavor on the tongue, rounded off with that classic haze undertone. 

In terms of effects, this strain offers a euphoric lift typical of haze varieties. An energizing sativa kick sparks creativity and might even turn the most mundane activities into fun adventures. 

But it's not all about energy; its indica lineage ensures relaxation without gluing you to the couch.

6. Girl Scout Cookies


Girl Scout Cookies is a highly sought-after strain renowned for its unique flavor profile and potent effects.

Girl Scout Cookies seeds thrive exceptionally well in a Mediterranean climate. The ideal conditions of warm days and mild nights make it a favored choice for growers in such regions. 

With its ability to develop long, flexible branches, growers can use a variety of cultivation techniques, such as the "Screen Of Green method" or LST. 

When grown outdoors in these conditions, this strain takes on a striking deep dark blue hue, sometimes even featuring purple leaves towards the end of the flowering period. 

It's worth noting that in the right environment, an outdoor Girl Scout Cookies plant can offer an impressive yield between 550 and 650 grams.

Girl Scout Cookies' aroma is an irresistible blend reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. When smoked, it offers a smooth, soft experience, minimizing the chances of any excessive coughing. 

Flavor-wise, this strain boasts a spicy yet sweet taste, complemented by hints of mint and earth. Beyond its delightful taste and smell, the effects of Girl Scout Cookies are noteworthy. 

A few puffs will lead users into a delightful state of cheerfulness, relaxation, and creativity. On the physical side, a calming sensation envelops, which proves beneficial for those dealing with chronic pain.

7. OG Kush


OG Kush is a legendary strain that traces its roots back to California, offering a unique aroma and potent effects.

The temperate conditions of the Mediterranean, with its warm summers and mild winters, complement the growth needs of OG Kush. 
Outdoor growers in this region can expect substantial yields, with the potential to reach up to 550 grams per plant. However, it's essential to monitor for its susceptibility to mildew, mites, and diseases. 

When growing in this favorable climate, ensure the surroundings are discreet, as OG Kush's aroma during flowering might attract unwanted attention.

OG Kush boasts a unique aromatic profile. Its aroma captures the essence of woody and earthy notes, beautifully mixed with a fiery freshness of lemon and a subtle hint of pine oil. 

Expect an earthy flavor with traces of pine and wood, combined with a light petrol aroma that leaves a satisfying, strong aftertaste. Consuming OG Kush provides a balanced high. 

The Sativa properties uplift the user, inducing euphoria and feelings of happiness, allowing relaxation and potential bursts of energy. Medicinal users especially value this strain for its relaxing effects. 

8. Green Crack


Green Crack, a potent Sativa-dominant strain, is famed for its energizing effects and fruity aroma, and has roots in a cross between Afghan and Skunk #1.

Green Crack is a robust and adaptable strain that thrives especially well in a Mediterranean climate. 

Its vigorous growth can be attributed to its Afghani and Skunk parentage, making it both hearty and resistant to various outdoor conditions. 

When exposed to the consistent sunlight and mild temperatures of the Mediterranean climate, Green Crack can grow into a tall, sturdy plant, sometimes reaching heights of 3.5 meters. 

Thanks to these ideal conditions, growers can expect generous yields of up to 1200 grams per plant, with harvest time usually around September.

Green Crack offers users an intense and delightful aroma that's unmistakably sweet and fruity. Upon tasting, one can detect notes of citrus, tropical fruit, exotic wood, and frankincense. 

Green Crack is also renowned for delivering a high that is typically Sativa. Users can expect an uplifting, happy, and creative buzz, making it perfect for socializing or embarking on creative projects. 

While it energizes the mind, it simultaneously relaxes the body, making it a versatile choice for medicinal and recreational users alike.

9. Pineapple Express


Pineapple Express is a top-tier strain known for its tropical flavors and powerful effects.

Pineapple Express thrives in a Mediterranean climate due to its adaptability and robustness. 

With fast growth and a short flowering time, this strain is ready to show off its high yields, especially in such favorable conditions. 

Its ability to adapt to small spaces while still doubling in height during the flowering phase makes it ideal for the temperate, sun-soaked climate of the Mediterranean. 

A balanced fertilization routine ensures optimal growth, but always remember to provide good ventilation, as those thick buds can emit a strong aroma during flowering.

Pineapple Express boasts a delightful blend of sensations and flavors. One can't ignore its sweet, aromatic essence on the first puff. 

This strain carries the fresh scent of pineapples, with some users even noting hints of mango and cedar. Its taste matches its scent, offering an enjoyable experience. 

When it comes to effects, Pineapple Express contains an average of 20% THC and 0.3% CBD. The high is both uplifting and slightly euphoric while ensuring the body remains relaxed. 

It's excellent for pain relief, anxiety reduction, and even managing chronic migraines. However, this strain might not be the best nighttime choice, as it can stimulate the brain and hinder a good night's sleep.

10. Jack Herer 


Jack Herer is a popular strain with a blend of Sativa and Indica genetics, boasting numerous accolades and a significant following among growers and users alike.

Jack Herer thrives in warm, dry climates reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast, producing large, abundant trees. In such conditions, this strain yields outstanding results, benefiting from the sun and favorable weather. 

If you're in a cooler, more humid environment, consider using a greenhouse to achieve optimal results. One of the bonuses of growing Jack Herer is its discretion – the plant doesn't emit a strong odor until post-harvest.

Jack Herer impresses with a complex flavor profile. On one hand, you have Indica aromas blending perfectly with the sweet undertones of Sativa, giving off hints of fruit, lemon, and earthy skunk. 

Some might even catch notes resembling sandalwood or pine forests. The smoke itself is dense and lingering. 

As for the effect, Jack Herer strikes a balance between a body stone and a cerebral high. While it offers relaxation and mood enhancement, it doesn't trap you in a state of couch-lock. 

Medically, despite its low CBD content, it's sought after for relief from stress, anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, migraines, and appetite issues.