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When it comes to growing cannabis, you have three options. The cultivation of an Indica, Sativa or hybrid. All with their own pros and cons in terms of growing and effect. However, when it comes to the Sativa there are some serious benefits you definitely want to know. Especially when chosing one of the best Sativa strains 2019.

First of all, the Sativa is associated with positive, cerebral highs, boosting creativity and energy levels. As you can imagine, the weed is great for daytime. Due to the positive effect, the Sativa is often the preferred option for medicinal use. Particularly for the treatment of psychological conditions, such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Enough said about the effects. What about the strain itself when it comes to growing and yield? Let us reassure you. When growing a Sativa the results will not disappoint you. Especially because Sativas are known for their extraordinary growth in height and crazy high yields.  

What are the best Sativa strains of 2019?

As you have many options when it comes to Sativa species, making a choice can be hard. Therefore we show you the best Sativa strains of 2019 for an energy boost and some good vibes!   

  1. Acapulco Gold
  2. Durban Poison
  3. Chocolope

1. Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a legendary strain of cannabis and definitely deserves it to be listed as first in our top 3 best Sativa strains. Originating in Mexico, it is well-named as its buds are unusually colourful and feature varying shades of brown, green and gold with burnt orange pistils. These buds have been compared to nuggets of gold, the lost gold of Acapulco. Its aroma is incredibly appetising and will remind you of burnt cinder toffee and leaves traces of cinnamon and nutmeg in the mouth.


Cultivators will find that Acapulco Gold prefers to be grown indoors especially in countries in the northern hemisphere. It likes a sub-tropical atmosphere and climate if grown outside. Flowering takes between ten and eleven weeks.

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The THC level of Acapulco Gold is approximately 15% but can be as much as 22%. Users experience highs with notably strong cerebral effects, lifting spirits with dominant emotions of happiness. The strong THC levels are sometimes used to help cancer patients combat nausea that is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Acapulco Gold has also been known to alleviate mild aches and pains in spite of its Sativa origins.

If you are a novice smoker, make sure not to consume too much at once. Acapulco Gold is known to cause mild anxiety or paranoia as well as the usual dry mouth and eyes.

2. Durban Poison

This pure Sativa originates from the coastal city of Durban in South Africa. Famous for its piquant aroma and taste, Durban Gold is growing popularity globally because of its stimulant and stimulant properties. Durban Poison is a fantastic weed to help you stay productive when you need to.

People in the cannabis industry often talk about strains that are either defined as ‘local strains’ or ‘heritage varieties’. Durban Poison is certainly a ‘heritage variety’ as it has survived naturally in its original habitat and has an impressively stable genome.

Durban Poison is a towering, handsome plant with distinctive green leaves that surround a middle packed full of colourful buds, covered with orange and shiny pistils with trichomes with high levels of THC. The aroma is of pine, citrus and earthy spices. Durban Poison features all the powerful and medicinal cannabinoids and terpenes in its leaves and buds, in its evolutionary drive amidst the diversity of its rigorous living environment.


Indoor growers often opt to cultivate Durban Poison using hydroponics. Flowering can last for as long as two and a half months. The grower can expect 350 grams of Sativa per square metre. If you are in Europe, you will probably find it easier to grow indoors where you can control the levels of light.

Durban Poison thrives in conditions that are as close as possible to its African native habitat, with lots of sunshine. Giving it plenty of nutrients can improve performance.

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Durban Poison is an excellent weed to lift your spirits when you feel gloomy. An explosion of euphoria will raise you up without lowering your spirits. Some use Durban Poison as an alternative to a shot of espresso. A smoke of Durban Poison can be a great way to increase your productivity, especially when you are doing creative tasks during an art activity or an experience to share with friends. This herb will put you at ease in social settings and can even make you think in a different way.

Durban Poison can also be enjoyed with food, such as a brownie. When consuming cannabis as food, make sure you know the percentage of THC. Since this is a very stimulating variety, you probably don’t want to overdose on spacecake. In cooked products, the effects will hit you more slowly but will last much longer.

3. Chocolope

Chocolope is a Sativa cannabis that was created after crossing Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. The Sativa flowers give you a sweet earthy coffee taste which creates a dreamy effect. Users report becoming very cheerful and euphoric after smoking Chocolope. We highly recommend it for users who love sweet and unique cannabis strains.


Chocolope is a strain that is very easy to grow and therefore suitable for beginners who can achieve surprising yields of up to 500-600 gr / m2 at harvest. It produces compact, heavy and resinous buds. We recommend controlling the size, otherwise, it will take over your growing space. Chocolope tends to develop several side branches with few leaves, so it is recommended to give them some kind of support, like a net or bamboo canes because of the weight of the buds. If you’re planning to grow it in a growing room, you should know that Chocolope is great for growing in SCROG (Screen of Green).

This 95% Sativa-dominant strain finishes flowering between 8-9 weeks. Don’t rush her; cannabis plants need their time to develop all the necessary cannabinoids and terpenes that will please all your senses.

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Chocolope cannabis seeds are a strain that is particularly suitable for relaxation, as it creates a wonderful state of well-being and tranquillity with a certain euphoric and happy sensation. Due to the Sativa dominance, Chocolope has a dual cerebral and physical effect. Although it gives a slightly soporific feeling, this cannabis can also be used for daily consumption. It is recommended for quiet moments, such as watching a movie on the couch or for meditation after a yoga session.

As for medicinal applications, Chocolope is particularly suitable for patients suffering from stress or depression. The high is pleasant and smooth and begins to wear off after about an hour. The only side effect it produces is a dry mouth and eyes.

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