White Widow is a cannabis variety originally from the Netherlands, which has fans all over the world and is very popular primarily because of her pain-relieving effect.

White Widow has survived intense competition for being one of the world's best weeds for over 20 years. And now she is available as an autoflower! Our auto White Widow feminized seeds combine the potency of the original variant with the quickness and simplicity of an autoflowering strain, an ideal choice for novices and for veterans who want to harvest multiple times in one season!

Why you should buy White Widow Auto seeds:

  • Suitable for beginners

  • Quick time to harvest

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation

  • Deliciously classic weed strain with a well-balanced high

Growing White Widow Autoflower (indoor and outdoor)

As an autoflower, White Widow offers several advantages over photoperiod strains. Since autoflowers begin to flower automatically after a few weeks, growers don't have to adjust photoperiods and light spectra. They are comparatively low-maintenance and are easy to forgive rookie cultivation errors as well as temperature fluctuations.

The White Widow Auto is also the ideal plant for your small indoor grow space or for a more discreet grow outdoors.

Since White Widow is a feminized autoflower seed variety, which only produces female plants, there is no need to remove male plants.

It’s recommended to add 30% coconut to your soil mixture and making frequent watering in small quantities. In addition, organic fertilization is preferable for therapeutic or medicinal use.

Flowering time

Flowering begins two to four weeks after sowing, which takes somewhere between 56 and 63 days.

Plant height

Indoors, plants grown from auto White Widow seeds can reach a maximum height of 120 cm. It will stretch a little more outdoors in warm, sunny conditions to around 180 cm.

White Widow autoflower yield

When you are growing White Widow cannabis seeds to harvest outdoors, you can expect a maximum yield of 80 grams of sticky buds per plant. It is possible to enjoy two harvests per summer on the same plot.

When growing indoors, it is possible to make up to three or four crops per year, expecting a maximum yield of 450 grams per square meter.

If you compare White Widow autoflower marijuana seeds to those of regular strains, she is pleasantly compact, but this decreases their yield slightly. The Screen of Green (SCROG) or Sea of ​​Green (SOG) methods can help to boost your yield.

Effects of White Widow

The high of the White Widow Autoflower strain is relaxing and long-lasting, while giving you enough energy to uplift you and leaving you feeling happy and full of euphoria. Perfect for intense resting and for alleviating certain health problems.

Dried buds give a clearer physical high and because the overall effect is a bit lighter, the weed can be consumed during the day or in the evening.

Side effects

You may experience dry mouth and eyes when smoking White Widow Auto. Other noted side effects are the munchies. So keep a glass of water close, and the snacks far away if you are watching your calorie intake.

Smell and taste

The taste and aroma of this intriguing strain are easily recognized as those of a member of the White Widow family. Meaning: Flowery, crisp, woody and earthy notes combine to create a delicious overall experience.


White Widow Autoflower is one of the most popular autoflowering strains and a direct descendant of the legendary White Widow strain. Her genetics are 40% Indica, 40% Sativa and 20% Ruderalis, a herbal mix designed to create a potent hybrid, yet easy to grow.

The White Widow Strain was first introduced in the 1990s by the Dutch cannabis growers from Green House Seeds. They crossed Brazilian Indica and South Indian Sativa to create the now all-time classic.

At that time, the early hybrid varieties of the Northern Lights and Haze genera were mainly represented on the underground cannabis market, but White Widow quickly made a name for herself. This cannabis strain has won numerous awards, including the Cannabis High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995.

The best White Widow Autoflower seeds for sale at Weedseedsexpress

We are not your average seed bank, as we deliver high quality seeds of a multitude of different strains, from your new favorite, to proven classics like White Widow. We also send all orders in discreet packaging, and offer a germination guarantee on all of our shipped seeds.

White Widow Auto is a small, easy-to-grow, short-flowering, vigorous plant that produces beautiful, compact buds generously loaded with resin. Create some (extra) space in your grow room and buy some amazing White Widow auto weed seeds at Weedseedsexpress.

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Specifications White Widow autoflowering feminized seeds

THC level 20%
CBD level 0.5%
Variety 40% Indica / 40% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Genetics White Widow x Ruderalis
Max yield indoor 300 to 450 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 60 to 80 grams/plant
Height indoor 70 to 120 cm
Height outdoor 100 to 180 cm
Flowering time 56 to 63 days
Fungal Resistance High
Growersprofile Beginner
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean
Flavors Earthy, Flowery, Woody
Effects Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifting
SOG suitable yes
SCROG suitable yes

FAQ of White Widow autoflowering feminized

How to grow White Widow autoflower?

The autoflower White Widow is suitable for indoor, but can also be grown outdoors in temperate and Mediterranean climates. 

How long will White Widow auto bloom?

A White Widow autoflower strain blooms for 10 - 11 weeks. 

How big does the White Widow auto get?

The strain will reach a height of 70 to 120 cm when grown indoors. Outdoors, the strain will reach a height of 100 to 180 cm. 

White Widow autoflowering feminized strain review

The latest reviews on White Widow autoflowering feminized seeds, do you have experience with this strain? Share your experience with other customers and write a review about the White Widow autoflowering feminized strain.

4.5 / 5 stars out of 8 reviews


RJ (Verified customer) 2020-06-11

package got here quick and safe, i am now planting my first seeds and awaiting results, 2 of 5 have sprouted in a flawless display i cant wait to see how these babies smell and look in bloom , i thank you for your talents my fellow grower “A seed is its own world, a garden is its own universe.” bless up big love from planet earth :))

Bennettlove (Verified customer) 2019-09-06

Grown in Ibiza where the sun is out almost always and really had a blast with this strain. Dave, i also want to personally thank you for your help and you are always welcome to visit me so smoke some buddy

Andrew conner (Verified customer) 2019-03-01

Bought 5 seeds and received accidentally 6 seeds. They are doing very well! Easy to germinate and they are growing very steady. Looks very promising and healthy!

Trumbo (Verified customer) 2019-02-18

The first package never arrived. After having contact with Dave a free reshipment was send out and arrived withing 2 weeks so i'm happy but in total i had to wait 5 weeks for my seeds which was a bit long. Yet, i do really appreciate the replacement and the extra seeds. So the 3 star rating is only because i had to wait 5 long. For the customer care i would provide 5 seeds.

Big weaver (Verified customer) 2019-01-24

After having a bad experience with another seeds bank i'm really happy that i bought my seeds via Weedseedsexpress this time. First of all, my compliments for the beautiful, fast and clear website. This is really a relief compared to some other websites. Second you guys do what you promise. High quality seeds, delivery guarantee and fast shipping. Therefore a big thanks and shout out to you! See ya again soon

Greggs (Verified customer) 2018-10-26

I wanted to grow White widow but i'm a beginner. Therefore i have choosen these big ww autoflowers. They are indeed easy to grow but i'm in week six of flowering now so I can't say much yet.

Randy Ung (Verified customer) 2018-05-12

I have grown autoflowers pretty often in my life, but these big auto's are my favorite. In contrast to the other autoflowers, the yields are much better. However, the best yields you will get with non-autoflowers..just normal feminized seeds. The big advantage of these autoflowers is the ease of cultivation

Smith B (Verified customer) 2018-03-02

The flowering time is longer than average, but Big White is an easy to grow strain. The yields are good, but not better than the non-autoflower feminized White Widow.

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