Purchase Trainwreck seeds and grow a potent and exhilarating Sativa-dominant strain that’s well-known for its bold and mind-bending high. This is all due to its astonishing THC levels, which can peak above 20%.

Popular throughout Northern California, it possesses a wonderful woody aroma with layers of sharp, sweet citrus. Unlike other Sativa hybrids, Trainwreck wears her Indica qualities well, producing long-lasting and soothing effects that will leave you relaxed and blissed out.

A new favorite among hobby growers, Trainwreck is a dream to work with. She grows lusciously green and grey thanks to the thick trichome coverage. It’s a sure-fire hit with Sativa fans looking for their next classic strain.

Why you should buy feminized Trainwreck seeds:

  • Big THC blast with stimulating effects
  • Aromatic sweet and spicy aroma
  • Well-loved for its medicinal use
  • Great yield potential

Want to know more about Trainwreck feminized seeds? Read on for details.

Growing Trainwreck (indoors and outdoors)

Trainwreck seeds will suit all growing environments, from indoor and outdoor areas to dedicated greenhouses and tents.

Its Sativa characteristics mean that space is required to pull off the biggest and best yields. While fairly easy to grow, some knowledge goes a long way in pruning, training and providing the right nutrients. Trainwreck boasts a high resistance to mold and mildew.


Trainwreck is well suited to indoor growing as long as you can afford the space. Good quality soil planting and hydroponic setups see great success with this plant. Warm and dry environments are important, so try to avoid too much humidity. The most important thing about growing indoors is control.

Trimming is essential to prevent it from over-shooting and spreading. By removing lower branches and leaves, you’ll allow greater light access to the stem and buds. Many see great success with SCROG techniques.

Try to keep things between 18 °C and 30 °C for the best harvests.


Trainwreck thrives outdoors, but is limited by climate. Dry Mediterranean environments are best with plenty of sunlight and little temperature variation. Frost, in particular, can be disastrous. As long as you’ve got these prime conditions, you can expect bumper harvests and plants that tend to flower early.

Don’t have an abundance of warmth and sunlight? Use a greenhouse.


Soil is very important for both indoor and outdoor growth. Begin with soils rich in nutrients like calcium and magnesium. You can then dress the soil as your Trainwreck begins the flowering process.

Flowering time

Trainwreck has a flowering time of roughly 8 to 10 weeks indoors and in controlled environments. Outdoors, Trainwreck tends to flower early in autumn.

Plant height

Trainwreck’s Sativa genetics dominate, allowing heights of between 125 and 155 cm indoors. It’s important to promote stockier and bushier growth through trimming if you’re short on space. Outdoors, things get much bigger, with potential heights of over 220 cm.

Trainwreck yield

Trainwreck’s biggest yields are possible in the wide outdoors. Here, you can expect to harvest between 500 and 700 grams per square meter. Indoor yields are equally impressive, offering 400 to 500 grams per square meter.


Trainwreck boasts a potent and balanced high, with THC levels of up to 20%.

It doesn't get its name Trainwreck without reason, as it will take you head-first into a powerful euphoria. The effects can be described as a creative blast, providing inspiration and long-lasting happiness. There’s also a pain-numbing and relaxing full-body experience thanks to the balance of Indica genetics.

Medical patients reach for Trainwreck to help combat issues like ADHD and PTSD. It’s also a fine form of stress relief, clearing the mind and promoting positive thinking. Those suffering joint pain and muscle spasms can also benefit from Trainwreck. That’s because of the wide-spreading relaxing properties that help combat body-wide pain.

Side effects

Trainwreck is associated with a number of potential side effects. It’s recommended that you watch the dosage, particularly if you have a low tolerance to THC. Too much can leave you paranoid or anxious.

More prevalent issues include typical Sativa-related smoking effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes and dehydration. Always stay hydrated and keep liquids at hand to mitigate these effects.

Smell and taste

Trainwreck possesses an instantly recognizable aroma of sharp and sweet citrus loaded with earthy, pine-like qualities. This is all topped with a lemon-lime sourness and layers of peppery spice.

The flavor is just as mouth-watering, with a cracked black pepper tang and a zingy lemony taste. Much of these deep flavors come from the thick THC-laced buds, which sparkle with resin.


Trainwreck is the brainchild of two Californian brothers. First grown in the world-famous “Emerald Triangle” of Northern California, it’s a buzzing cross between three renowned 70s strains.

Thai Sativa, Mexican Sativa and Afghani Indica genetics give it a legendary status related to the Summer of Love.

The mythos of its name comes from its supposed grow site, said to be the place of a real train crash that happened decades ago when cannabis was still illegal in California. The resulting investigations led many growers to relocate their harvests. One such harvest was Trainwreck.

Its genetics are mostly Sativa, but there’s a solid 40% Indica in there for added couch lock.

Buy Trainwreck seeds at Weedseedsexpress

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Are you mad about Sativas or looking to try out a mythical Californian strain? Pick up Trainwreck and get growing in your home or garden today.

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Specifications Trainwreck feminized seeds

THC level 20%
CBD level 0.4%
CBG Level 0.06%
Variety 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Genetics Mexican x Thai x Afghani
Max yield indoor 400 to 500 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 500 to 700 grams/m²
Height indoor 125 to 150 cm
Height outdoor 140 to 220 cm
Flowering time 56 to 70 days
Fungal Resistance High
Growersprofile Beginner
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Mediterranean, Arid, Tropical
Flavors Earthy, Lemon, Spicy, Sweet, Pine
Effects Creative, Euphoric
SCROG suitable yes

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