Colombian Gold autoflower seeds

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Colombian Gold Auto is a cannabis strain that gives a creative and energizing high. These seeds are characterized by smooth pine and lime flavors and sweet berry aromas.

  • Up to 24% THC
  • 80% Sativa / 0% Indica
  • High fungal resistance
  • Unique flavor profiles
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Colombian Gold autoflower seeds
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Colombian Gold autoflower seeds


Strain Info

THC level 24 %
CBD level 0.5 %
CBG level 0 %
Type Sativa
Ruderalis 20 %
Sativa 80 %
Indica 0 %
Genetics Colombian Gold x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 450-600 grams per m2
Yield outdoor 300-500 grams per plant
Height indoor 80-110 cm
Height outdoor 120-160 cm
Flowering time 56-70 days
Fungal resistance High
Grower profile Beginner
Cultivation Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Climate Tropical, Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
Flavors Berry, Earthy, Sweet, Spicy, Shunk, Pine, Lime
Effects Creative, Energetic, Uplifting
Terpenes Eucalyptol, Linalool

Colombian Gold autoflower seeds

Unearth the treasure of Colombian Gold Autoflower, a pure Sativa blend with a touch of Ruderalis magic. This gem, a fusion of Colombian Gold genetics with Ruderalis, offers a seamless growing experience, ideal for beginners. It brings together an earthy, berry-sweet melody with spicy, skunky, pine, and lime undertones. This strain stands out with its 24% THC level, delivering an uplifting, energetic, and creative high. Tailored for cultivation in diverse climates from tropical to arid, Colombian Gold Autoflower is a hardy and high-yielding variety that thrives both indoors and outdoors.

Why you should buy Colombian Gold Autoflower seeds

  • Impressive 24% THC for a spirited lift
  • Beginner-friendly: Easy and rewarding grow
  • Rich indoor yield: Up to 600g/m²
  • Unique flavor blend: Berry, earthy, and spicy

Growing Colombian Gold Autoflower (indoor/outdoor)

Adaptable to various climates including tropical, temperate, Mediterranean, and arid, Colombian Gold Autoflower is perfect for greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor cultivation. This variety grows to a modest 80-110 cm indoors, making it suitable for limited spaces, while reaching up to 160 cm outdoors, showcasing its robust nature. It's well-suited for SOG/SCROG setups, enabling growers to optimize space and improve light penetration. Expect a flowering time of 56-70 days, after which it rewards growers with rich, resinous buds.

Flowering time

Prepare for a flowering period of 56 to 70 days, culminating in an abundant harvest of potent buds.

Colombian Gold Autoflower Yield

Expect yields of 450-600g/m² indoors and 300-500g per plant outdoors.

Effects of Colombian Gold Autoflower weed

With its high THC content, this strain is perfect for those seeking an uplifting, energetic, and creative buzz.

Smell and taste

Experience the rich tapestry of flavors - a combination of berry, earthy sweetness, spicy notes, skunk, pine, and lime.

Colombian Gold Autoflower Terpenes

Enriched with terpenes like Eucalyptol and Linalool, it offers a unique aromatic and therapeutic profile.

Origin of Colombian Gold Autoflower

Born from the classic Colombian Gold and enhanced with Ruderalis genetics, this strain is a testament to innovative breeding for versatility and ease.

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At WeedSeedsExpress, find the highest quality Colombian Gold Autoflower seeds, ensuring a fruitful and enjoyable cultivation journey. Start your growing adventure with us and discover the golden pleasure of this unique strain.

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