With Platinum Cookies seeds (aka Platinum Girl Scout Cookies seeds) you grow an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that derives from the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies. Boasting a pungently sweet aroma and a solid THC profile, it has numerous accolades under its resinous belt.

Perfectly balanced and a pleasure to grow, Platinum Cookies is perfect for recreational and medicinal users alike. Add Platinum Cookies cannabis seeds to your home-grow and discover this excellent addition to California’s GSC lineage.

Why you should buy Platinum Cookies seeds:

  • Pleasantly sweet and earthy flavor
  • Potent THC content
  • Excellent stress relieving effects
  • Resilient growing profile

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Growing with Platinum Cookies seeds (indoors and outdoors)

Platinum Cookies possesses strong genetics that are highly resistant to mold, mildew and pests. Still, some experience goes a long way in cultivating this exceptional strain. That’s because it responds particularly well to training techniques like Super Cropping, where it has plenty of advocates in experienced circles. Platinum Cookies grows well indoors, outdoors and in greenhouse settings.


Platinum Cookies is a medium-height plant that is well suited to most indoor setups, including high-quality soil and hydroponic environments. She can grow bushy, however, so pruning or training methods are recommended to promote optimal growth.

By exposing the stems and branches to more sunlight, you can expect richer, dense buds cased in Platinum Cookies’ signature sticky white trichomes. Given the intense aromas which develop during flowering, good air filtration is recommended.


Platinum Cookies can grow to exceptional heights of up to 190 cm outdoors. She does, however, favor warm, Mediterranean conditions like those of Southern California. Average temperatures of between 20 and 28 °C and low humidity are recommended for the best quality yields.

While she’s hardy enough to withstand lower temperature conditions, you’ll have to plant her at the right seasonal time to experience the full warmth and light of a temperate summer. If you're keeping her in pots, go big for the best results.

Tip: If your climate doesn’t suit, but you still want Platinum Cookies to reach its height and yield potential, cultivate your strain in a greenhouse.

Flowering time

Platinum Cookies has a flowering time of between 56 and 70 days, depending on the environment. You can expect to harvest your plant around mid-October if you’re growing outdoors.

Plant height

Platinum Cookies’ height requires optimal light and warmth. If left to her own devices, she can reach heights of 80 to 120 cm indoors and 150 to 190 cm outdoors.

Platinum Cookies yield

Platinum Cookies has the potential to reap decent yields of up to 450 grams per m² indoors and 500 grams per plant outdoors. While she requires good care and attention to reach these goals, she boasts a moderate flowering time to speed things along.

As she has grown into a firm favorite among growers, there are plenty of tips out there on how to maximize yields. Cropping is particularly favored among experienced growers, as it prevents overcrowding and promotes bountiful buds.


Platinum Cookies offers a well-balanced high that's noticeable for its relaxing and uplifting effects. As a high potency strain with high THC, it's recommended that you start your dosage small, as the effects come on thick and fast.

Its effects can also be very cerebral, boasting both motivating and creative blasts of energy. As such, it's perfectly suited as a daytime strain as long as you control the dose.

Like many other strains of its lineage, Platinum Cookies is very well suited for stress relief and in treating anxiety. Perfect for those looking to unwind from the everyday stresses of a busy lifestyle, it has many advocates thanks to its relaxing and soothing effects.

It’s also highly effective as a means of chronic pain relief, aiding in the reduction of muscle spasms and treatment of arthritis.

Side effects

The most noted side effects of Platinum Cookies are dry mouth and dry eyes. These can be easily dimmed by keeping hydrated with water at hand. Many have also reported bouts of the munchies when using this strain. Platinum Cookies’ significant THC levels can also potentially lead to spells of paranoia or dizziness, particularly in those unaccustomed to THC.

Smell and taste

Platinum Cookies boasts a rich forest floor-like aroma with earthy notes of pine and moss. The flavor, however, adds layers of sweet fruit cookies and citrus to the mix. This is all rounded off with spicy undertones due to the abundant caryophyllene terpenes, producing tingling and peppery sensations on the tongue.


Platinum Cookies is a hybrid strain that's developed from the well-loved Girl Scout Cookies. This is why Platinum Cookies seeds are also called "Platinum Girl Scout Cookies seeds".

Like many others in the Cookies evolution, it boasts a potent high with sweet, earthy flavors. Its genetics come from crossing the famed Florida classic, OG Kush, with Durban Poison, a high-potency Sativa strain originating in South Africa. A third mystery strain is in the mix there too, adding to Platinum Cookies’ legend.

The fantastic qualities of Platinum Cookies’ strong genetics are present in its high. As such, you can expect a perfect blend of the best qualities of Indica and Sativa – a relaxing, full-body high that’s cerebral and uplifting. There’s no better strain to sum up popular cannabis developments over the past decade than the award-winning Platinum Cookies.

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Specifications Platinum Cookies feminized seeds

THC level 24%
CBD level 0.3%
CBG Level 0.04%
Variety 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Genetics (OG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies) x Durban Poison
Max yield indoor 350 to 450 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 450 to 600 grams/plant
Height indoor 80 to 120 cm
Height outdoor 150 to 190 cm
Flowering time 56 to 70 days
Fungal Resistance High
Growersprofile Moderate
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
Flavors Berry, Fruity, Spicy, Sweet
Effects Calming, Creative, Focused, Happy, Relaxed, Stoned
SOG suitable yes
SCROG suitable yes

Platinum Cookies feminized strain review

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GreenThing (Verified customer) 2021-12-27

Seeds arrived yesterday, that delivery time is insane. I will let you know if these plants may indeed carry the name platinum. Do you also have diamond cookies?

Vincent (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2021-12-28

Hi GreenThing, Thanks for leaving a review! Let us know what you think of them. We do not have diamond cookies... Cheers, Vincent

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