Want to grow a true Indica dominant classic and one of the most consumed strains in the California (USA), Canada and the UK? Check out the possibilities of the feminized OG Kush strain seeds!

The OG Kush is a plant whose exact origin is still a mystery today. Yet, the legendary OG Kush family has received maximum recognition from the stoner community. She is unique, delicious in taste and loved by growers with some experience as well as cultivation experts.

Actually, we can say that the overall view of this impressive plant is amazing in all areas. From a robust growth to a generous harvest with high yields to intensely tasting buds.

Wondering where to buy OG Kush weed seeds? You are at the right place! At Weedseedsexpress we have the best OG Kush seeds for sale! So read on, or buy your seeds directly in our online store. 

Why you should buy OG Kush seeds:

  • Fast bloomer
  • Pretty easy to grow
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Ideal for medicinal use

Growing OG Kush seeds (indoors and outdoor)

Crossing ChemDawg x Pakistani x Lemon Thai has resulted in an exceptionally diverse plant that actually has all the qualities that will make you happy as a hobby grower. A fine and easy to grow plant for the grower with some experience, a relatively short flowering time and a very good yield potential.

OG Kush feminized seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, but prefer to be grown indoors. Growing outdoors can be particularly challenging. Especially at low temperatures.

Another thing to keep in mind when growing outdoors is the smell that spreads widely during flowering and attracts people who are better off not seeing the thick buds. Outdoor growers are therefore advised to keep a close eye on their surroundings.

Finally, the OG Kush is known for its susceptibility to mildew, mites and other diseases. Regular monitoring of the growing conditions is therefore necessary so that you can react in time.

Do you grow indoors? Then it is recommended to use a hydroponic culture. It is efficient and will certainly improve the yield and potency of the buds.

Flowering time

The flowering period is pretty short. When grown indoors, the flowering time is about 8 to 9 weeks. Outdoor harvesting can take place in September. During the flowering phase, the plant develops lime green buds on a large scale that are very close together and covered with a thick layer of resin.

Plant height

With the OG Kush strain seeds, you grow a very strong medium to large plant. This depends on whether you grow indoors in pots or outdoors in the open ground.

When grown indoors, the plant can reach a height of 160 cm. Outdoors, the height can reach over 2 meters! In both cases, make sure there is enough space for the plant to develop well.

OG Kush yield

A good yield is the rule rather than the exception for the OG Kush cannabis strain. Outdoor growers can get up to 550 grams per plant. Indoors, the yield is usually 425 to 550 grams per m².

Effects of OG Kush

OG Kush is a weed with high potency and possesses THC levels up to 20% in which the properties of both Sativa and Indica are evident even to a novice smoker.

OG Kush is known as a great strain to spend a relaxing evening or start the day in the right way. The high comes from the Sativa and is supported by a relaxing bliss from the Indica that is especially appreciated by medicinal users. Euphoria and feelings of happiness allow you to forget your worries and fully relax. You may even feel a little energetic after consuming OG Kush.

Moreover, rolling a blunt with OG Kush weed is a piece of cake and thanks to the large fluffy buds with few twigs you don't even need a grinder.

Side effects

OG Kush weed can give the smoker a dry mouth and/or dry eyes. Therefore, keep some goodies to drink at hand. At high doses the weed can also cause paranoia or anxiety, so take it easy.

Smell and taste of OG Kush

The aroma of the weed is woody, pine-like and earthy at the same time. They are aromas that actually directly touch the taste buds. They are accompanied by a fiery and refined splash of freshness of the lemon combined with a hint of pine oil. It therefore soon becomes clear that OG Kush is a very aromatic weed.

OG Kush has a slightly earthy taste where the pine aroma combined with a hint of wood is truly delicious. OG Kush also releases a bit of petroleum aroma, which makes the taste nice and strong and leaves a fine aftertaste.


OG Kush originated in California, where OG stands for Ocean Grown (or original gangster, according to some).

Although the origin of this species is clear, its genetic origin is not. Still, many experts agree that the plant contains the following genetics: Chemdawg x Pakistani Kush x Lemon Thai.

Buy the best OG Kush seeds at Weedseedsexpress

With large yields and a largely low-maintenance vegetative phase, OG Kush seeds are a good choice for the moderately experienced grower looking for high quality weed. The buds are thickly covered in crystalline trichomes, which, given the high THC content, provides a perfect overall picture of the OG Kush strain.

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Specifications OG Kush feminized seeds

THC level 26%
CBD level 0.5%
Variety 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Genetics ChemDawg x Pakistani x Lemon Thai
Max yield indoor 425 to 475 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 500 to 550 grams/plant
Height indoor 90 to 160 cm
Height outdoor 160 to 200 cm
Flowering time 55 to 56 days
Fungal Resistance Medium
Growersprofile Moderate
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Polar, Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
Flavors Earthy, Woody, Citrus, Pine
Effects Euphoric, Hungry, Calming, Energetic, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

FAQ of OG Kush feminized

What is the dominant strain in OG kush?

The dominant strain in OG Kush is the ChemDawg. 

OG Kush feminized strain review

The latest reviews on OG Kush feminized seeds, do you have experience with this strain? Share your experience with other customers and write a review about the OG Kush feminized strain.

4.5 / 5 stars out of 11 reviews


Rose (Verified customer) 2021-10-19

Super easy did great looked awesome then BOOM 🤯 Hermès then super bummed. So far 2-6 turned out good then got contaminated 😤😤😭 Did get the job done though

Vincent (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2021-10-19

Hi Rose, Thanks for the review mate. Appreciated! Have a great one! Cheers, Vincent

James (Verified customer) 2020-12-06

The best service ever. Excellent seeds and top notch service. 1 order failed to arrive but was resent without question. Will definitely be doing business again..! Big love from New Zealand!

Nath Dowling (Verified customer) 2020-07-27

These guys are the best. Awesome cusyomer service. My first order took quite a while, so long that the boys resent another one to ensure I get my package.Ive got my packages and my girls have all started off sweet. This is my 2nd order and I just placed a 3rd order. All excellent quality seeds and i have had a cracker harvest for my first order. Highly recommend! Thanks so much weed seeds express.

darkasei (Verified customer) 2020-06-24

I order 5 seed and receive 1 for free!!! The seeds are top quality, the 6 seeds sprout without any problem, the only bad is that took 2 month to reach in covid times so i think its not that bad. The package its top notch too.

se7en2011 (Verified customer) 2019-06-27

Took a bit of time - 4 weeks- to arrive by snail mail but couldn’t be happier. Well done WSE!

Morehead (Verified customer) 2019-01-22

I was very happy when I saw OG Kush in the assortment and you guys also send to the US and I want to thank you very much for the good service and the fast delivery! Awesome!

Nikki M (Verified customer) 2018-10-06

I have bought 5 seeds and these have all germinated.

Renee S. Stockman (Verified customer) 2018-08-29

Because I often breed and smoke daily, my tolerance has become quite high, but og kush makes sure I am totally stoned every time. That's why this strain belongs to my favorite top 3 and. Weedseedsexpress has been my supplier since 1.5 years and didn't had any big problems. Even my cash payments arrive smoothly and their support is very good

McNamee (Verified customer) 2018-08-04

If you know what you are doing, growing these og kush seeds isn't that complicated at all. Read in advance what you can and can not do. If you do not deviate too far from the guidelines of this strain, you will be rewarded with high quality weed

B. Pearson (Verified customer) 2018-02-08

My Favourite strain. Been growing OG kush since 3 years now so i have some experience with this strain. Not that hard to grow, an average flowering time and some really intereting yields. The high is pretty long lasting, Clear head, focused, uplifted and the weed has a good taste. Also very suitabe for stress, depression, chronic pain relieve.

Stephen (Verified customer) 2017-08-07

Its my second time growing these OG kush seeds from Weed seeds express now. Bought 10 feminized and developed some serious weed plants. The nugs were dense, massive and dark. A little chocolate smell and covered in crystals and orange hairs. The weed resulted in a long lasting high, heavy stone and a good taste. Good strain!

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