At Weedseedsexpress we have the best Gelato #33 seeds for sale. These marijuana seeds are known for their delicious sweet taste and powerful high. Some connoisseurs claim that this is the most delicious treat there is.

Moreover, Gelato strain seeds are greatly appreciated by our fellow growers in the UK, USA and Canada because of a guaranteed high yield of extremely high quality.

Note: want to grow Gelato weed, but is this your first time growing? Make it easy on yourself and buy the Gelato autoflower seeds to guarantee yourself a successful harvest!

Why you should buy Gelato seeds (#33):

  • Delicious sweet taste
  • Gives a relaxing and creative effect
  • High THC content of up to 25%
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • Suitable for medicinal use

Growing Gelato (indoors and outdoors)

The cultivation difficulty of the Gelato plant is easy to moderate and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

The seeds will grow into a medium to tall plant that produces high THC levels of around 25% and 0.5% CBD. Furthermore, this variety requires little trimming because Gelato has quite a bit of space between the branches. This makes growing it a lot easier.

Even beginners can venture into growing with our Gelato cannabis seeds. Just be aware that Gelato will develop a noticeable smell towards the end of the flowering period.

If you want to grow outside, start planting your seeds in May (northern Hampshire). From then on, the weather conditions are generally suitable. You can then harvest at the end of August.

Flowering time

Gelato is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid and has a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. Grown outdoors, she can be harvested around mid-October (Northern Hemisphere) and will fill you with gratitude.

During flowering, this cannabis strain is a feast for the eyes, especially in the last weeks when the flowering hairs turn bright orange and the buds show their mixed color combination of purple and green. The buds have a dense structure, sticky with thick, fragrant trichomes packed with THC, terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Plant height

  • When growing Gelato indoors, the plant grows 50 cm to 100 cm tall.
  • When grown outdoors, Gelato will grow between 150 cm and 200 cm tall

Gelato yield

With these Gelato seeds, indoor growers can yield up to 450 grams per square meter. When growing outdoors, the plant can yield up to 550 grams/m². Harvest time is around September. So you can enjoy your Gelato harvest before the dark days.


SOG/SCROG growing can be applied to this cannabis plant.


Gelato is considered a balanced strain with therapeutic properties and a high THC level. The effect is a subtle mix of relaxation and invigoration. As such, it can incite you to a creative flow.

However, beware, in a higher dose the effect can appear very strong. Our advice: start carefully and see for yourself what you can handle.

Gelato weed is ideal for consumption after a long day of work and preferably in the evening because it makes you disappear for a while. In short, Gelato weed makes you relax in your own world that looks a lot happier!

Side effects

Gelato is a hard-hitter. Even before you blow out the smoke, you feel the effects. So you may have to adjust to your 'new' environment for a while. Some people experience Gelato as an amplification of the psychedelic effect, which can make the environment come over you quite intense.

Furthermore, Gelato offers a mild smoke that is not associated with serious or unpleasant side effects, apart from dry eyes and/or mouth. Therefore, keep some soda or water nearby when smoking Gelato. Also, don't forget to eat something before returning from the trip!

Smell and taste

The weed from Gelato buds has a complex sweet taste of cookies with hints of mint, citrus and lavender. Earthy notes are also perceived. So the taste is as you might expect from the name: sweet, nice and fruity!


Gelato cannabis is a family that originates from San Francisco. Currently, there are three types of Gelato seeds:

  • Gelato 33 seeds
  • Gelato 41 Seeds
  • Gelato 45 seeds

These cannabis seeds have an Indica-like high and a THC composition that ranges from 20% to 25%(!). If you like sweetness and a powerful high, choose our Gelato seeds. 

Because of its sweet and fruity taste, it was quickly associated with Italian ice cream: 'Gelato'. Gelato is a balanced hybrid, leaning a tad in favor of Indica. Gelato is derived from Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. With 60% Indica, this plant is an Indica dominant plant and does especially well in temperate Mediterranean climates.

Buy Gelato seeds #33 at Weedseedsexpress

Gelato is one of the most potent marijuana strains currently available and delivers an unmistakable kick, but does not leave you chained to the couch for the rest of the day. Easy to grow and a great harvest potential!

Ready for a new grow? Treat yourself to Gelato feminized seeds from Weedseedsexpress!

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Specifications Gelato feminized seeds

THC level 25%
CBD level 0.5%
Variety 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Genetics Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbet
Max yield indoor 350 to 450 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 450 to 550 grams/m²
Height indoor 50 to 100 cm
Height outdoor 150 to 200 cm
Flowering time 56 to 63 days
Fungal Resistance High
Growersprofile Moderate
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid, Tropical
Flavors Citrus, Earthy, Fruity, Sweet
Effects Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed
SOG suitable yes
SCROG suitable yes

FAQ of Gelato feminized

Can I buy Gelato #45 seeds or Gelato #41 seeds at Weedseedsexpress

At this point, we only have the original Gelato #33 seeds for sale. However, we do might have Gelato #45 and #41 seeds in stock soon.  

How to grow Gelato?

The Gelato strain seeds can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Except for polar climates and mountain areas the strain can basically be grown all over the world. 

What strain is gelato #33?

Gelato #33 is a cross (Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbet) and features 60 Indica and 40% Sativa genes. With THC percentages that can reach up to 26% the strain is extremely potent. 

Why is the Gelato strain so expensive?

The Gelato strain is one of the most expensive strains to buy. This is because the demand is very high and the supply very low. More demand and a limited supply drives the price up. Prices are around $20 a gram while the price in a Dutch coffeeshop can be as much as 30 euro a gram. Growing your own is therefore a big saver! 

Gelato feminized strain review

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5 / 5 stars out of 3 reviews


Nathan (Verified customer) 2021-07-17

Nice plant, if slightly challenging to grow. 9 and a bit weeks to ripen. End product tastes great, hits strong and fast, which evens out into a clear headed, relaxed high. Great all rounder that lifts mood. I waited til I’d grown, dried and cured for two months before I reviewed this. Thanks to the guys for providing a legit product and sorting out a resend.

Marc (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2021-07-23

Hi Nathan, Thanks for another review. Appreciated! Gelato is an amazing strain indeed. I'm glad it has proven itself! Have a great one! Cheers, Marc

Brad (Verified customer) 2021-04-21

Seeds arrived very quickly. Only took a week to get delivered to the door on the other side of the world. They forgot to send my Easter freebies and once I notified them they shipped them off straight away and arrived a week later. I've ordered 3 times and everything has been professionally delivered. Highly recommend this company.

bob (Verified customer) 2020-12-28

High Yield, Strong Smoke

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