As a seed bank, we are proud to be able to offer these seeds. The Durban Poison seeds are a great choice for those who are searching for a high-quality energetic sativa weed in a relatively simple way. As the name suggests, this hybrid finds its origin in Durban, South Africa, but what you may not know is that this plant is also very suitable for colder climates. Are you curious? Check all the information about the original Durban Poison feminized seeds on this page and buy your seeds today.

History of the Durban Poison strain

Durban Poison has been discovered by Ed Rosenthal back in the 70’s. From South Africa the strain arrived in the US were the benefits of the Durban Poison strain were discovered. Through a process of selective breeding, the lineage was improved and stabilized. And from the US, Durban Poison seeds arrived in Amsterdam, where the genetics where refined to flower outdoors in the much shorter Dutch summers. This resulted in a strain with an enormous popularity. No only in the Netherlands but throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Durban Poison feminized seeds?

Our feminized Durban Poison seeds are fairly easy to grow and therefore suitable for both beginners and advanced growers. 

As you can expect from a sativa, the plant feels very comfortable outdoors where the plant has the freedom to grow considerably. The plant enjoys a sunny and warm climate, but also achieves good results in colder climates.

Please note that this sativa can become extremely tall and even reach a height of 250 cm or more. This of course does not mean that the plant can't be grown indoors, but applying training techniques to control the height of the plant is probably necessary. In addition, for indoor cultivation most growers choose for a hydroponic environment. As a beginner outdoor growing is probably more easy. The plant develops strong and vigorous side branches which makes the plant very suitable for windy areas.

Flowering time

Unlike most other sativa's, Durban Poison has a relatively short flowering time of 7 - 9 weeks. In this period stunning dark and resinous buds appear.

Harvest and yield

Outdoor growers preferably harvest at the end of September or at the beginning of October and can achieve a harvest of up to 700 grams per m2. Experienced indoor growers achieve an average yield of 400 to 500 grams per m2.

Taste and smell

The taste of this weed will remind you of pine trees. Earthy, but certainly spicy, sweet and citrus like. Durban poison has a strong scent that is easy to recognize because of its sharp, earthy, spicy and sweet undertones.

What is the effect of Durban Poison weed?

The 100% sativa purity and a THC content of 15% results in a pleasant, happy, creative and energetic high. This makes the weed very suitable for social affairs. It’s an absolute mood booster.

In addition, many users report an improvement of their focus. The weed is therefore not only fun but also useful. For example when you have to complete certain tasks. Many enthusiasts therefore use the weed in the morning instead of in the evening.

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Durban Poison feminized seeds specifications

THC Level 15%
CBD Level 0.4%
Variety 5% Indica / 95% Sativa
Genetics Durban x Unknown Indica
Yield Indoor 400 to 450 grams/m2
Yield Outdoor 500 to 700 grams/m2
Height Indoor 80 to 130 cm
Height Outdoor 130 to 200 cm
Flowering Time 63 to 72 days
Fungal Resistance high
Growersprofile beginner
Cultivation indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Climate polar, temparate, mediterranean, arid, tropical, mountains
Flavors citrus, earthy, haze, spicy, sweet, pine
Effects creative, energetic, euphoric, focused, happy, uplifting
SOG suitable Yes
SCROG suitable Yes

Durban Poison feminized strain review

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4.5 / 5 stars out of 8 reviews


  1. Keesee (verified owner)

    Shipping to South Africa took quite long (almost 5,5 weeks before my order arrived) so for the other SA customers please plan your grow. My order arrived safely and undamaged which was quite nice. Especially because my previous order at AMS never arrived. Will start my grow in about 2 months.

  2. Lixue He (verified owner)

    Received them all in good order. I am planning to start growing within a few weeks as soon as my GPD are done. I will send a review on that moment. I am really looking forward to the benefits for the ADD I suffer from, can’t concentrate really, just a few minutes and whoops, I am elsewhere. Have tried meds but that makes me like a tree myself, a non-smoke tree, is no good tree.

  3. Slickering (verified owner)

    Wow! this seeds are growing like insane, what a beauty this plant it mate. Kudos for the fast delivery and I recommend ya all to my friends here, also good growers.

  4. August M. Jensen (verified owner)

    Had the package within 4 days. Denmark isn’t that liberal yet but I think time will come it will be legal and all. Meanwhile I really appreciate the stealth packaging used for sending, better than many others.

  5. Otis (verified owner)

    Seeds have just arrived after my first order was intercepted but thats a lot for the re-shipment. Will write another review when i completed my grow

  6. Crawford Dean (verified owner)

    You guys are awesome!! Love your packaging and thanks for the fast service.

  7. Vegga (verified owner)

    A real classic to me! Got this seeds within a few days (European) and my durban is growing great. You guys have great packaging, really discreet and stealthy, props! I will send a update a soon as my DP starts to flower. Thinking about a grow journal for this one.

  8. JayneCanadian (verified owner)

    Top genetics by weedseedsexpress! DP is one of my favorite strains to grow and I am always in for testing some new genetics on DP. My durban poison plants looks very healthy and almost ready to start the flowering phase. Grew DP before from AMS and ILGM but this one is the best so far! Can’t wait to try other strains from WSE.

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