With Doug's Varin seeds, you grow a really hard-to-get strain which was specifically developed to contain high levels of THCV. THCV is a compound that is similar to THC in terms of psychoactive properties and molecular structure, but offers different amplified and varied effects.

Unlike other medicinal strains, Doug's Varin can contain up to 25% THCV, which is extremely rare. Combined with THC levels up to 19-24%, these seeds are great for those who like to grow a high THC(V) plant.

Curious about Doug's Varin cannabis seeds and what they mean for your next grow? Read on and get inspired!

Why you should buy Doug's Varin seeds:

  • A medicinal strain with special properties
  • High levels of THCV and THC; low in CBD and CBG
  • Good yields
  • Concentrated, energetic and cerebral high with a quick onset

Growing Doug's Varin (indoor and outdoor)

Doug's Varin is 100% Sativa. Therefore, our advice is to grow the plant in the same manner as other Sativa's.

The plant is classified as moderately difficult to grow, but it's definitely worth it if you're up for a challenge. That said, some growing experience (with Sativa strains) is recommended. 

Outside, the plant thrives very well in warm, arid or Mediterranean climates. She can also be grown indoors. That is, if you have enough space. The plant can grow quite large. 

Pay attention to the humidity when growing indoors. This may not be too high to reduce the risk of mold. Let us reassure you that the chance of mold is not great. Doug's Varin has a tropical origin.

It is advisable to tip your plant regularly to encourage the growth of side branches and thus prevent it from becoming too leggy.

Flowering time

The Doug's Varin plant needs 10 to 12 weeks to complete its full flowering cycle, which is a typical period for a Sativa.

During flowering, the plant develops pale green leaves covered under clusters of amber pistils, yellow crystals and beautiful frosty nuggets. 

Plant height

Doug's Varin possesses the potential to grow considerably taller. Her height indoors ranges from 120 to 160 cm, while when grown outdoors she can reach 220 cm and sometimes even higher.

Doug's Varin Yield 

Maximum yield when grown indoors ranges from 275-350 g/m². When grown outdoors in the right conditions, you can achieve harvests of up to 350-450 g/m².

Because of the plant's vigorous growth and forgiving nature, you can use training methods such as Sea of Green and Screen of Green to maximize your harvest.


Doug's Varin is known for its energetic and euphoric properties, and many growers claim that the effect of the weed has positively influenced their overall outlook on life.

The effect can be described as equivalent to a big shot of espresso first thing in the morning. Quick and energetic. Consumption of Doug's Varin therefore does not keep you from tackling the hard work of the day. 

Doug's Varin is particularly high in THCV and makes classics like Amnesia and K-Train blush. THCV is a psychoactive cannabinoid that facilitates THC's access to CB1 receptors. The Myrcene terpene, which is overwhelmingly present in Doug's Varin, is also responsible for this effect. This terpene makes the blood-brain barrier more permeable, allowing rapid access of THC to cannabinoid receptors. Thus, when combined with THCV, the effects work faster and more intensely.

Side Effects

Users describe a state of energetic and clear-headed euphoria, which can cause mild anxiety.

As a side effect, it is also reported reducing the appetite, so the weed could be used in the future to combat obesity. The fact that the weed doesn't make you hungry is a real game changer. Especially for the smoker who can refill his or her fridge after every "munchie."

That said, this strain is not recommended to people prone to or suffering from anorexia and loss of appetite. More specifically to people suffering from chronic fatigue, post-traumatic syndrome and Parkinson's disease.

In short: If you use cannabis to stimulate your appetite, this strain is probably not the one for you. However, if you want a high that will leave you productive and energized without making you hungry, then Doug's Varin is highly recommended! 

Smell and taste

The smell of the weed is very pleasant, but not as pungent as that of many fruity, modern hybrids. Doug's Varin possesses a sweet, earthy scent with hints of woody pine and citrus.


Doug's Varin is a cannabis strain originally grown in California, although its exact origin remains unclear and shrouded in mystery. We did manage to trace the genetics back to the Harlequin and a Thai landrace.

Buy Doug's Varin seeds at Weedseedsexpress

Thanks to its unique qualities, there is currently a lot of hype surrounding Doug's Varin seeds. Unfortunately, the seeds were almost impossible to get hold of for many.

The good news is that you can now grow this strain yourself and discover its amazing properties. The seeds are now available at Weedseedsexpress!

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Specifications Doug's Varin feminized seeds

THC level 24%
CBD level 0.2%
CBG Level 0.01%
Variety Pure Sativa
Genetics Harlequin x Thai landrace
Max yield indoor 275 to 350 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 350 to 450 grams/m²
Height indoor 120 to 160 cm
Height outdoor 150 to 220 cm
Flowering time 70 to 84 days
Fungal Resistance High
Growersprofile Moderate
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Mediterranean, Arid, Tropical
Flavors Earthy, Fruity, Sweet, Pine
Effects Energetic, Euphoric, Focused
SOG suitable yes
SCROG suitable yes

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