Want to grow a unique weed where the THC level equals the CBD content? Then check out the possibilities of our CBD Kush feminized weed seeds.

This CBD rich cannabis strain, beloved among medicinal users, is unique in its kind and brings out the best of the Kush. She leans more to the Sativa side which makes her a great experience to grow and to consume this beauty of a plant. She produces great yields that are also of excellent quality.

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Why you should buy CBD Kush seeds:

  • Suitable for novice growers
  • Excellent for medicinal purposes
  • Extensive harvest potential

Growing CBD Kush (indoors and outdoors)

Growing CBD Kush is easy and therefore suitable for all levels of cannabis growers, from beginner to expert. Growing with CBD Kush marijuana seeds is pretty straightforward. The plant possesses high mold resistance and therefore can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Its production is considerable and is usually obtained without too much effort.

It is a plant that loves to be grown indoors. When grown indoors, the plant often remains relatively small (under 3 feet), although in large pots she can grow quite large. She can also be grown outdoors or in a greenhouse. Provide a warm climate and your plant will reward you.

The seeds grow into plants with a manageable height, many side branches, short internodal distance and many buds with a compact and dense structure. It is a nicely balanced plant with a bushy shape, making it ideal for SOG or Scrog application.

Only female plants grow from these cannabis seeds, which means that separating the male specimens is unnecessary.

Flowering time

The flowering time of CBD Kush is approximately 63 to 70 days.

Plant height

  • Grown indoors, the plant will reach 80 cm to 120 cm in height.
  • Grown outdoors, the plant will reach 120 cm to 200 cm in height.

CBD Kush yield

CBD Kush is a plant which can produce heavy yields. When grown indoors, you can expect a maximum yield of 500 g/m² to 600 g/m². Outdoors, where the plant often gets a lot bigger, the yield can reach up to 900 g/m². The best month for harvesting when growing outdoors is between mid and late October.


The effect of CBD Kush offers a relaxing high that will give you a slightly euphoric feeling. Physically, you will experience an oasis of calm. Ideal for a moment of relaxation with friends or alone to enjoy a good movie.

CBD Kush is often used for medicinal purposes. For example, to relieve stress and anxiety. However, the weed can also be helpful for those who suffer from sleep problems or chronic pain. CBD Kush is thus a versatile weed, with a strong relaxing body stone that is complemented by a controllable mental effect.

Side Effects

CBD side effects are uncommon and although not common you can experience a mild headache, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth and eyes.

Smell and taste

The aroma of CBD Kush is complex and pleasant, very much that of the OG Kush family. Rich in floral and fruity nuances with hints of Diesel, exotic fruits and fine acid candy, the taste is pleasant. On the flavor side, she offers an aroma of earth and wood with spicy and aromatic notes.

From the first puff, a light cloud of smoke is felt, but it lingers well in the throat without making you cough profusely.


Kush strains take their name from the Hindu Kush, the mountain range that stretches across India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. CBD Kush in particular is a hybrid mix of Indica 40% and Sativa 60% between the original Kush and the OG Kush, which has resulted in a special plant with a THC and CBD content of both 7%. This makes the ratio of THC / CBD 1:1.

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CBD Kush is a well-balanced hybrid with insane medicinal qualities and specially developed for alleviating various disorders.

The psychoactive effects are subtle, so the user can never be overwhelmed by too intense effects. This also makes her very popular among recreational consumers looking for a milder strain that gives a pleasant but manageable high.

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Specifications CBD Kush feminized seeds

THC level 7%
CBD level 7%
Variety 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Genetics Kush x OG Kush
Max yield indoor 500 to 600 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 700 to 900 grams/m²
Height indoor 80 to 120 cm
Height outdoor 120 to 180 cm
Flowering time 63 to 70 days
Fungal Resistance High
Growersprofile Beginner
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
Flavors Earthy, Herbal, Spicy, Sweet, Woody, Kush
Effects Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

CBD Kush feminized strain review

The latest reviews on CBD Kush feminized seeds, do you have experience with this strain? Share your experience with other customers and write a review about the CBD Kush feminized strain.

4.5 / 5 stars out of 9 reviews


Freddie (Verified customer) 2020-12-28

The thing with this breed is to that it does NOT like high Heat tropical areas outdoors, it just cant handle it. However Indoors with some moderate climate and humidity 50-70 it does so much better. out of my 10 seeds, I tried half indoors and half outdoors, all outdoors didn't make. and all Indoors did well!

A Dwight Black (Verified customer) 2019-03-20

I am so happy that I chose the CBD kush seeds. Never expected that i would come in the need to grow my own medicine but this is a bull's-eye. Growing was simple. Didn't need much nutrients so i have been growing in almost a 100% organic way. Yields where slightly less than i expected but i'm still learning. I still can't imagine but since I smoke my own CBD kush weed i can walk much better and almost without any pain. Guys, you don't know how happy i'm at the moment. You are a blessing to me and god will definitely bless you. I'll order some more seeds soon so you can expect a big order.

Nell McKee (Verified customer) 2019-01-21

Just wanted to say: i'm really happy. First of all the contact I had with Frank was really pleasant. He is just an amazing helpful guy with some serious knowledge about CBD strains. Shipping was fast, my seeds arrived without issues or what so ever and the sturdy packaging made sure seeds could't be damaged. Haven't started yet but I will do soon. Enjoy growing everyone!

O. Hostetler (Verified customer) 2018-10-25

Very good quality cannabis seeds and easy to grow indoors.

K. Bernard (Verified customer) 2018-09-03

For a beginner like me, this strain is too difficult. I haven't looked at the level of difficulty, but I think it is too complicated to grow CBD kush. Next time I will choose another CBD.

Albert (Verified customer) 2018-04-22

My seeds arrived in just 6 days which is incredibly fast compared to other seeds companies and where easy to germinate. They are in small pots now waiting to grow seedlings.

Rena E. (Verified customer) 2018-02-08

Pretty easy to grow!! I expected it would be more hard to grow this strain..

Coates (Verified customer) 2018-01-17

Just finished my cultivation and u must say, this shit is for real. Never had any issues with germinating the seeds and after 4 days there was a small tiny plant. It took about 2,5 weeks to grow the strains up to 25 cm's after i switched to the flowering phase and flowered the strains for 65 days. Perfect quality!

Linda L. (Verified customer) 2017-04-12

Bought these seeds to try if it will help to control my parkinson. My seeds have just arrived. Really fast shipping, thanks Weed seeds express. I will start growing these seeds within a week.

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