Bubba Kush is an iconic cannabis strain you are bound to fall in love with if you didn't already. This Indica-dominant cross between the Afghan and OG Kush is high in THC, offers wonderfully relaxing effects, and has a relatively short flowering time.


We believe that any collection of an Indica grower would not be complete without Bubba Kush. It is not without reason she is among the most appreciated Indica strains in California (USA), Canada, and the UK.


Continue to find out why you should grow Bubba Kush weed with our feminized Bubba Kush cannabis seeds.

Why you should buy Bubba Kush seeds:

  • Easy to grow
  • Great harvest potential
  • It offers potent and relaxing effects

Growing Bubba Kush seeds (indoors and outdoors)

Entirely in line with her dominant Indica genetics, Bubba Kush is a compact, bushy plant with short internodal distances and few branches. Moreover, her height is easy to control.


It is a plant that can be grown by anyone, even the absolute beginner. She is lenient, forgiving of beginner's mistakes, and capable of producing impressive harvests with minimal effort.


With her surprisingly wide leaves, nicely developed side branches, and exceptional density, Bubba Kush is the best example of an Indica as it should be. As she reaches the end of the flowering phase, the vast majority of plants will display wonderfully rich colors. The dark green foliage is then interspersed with purplish leaves. A sight to behold that will certainly impress all your friends.


Growers looking for a little flair can enhance the purple tones by lowering the temperature at the end of flowering.


Tip: her surprisingly wide leaves can hinder the central buds from receiving enough light. Pruning is therefore highly recommended.

Flowering time

Growing Bubba Kush feminized seeds are the ideal choice if you want a quick harvest! This is because this is a plant with a relatively short flowering phase of only 8 to 9 weeks. Outdoor growers in the Northern Hemisphere can harvest between early - mid-October.

Plant height

Bubba Kush is a typical small Indica. Indoors, she remains rather short with a height between 70 cm up to 120 cm max on average. This makes her an ideal option for small spaces. Outdoors, you will quickly grow a complete Indica bush with a height between 120 - 180 cm.

Bubba Kush yield

Bubba Kush is a great strain in terms of both quality and quantity. The yield will not disappoint you!


The harvested buds are thick and resinous, dense, and sticky. Absolute top-quality weed that, when grown indoors, can reach about 500 - 600 grams per m² under ideal conditions. Outdoors, the plant is capable of yielding a staggering 800 grams per plant.

Effects of Bubba Kush

The "high" of Bubba Kush is long-lasting and incredibly calming yet creates a slight euphoric buzz. The THC content is usually about 20%. All in all, a fairly powerful weed that results in a long-lasting, relaxing physical stone. Ideal for an evening on the couch!

Side effects

Bubba Kush is not associated with any unpleasant or serious side effects, apart from dry eyes and dry mouth. The latter can be easily remedied by staying hydrated before and during consumption.

Smell and taste

Bubba Kush has a unique taste and aroma that can be described as a mix of chocolate, coffee, and of course the quintessential Kush. Complex and subtle nuances also permeate her exceptional flavor.


The story of one of America's most beloved strains goes back to the 1990s when Kush fans began growing new varieties of this species in the city of Los Angeles. It was here that Bubba Kush was also developed by a grower nicknamed "Bubba".


The weed quickly became a hit with famous hip-hop stars, such as Cypress Hill, in the 1990s. In fact, it became so popular that during the glory days of Bubba-mania, it was selling over the counter for $6,000 per pound.

Bubba Kush seeds for sale at Weedseedsexpress

The Bubba Kush strain seeds are easy to grow, produce generous yields, and offer powerful relaxing effects. Add to that a complex and delicious flavor profile, and you get why the strain is so immensely popular.

Buy the best Bubba Kush feminized marijuana seeds from Weedseedsexpress today and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about!

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Specifications Bubba Kush feminized seeds

THC level 20%
CBD level 0.1%
Variety 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Genetics Afghan x OG Kush
Max yield indoor 500 to 600 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 600 to 800 grams/plant
Height indoor 70 to 120 cm
Height outdoor 120 to 180 cm
Flowering time 54 to 63 days
Fungal Resistance Medium
Growersprofile Beginner
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
Flavors Kush, Sweet, Chocolate, Coffee
Effects Calming, Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric
SOG suitable yes
SCROG suitable yes

FAQ of Bubba Kush feminized

How long does Bubba Kush take to grow?

When growing indoors it takes approximately 16 to 18 weeks from seed to harvest.

How big does bubba kush grow?

Due to it's indica dominant genetics the strain remains relatively small. Indoors the strain is capable of reaching a height of 120 cm while the strain outdoors can reach a height of 180 cm.

Does bubba kush make a good mother plant?

The strain is indeed very suitable for creating a mother plant.

What is Bubba Kush?

Bubba Kush is cross between Afghan x OG Kush. It's an Indica dominant potent strain with THC percentages which can reach up to 20%.  

Bubba Kush feminized strain review

The latest reviews on Bubba Kush feminized seeds, do you have experience with this strain? Share your experience with other customers and write a review about the Bubba Kush feminized strain.

5 / 5 stars out of 15 reviews


Rik James (Verified customer) 2022-10-16

I grew two of these organically outdoors One in a 50L pot and one in a 30L pot The one in the 50L pot was a great plant, good structure, easy to manage and it just did it’s thing. Both plants were a little behind everything else at every stage but they just kept on keeping on. The one in the 30L pot was a runt I didn’t really do anything for it and just left it to its own devices and it still turned out ok. The 50L one did suffer from the wet weather and was the first plant to show signs of bud rot so it got chopped early. Out of the 6 strains I grew bubba kush was my favourite for flavour. Delivery is hassle free and ridiculous fast

ian (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2022-10-17

Hi Rik, It sounds like your BK's did their thing in your garden. Enjoy the flavor of Bubba, and thanks for your review! Cheers, Ian

walter n (Verified customer) 2022-06-09

The Bubba Kush seeds germinated quickly, into sturdy robust seedlings in a short time, with an astounding 100% germination rate.. The plants are several weeks into the veg period, and are growing well... Weed Seed Express genetics are simply the best, and their customer service is number one.. We grow at least 6 different varieties each growing season, and always choose Weed Seed Express for out seed stock.. Thank you...

ian (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2022-06-10

Hi Walter, Thanks for the kind words! Cheers, Ian

C.B. (Verified customer) 2022-05-21

Left this reveiw until after a good cure, it makes a huge difference. Easy to grow, responds well to topping and LST resulting in a good yield. Excellent strong long lasting effects, definitely a favourite.

ian (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2022-05-23

Hey C.B., It sounds like Bubba is treating you well! Thanks for the kind words! Cheers, Ian

C.B. (Verified customer) 2022-02-03

Just harvested three Bubba Kush and what a harvest, big fat long sticky colas covered in trichomes...awesome smell, highly recommended. Well done WSE👏

Vincent (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2022-02-03

Hi C.B., Thanks for your review and recommendation! Cheers, Vincent

David B (Verified customer) 2021-11-04

Awesome strain. Six from six, 24 hours in water, in the hot water cupboard, all popped, up and going for it within another 48 hours, amazing. Well done guys, another great strain to be recommended. Keep up the good work. It's going to be a great year. Your Chemdawg is another fantastic goer, as is your Super Silver Haze and your Green Crack, and ACDC. Those are recommended from my first ever attempt at germination. I cooked them, gave them light not dark, and they still survived the punishment. Great packaging, all three shipments got through to New Zealand, fast delivery. 50 stars, happy camper.

Bryan (BC) (Verified customer) 2021-10-26

UPDATE: as said I would do after harvest.. This was an easy grow, heavy crystalized, hard, tight buds. Genetics are awesome. Smooth long lasting smoke.. This is a must try old school strain...Took well to scrog and training. I cant say enough about WSE. this is one of many strains I have grown from WSE. 100% germination, great grows, awesome service etc..

C.B. (Verified customer) 2021-10-22

Shipping time of less than a week half way around the world, 100% germination and growing vigorously, five star product and service again, awesome WSE!

Vincent (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2021-10-25

Hi C.B., Thanks a lot for your review! Amazing to hear that you have got a 100% germination rate! Cheers, Vincent

Gerald Powell (Verified customer) 2021-09-25

Excellent brilliant service ordered Bubba Kush and Burna Cookies Planted 6 of each. Got 12 plants, was counting for loses but no losses, how good is that eh. I have to say that I am sooo impressed. About 5 weeks old and doing great. The packaging was great too. I would recommend Weed seed Express Just great All the best guys Geee

Vincent (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2021-09-28

Hi Gerald, Thanks a lot for this nice review! I wish you a further happy growth and good luck with your plants!🌿 Cheers, Vincent

Bryan (BC) (Verified customer) 2021-06-24

as always...awesome service..great delivery...100% germination...cant wait to see these babies finish..i wont purchase seeds anywhere else..you cant beat the genetics,,service and great help if/when needed...if you are looking at these seeds..dont hesitate to make an order...

Koori420downunder (Verified customer) 2021-01-28

First shipment didn’t arrive in which the team was more then happy to help sent out a new shipment in which im over the moon to say that they have safely arrived today.i connot thank marc enough and i highly recommend this seed bank for anyone wanting seeds from down under Australia.i was sceptical at first when i my seeds didnt arrive i thought f##k ive been scammed thats when marc stepped in with great customer service and just under 2weeks my bubba kush seeds where here you cant and wont ever go wrong with weedseedsexpress the team there are unbelievably helpful with great knowledge and exceptional products.will never shop anywhere else thanks again marc

Hitman (Verified customer) 2020-12-10

Excellent strain, grows a little higher than expected but it has great yield. This is not seed for begginers, it requires at leeast moderate skills cause plant teds to get bushy and requires trimming. Smoke is very sweet and tastefull with long lasting sleep guearantted.

Mark Ashcroft (Verified customer) 2020-11-24

Good high yield plant with high potency and grows quite high but takes a little longer to mature, about 9 weeks flowering.

Mark (Verified customer) 2020-11-07

I'm like, wow. Very strong hardy strain. Mine has germinated 2 for 2 so far. Still a couple weeks from harvest but I'll tell you this, Bubba Kush is not for the novice smoker. It comes on quick and in a hurry. Some people might find this intimidating. It takes you to an almost giddy high for awhile then settles in to a long slow roll. Yields look to be awesome as well!

Samuel (Verified customer) 2020-06-17

I got the seeds that where buy 10 get 10 free. These came to me right on time even during the pandemic. Also I have tried germinating 5 seeds and 4 spouted.

haily024 (Verified customer) 2020-05-22

i got my seeds in a good amount of time and i’m very satisfied and excited to see how they grow. great place to buy from :)

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