Want to grow a true classic fast and without any fuss? We now offer Amnesia Haze autoflower seeds for sale!

For cannabis enthusiasts who prefer Sativa weed with high THC content, growing Amnesia Haze auto strain seeds is a perfect choice. This Sativa dominant strain provides an energetic and creative effect and is very suitable to relax with others.

Thanks to the high quality of our cannabis seeds, a generous harvest is almost guaranteed. Growing the auto Amnesia Haze is easy and suitable for every grower. Moreover, the Amnesia Haze plant produces XXL monster buds without following a strict growing schedule. These great features will keep you ordering Amnesia Haze time and time again.

Why you should buy Amnesia Haze Autoflower seeds:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing
  • XXL monster buds
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Energetic and creative high
  • High THC content

Growing Amnesia Haze auto seeds (indoors and outdoors)

The Amnesia Haze automatic strain is best suited for indoor growing. This is because this plant is somewhat susceptible to mold and pests. But since the Amnesia Haze auto is not a small plant and can grow up to 150 cm, outdoor cultivation seems an obvious choice. This should not be a problem if you have some experience growing marijuana outdoors.

Keep in mind that this marijuana plant prefers a light warm climate and that heat and sunlight are essential for its growth.

Flowering time

Being an Autoflower, Amnesia Haze is relatively easy to grow. Flowering time on average only takes between 56 and 63 days for this fast-growing strain. 

Plant height

Please note that our Amnesia autoflowers strain seeds grow best when they have enough space. The plants can grow up to 150 cm tall.

Amnesia Haze auto yield

As with all cannabis plants, yields differ between indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, the strain is capable of producing a good yield! When grown indoors your plants generally produce between 350 - 400 grams per m². Outdoors the large Amnesia cannabis plants can produce up to 300 grams of dry weed per plant! These real XXL monster buds ended the era when autoflowers were small mini-plants that produced only small amounts of weed.

Effects of Amnesia Haze auto

This Sativa-dominant hybrid (60% Sativa, 20% Indica, 20% Ruderalis) gives you the ultimate happy high. Amnesia Haze provides an uplifting effect that inspires you to get active (and creative) right away. Then, tensions subside, and a feeling of overall bliss prevails.

Especially when you're with others, this Sativa boosts your social skills to keep on chatting cheerfully.

By the way, it is better not to smoke Amnesia Haze just before going to sleep because there is a big chance that it will keep you awake. So are you looking for a marijuana strain that gives you energy, cheerfulness, and creativity? Then this Sativa is perfect for you.

Side effects

This weed has only a few very mild side effects, apart from the usual dry mouth and eyes. So it is wise to have some water or soda nearby when smoking Amnesia Haze.

Sometimes you may experience some mild dizziness when smoking Amnesia Haze. In exceptional cases, a subtle form of paranoia can occur in those who don't have much experience smoking weed. And in sporadic cases, it could cause a bit of a headache.

Smell and taste 

The pleasant smell of this autoflower is strong and enticing. Amnesia Haze scent can best be described as earthy combined with fresh lemons' sweet, spicy pepper, and aromatic tones. It is guaranteed to make your mouth water to take a puff.

Amnesia Haze Autoflower has a pronounced and present lemony, earthy flavor that lingers on your tongue and lips for a long time. The smoke is smooth and fills the lungs without making you cough. The composition of citrus tones and sweetness is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you.


Amnesia Haze Auto is a genuinely remarkable strain known for its earthy and citrus-like scent. The genetics of this cannabis plant can be traced back to South Asian and Jamaican varieties and crossed with Thai, Hawaiian, Jamaican, and Cambodian Sativa.

The unique and diverse mix makes it a multiracial Superstar. Amnesia Haze was awarded the Cannabis Cup (1st place) in 2004 and 1st place at the Sativa Cup in 2012. Since then, Amnesia Haze automatic has only become more renowned in Amsterdam's coffee shops.

The best Amnesia Haze Auto seeds for sale at Weedseedsexpress

Have you become excited to grow the best Amnesia Haze Autoflower? Buy our Amnesia Haze autoflower strain seeds today. Available in packs of 5 or 10 seeds.

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Specifications Amnesia Haze autoflowering feminized seeds

THC level 18%
CBD level 2%
Variety 20% Indica / 60% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Genetics Amnesia Haze x Ruderalis
Max yield indoor 350 to 400 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 200 to 300 grams/plant
Height indoor 75 to 100 cm
Height outdoor 100 to 150 cm
Flowering time 56 to 63 days
Fungal Resistance High
Growersprofile Beginner
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid, Tropical
Flavors Citrus, Earthy, Spicy, Pepper
Effects Energetic, Uplifting
SOG suitable yes
SCROG suitable yes

FAQ of Amnesia Haze autoflowering feminized

When to harvest Amnesia Haze auto?

Amnesia haze is ready to be harvested after 11 - 12 weeks of flowering. Outdoors, the strain is ready for harvest in October. 

Amnesia Haze autoflowering feminized strain review

The latest reviews on Amnesia Haze autoflowering feminized seeds, do you have experience with this strain? Share your experience with other customers and write a review about the Amnesia Haze autoflowering feminized strain.

4.5 / 5 stars out of 17 reviews


liman (Verified customer) 2022-11-02

plants grown from theese seeds can easely give you a much bigger yield than you wrote in "Amnesia Haze auto yield", and a smoke is delicious

Julie (Verified customer) 2022-07-08

Got my seeds a couple of days ago 10 + 10. Germinated 10 of them got 9 new ladies to take care of wish me luck. Will post pictures later

ian (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2022-07-11

Hi Julie, Perfect, we are looking forward to see you Amnesia Haze ladies! Enjoy the grow! Cheers, Ian

nmydgf (Verified customer) 2022-05-27

a crazy strain mate

ian (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2022-05-30

Hi nmydgf, Very crazy, did you manage to taste the rainbow? Cheers, Ian

MATTHEW ALLEN MESKIEL (Verified customer) 2021-10-14

fantastic strain ! very easy to grow , super yield . and a real giant . got a seed for one of these in a gsc deal from easter . wish they had this deal more they don't tell you the stain they are . but that,s ok . they all are fantastic . i like suprises anyway and that amnesia haze sure was .

Vincent (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2021-10-14

Hi Matthew, We appreciate you leaving a comment, means a lot to us! Enjoy your grow! Cheers, David

Saverio (Verified customer) 2020-05-19

Got my seeds a week ago thay are growing I’m happy with this Service cool shipping ida love it will be back agine

ben stewart (Verified customer) 2020-02-20

The seeds I received were not very viable , but they tried. First lot came crushed , and now only 1/6 sprouted . They sent a reship for the crushed seeds :) Oh well, hope this 1 plant grows okay but I'm not very hopeful. Thanks!

erv_molnar (Verified customer) 2020-02-18

All I can say is you guys are the BEST. Just received my seeds in Australia and the stealth packing is incredible. Somango I ordered and Jack Widow seeds ordered couple months ago are ready for Flower and look amazing. My only place to buy seeds now. Cheers

Anonymous (Verified customer) 2019-09-19

It is becoming a giant! It might be the nutrients but it is over the 1.5 m now! Never mind though, the higher the best if you ask me. Your shipping was great, got them fast in a very modest and discreet way. Cheers to David and his lads. Will send some pics soon.

Johnston Tellor (Verified customer) 2019-05-02

Thank you for everything and will order more soon.

Frankie (Verified customer) 2019-03-15

I had only dared to dream of successfully growing a cannabis plant beforehand, but i did it! Thank you dave for your great knowledge and your suggestion to try these seeds. Very very very nice!! All the best wishes for you my friend

Armando E. Dillman (Verified customer) 2019-01-24

Love the ease of these strains. This is the third time growing a Big-line strain from weed seed express with again great results. I'll stick to the big-lines i guess

Janes m (Verified customer) 2018-10-28

I normally do not buy autoflowers because of the low yields, but these autoflowers do produce quite a lot of weed. Perfect price quality ratio. in addition, the plant does't require much maintenance.

Hector (Verified customer) 2018-09-17

The big autoflowers are a good invention. They produce much more weed than the normal autoflowers. The only drawback is the longer flowering time, but I think it's worth the wait

Diane (Verified customer) 2018-06-02

I was looking for a really easy to grow strain and i'm really happy i choose the Big Amnesia auto feminized strain with the help of WSE support. Very easy to grow strain. However, the waiting during the flowering time was killing me. Especially at the point where the buds where growing. I stopped after 80 days of flowering and got some really good yields.

Freddy Tomhawk (Verified customer) 2018-03-14

It's a pretty solid and potent strain but I expected more revenue. Maybe it's my way of breeding, but I have not been able to figure that out yet.The customer service and response time is very good at this seed bank. 3.5 stars isn't possible so i do 3 stars.

Roberto (Verified customer) 2018-02-10

Great service on weed seeds express. This autoflower is a pretty unique one. I love it man! Thanks!

Pemberton (Verified customer) 2017-02-03

Very high yields for a auto flower. Next time I will choose another "Big" specie.

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