Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflowering seeds are the result of a cross between two very well-known and respected strains. The Indica genes come from Blueberry, with Amnesia as the Sativa parent. The addition of 20% of Ruderalis has created the autoflowering genetics, which makes the plant not only complete her flowering a lot faster, but also much easier to grow.

You could call Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Autoflower the pinnacle of hybrids. It is also one of the newest generations of autoflowers with a longer life span and therefore produces larger plants and therefore larger harvests.

Why you should buy Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Autoflower seeds:

  • Balanced Indica-Sativa hybrid
  • A delicious fruity weed with a taste of blueberries
  • Powerful weed with a THC content of 19%.
  • Ideal for medicinal use.

Growing Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower (indoors and outdoors)

You'll need a little knowledge of gardening to get the best out of Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower seeds, but it's well worth it.

After all, the Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower is a plant that requires proper care and also a slightly increased susceptibility to mold. We therefore recommend that you be careful with humidity and temperature.

Although the plant is not very demanding in terms of nutrients, nutrients must be able to penetrate the soil well and reach its roots in order for it to develop fully. For this plant it is therefore advisable to use well aerated soil. If care is optimal, the Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower will produce an absolutely fantastic yield.

The plant develops a very nice structure, with solid leaves and beautiful buds that tend to purple at the end of flowering. This effect is especially noticeable when the temperature drops to around 15° Celsius.

Because of its medium size, the Auto Amnesia Haze x Blueberry is very suitable for growing on a balcony, indoors or in a greenhouse.


  • Transfer the plant to the final pot as soon as possible to give the roots free play from the start.
  • Use as large a container as possible to increase the yield of this wonderful strain.

Flowering time

This autoflower features a flowering time of 70 to 77 days on average. That said, you can sow and harvest up to 2 times a year when growing outdoors.

Plant height

The Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower is compact and rarely grows taller than 1.30 m, making her very suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower yield

From germinating seed to harvest-ready plant takes about 90 to 110 days, which is a lot faster than the five months a photoperiod strain takes outdoors. In those 11 weeks, the strain grows into a plant that can yield 150 - 250 grams of dry weed.


Consumption of Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower is really reserved for lovers of a powerful high and is not recommended for users who are not used to the effects of cannabis.

The Amnesia Haze in this cross offers unprecedented potency in effect. In doing so, the Blueberry offers a floral bouquet of flavors, as well as copious amounts of fruitiness.

The effect of the weed is well-balanced and provides a feeling of swirling mental lightness, which gradually turns into a very relaxing physical sensation where your brain continues its round of creative thoughts and offers you a wonderful perception of your surroundings. At low doses, the feeling is euphoric, cerebral and social. At a high dose, you may be nailed to the couch.

Medicinally, Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Autoflower provides relaxation and pain relief. Sleep problems are a thing of the past, and the high THC percentage makes this strain very suitable for a tasty cannabis oil.

Will you let her flower a little longer? Then the percentage of CBN will increase, and the effect will be even more relaxing.

Side effects

The strain is wonderfully balanced and mild. She is therefore not associated with side effects, despite its relatively high THC content. However, it is recommended to stay hydrated to counteract a dry mouth.

Smell and taste

The aroma of Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Autoflower is a delight of sweet fruit with a background of lemony pepper, notes of wild strawberries and raspberries. In short: a delicious strain that lingers pleasantly in the mouth.


Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Autoflower is an exceptionally beautiful autoflower and the result of a cross between Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Ruderalis.

Buy Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflowering seeds at Weedseedsexpress

The most common reason for not choosing an autoflower is the lesser yield potential. Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Autoflower, however, completely cancels out this disadvantage because the flowering phase lasts longer, but as a result also offers more yield.

In short, plenty of reasons to grow this unique plant yourself. Buy your Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Autoflower seeds at Weedseedsexpress today and enjoy a fantastic weed soon!

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Specifications Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflowering feminized seeds

THC level 19%
CBD level 1%
Variety 40% Indica / 40% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
Genetics Amnesia Haze x Blueberry x Ruderalis
Max yield indoor 100 to 150 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 150 to 250 grams/m²
Height indoor 75 to 130 cm
Height outdoor 125 to 150 cm
Flowering time 70 to 77 days
Fungal Resistance Medium
Growersprofile Moderate
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
Flavors Berry, Flowery, Sweet, Treefruit, Haze
Effects Euphoric, Giggly, Relaxed, Talkative, Uplifting

Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflowering feminized strain review

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4.5 / 5 stars out of 13 reviews


annon (Verified customer) 2021-08-27

These guys are amazing,,,,i made mistakes with 2 of my orders and they corrected the issues straight away.....their communication is great and a great stealth method,,,unlike other seed banks and made it all the way to australia within 3 weeks. Great selection of strains. Best seed bank iv ever used without a doubt

Marc (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2021-08-31

Hi Annon, Thanks for leaving a review. Very much appreciated! Have a great one! Cheers, Marc

Ben Jamin (Verified customer) 2021-04-09

WSE has great! service, the best website, the shipping is fast and stealty, the seeds are cheaper than other famous seedsbanks AND they give you always 20% extra for free! I asked Sensiseeds in march 2021 if there is a possibiliy to ship to germany, but after waiting two days for an e-mail respond from Sensiseeds, they said that there no way. And because the last two words don't exist in germany, I found WSE. I asked WSE, got the answer after 2-3 hours and ordered at the same day: So I ordered 25 seeds and I got 29 seeds. One extra seed was actually a small stone, nevermind :D I've shared the seeds so I endet up with 11 seeds for myself. 100% germination rate so far. Shipping took about 1 1/2 weeks im march 2021 to bavaria. Thanks to WSE! All in all I think that you guys have the potential to be the best seedbank in many ways. In addition to this, I'll write a review of each strain I ordert that you guys get the appreciation you deserve! :)

Christopher Kudlacek (Verified customer) 2020-07-16

Just got my seeds and I am excited to see what comes from them I'll leave another review when they finish Thanks for the quick shipping

Faru (Verified customer) 2020-02-23

di ganja great yuh guys amazing tank yuh suh much Bless

Little Belinda (Verified customer) 2019-09-10

Bought the seeds in april, received the seeds after 3 weeks, stored them for about a month and started my grow early june. Just finished my grow and can't deny the fact that i'm satisfied. It was my very first time growing a cannabis plant and with lots of reading i managed to grow the strain successfully. My weed (about 3 ounces) smells very very good and is currently drying. Yet, the best part still has to come.

kyrase (Verified customer) 2019-06-24

quick discrete shipping, fast email replies and 9 out of 10 seeds germinated, cant wait to c how they grow up to be

Guadalupe (Verified customer) 2019-06-16

Love this strain, very easy to grow! Thank you guys for the awesome shipping method!

John Coley (Verified customer) 2019-03-15

It's the already the fifth or sixth time ordering at weed seeds express and they never disappointed me. Only one of your shipments didn't arrived but was replaced and arrived without issues. Germination rate of these Amnesia blueberrys is really amazing. Have recommend you guys to all my friends so hopefully you will get great orders. You guys deserve it!!!

Robert Lucas (Verified customer) 2019-02-20

Lovely strain and service. My order didn't arrive and without any issues they have send me a new shipment after 30 days. Great policy! Besides the babies are doing great so far. Hopefully i will get some good yields. LOve you guys!

anonBigBud (Verified customer) 2019-01-07

This Amnesia Blueberry has an unique taste! I am always in favor of fruity flavors and this Haze X Blueberry has become one of my favorites. I grew a couple of plants now and this strain gives a great yield, fine dense buds and a fantastic aroma. Everyone who smoked my weed is really positive about my weed. I had this haze x blueberry once from another shop but the genetics of weedseedsexpress are superior in this case. Shipment was fast.

Myrle (Verified customer) 2018-08-23

It's a good strain for a lazy grower like me.

Roberts (Verified customer) 2017-05-15

Weedseedsexpres helped me a lot with choosing seeds. Eventually i have choosen these seeds. Thank for your great service and time.

Samm (Verified customer) 2017-01-22

Good strain and pretty good yields as well. However, next time i will choose a more quick flowering specie. I hate to wait lol. Thanks for your service.

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