Want to grow a true classic found in practically all coffee shops in Amsterdam? Buy Amnesia Haze seeds, grow your own plant, and enjoy an insanely delicious weed that will temporarily erase your memory.

Amnesia Haze has won numerous awards, including first place in the Cannabis Cup in 2004 and the medal for Best Sativa in the Cannabis Cup in 2012.

Still today, this Sativa dominant cannabis plant is very popular with consumers. Not just in the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA but basically worldwide. Of course, this is not without reason. High yields, fantastic quality, and a typical taste of a real Haze. What more could you want as a grower?

Note: never grown before and afraid your first harvest will fail? No worries! Make it easy on yourself. Buy Amnesia Haze autoflower seeds and guarantee yourself a successful harvest! 

Why you should buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds:

  • Great yields
  • Strong weed
  • Delicious taste and aroma

Growing Amnesia Haze seeds (indoors and outdoors)

This original Amnesia Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid that loves to be grown indoors or outdoors. Her slender stature and tendency to grow considerably tall make her recognizable. The plant develops small and large buds with a brown-green color covered with delicious resin trichomes.

Thanks to the mother plant, you are assured of the highest quality. For successful cultivation, you need some experience, though. The plant is more susceptible to bud rot and can be more challenging to grow. Especially when growing Amnesia Haze outdoors in a humid climate.

But do not let this scare you off. With the right amount of water, attention, nutrition, humidity, pH, and EC level, the quality and yield per plant will not disappoint.

Feminized Amnesia Haze strain seeds are suitable for all growing mediums; soil, hydroponics, or coconut. Do you want to grow outdoors? Then make sure you use large pots or grow in the open ground. Prune your plants regularly to keep them manageable, ventilate them sufficiently, and provide support where necessary. The buds can get pretty big, and it would be a shame if the branches broke under the weight of those beautiful, thick buds!

Flowering time

When you grow Amnesia Haze, she has a flowering period of about 9 weeks, which is more than acceptable if you consider the quality of the weed is exceptionally high. Moreover, the yields are generous as well.

Plant height

The Sativa genetics of the Amnesia Haze feminized ensure that this plant grows quite tall during the growth phase. Indoors, the plant can reach a height of 80 cm - 140 cm. Outdoors, however, the plant can quickly reach 2 meters in height and, in extreme cases, even a height of up to 2.5 meters.

Amnesia Haze yield

Amnesia Haze plants develop a potent haze weed of high quality with generous yields.

The yield indoors can give an experienced grower 600 to 650 grams per m², especially if the grower uses SOG or Scrog. Outdoors, in a warm climate, the grower can harvest up to 800 grams per plant. That is what you call an XXL!

How many grams per plant you will eventually produce and how much THC or CBD the buds contain depends entirely on your grow experience and growing conditions.

Effects of Amnesia Haze feminized

Consuming this delectable weed gives a positive and energetic feeling, but as the name suggests, smoking this cannabis can cause temporary memory loss. By the way, this is not an unpleasant experience but rather wonderfully relaxing. 

There is also something psychedelic about the high, making you less able to hold a conversation. The effect is therefore also described as a little "trippy."

After the first puffs, you will notice that daydreaming begins, and your thoughts drift away. Doing real work can therefore be difficult. But, on the other hand, it pushes your mind into creative mode and gets you thinking about random things you might not have thought of otherwise. 

However, even when your mind runs wild, you remain calm and relaxed. Amnesia Haze is perfect for consuming during the day, forgetting your worries, and being blissfully lazy without feeling like you want to go to bed. Amnesia Haze is also excellent for anyone looking for stimulation.

This weed can alleviate depression and anxiety disorders symptoms in the medical field. 

The stimulating and euphoric excitement is one you won't soon forget. Since winning first place in several Cannabis Cups, Amnesia Haze has become incredibly popular and is among the most famous cannabis strains.

Side effects

Apart from dry mouth and dry eyes, there are no known unpleasant side effects.

Smell and taste

Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain to start your day with a smile due to its delightful lemon aromas. The cannabis has a strong taste and aroma described as earthy and sharp. Smells are powerful and reminiscent of black pepper with hints of earthy tones topped off with assorted citrus fruits which are typical to most members of the Haze family.


Although the genetics of Amnesia Haze feminized have always remained unknown, what we do know is that Amnesia Haze is a cross between the Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani.

Amnesia Haze seeds for sale at Weedseedsexpress

Growing feminized Amnesia Haze seeds is an excellent choice for various growers. Whether you're an experienced grower looking to grow a potent weed with a high THC content or a grower looking for high yields, you won't be disappointed. So buy the best Amnesia Haze seeds from Weedseedsexpress today.

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Specifications Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

THC level 20%
CBD level 2%
Variety 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Genetics Thai, Hawaiian, and Afghani
Max yield indoor 600 to 650 grams/m²
Max yield outdoor 650 to 800 grams/plant
Height indoor 80 to 140 cm
Height outdoor 175 to 250 cm
Flowering time 60 to 65 days
Fungal Resistance Low
Growersprofile Moderate
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Mediterranean, Arid, Tropical
Flavors Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Haze, Fruity, Pepper
Effects Creative, Euphoric, Relaxed, Lazy, Energetic
SOG suitable yes
SCROG suitable yes

FAQ of Amnesia Haze feminized

Is Amnesia Haze sativa or indica?

The Amnesia Haze strain is Sativa dominant (70%)

When to harvest Amnesia Haze?

Amnesia Haze is ready to be harvested late October. 

How to grow Amnesia Haze?

Amnesia haze is a sativa dominant species and therefore loves to be grown outdoors. Yet, with the right measures you can also grow the strain indoors. 

Amnesia Haze feminized strain review

The latest reviews on Amnesia Haze feminized seeds, do you have experience with this strain? Share your experience with other customers and write a review about the Amnesia Haze feminized strain.

4.5 / 5 stars out of 17 reviews


Boris (Verified customer) 2021-04-08

Started this strain Indoor but it got too big for my tent, luckily it was vege outdoor growing stage at the time. I transplanted from pot to the ground and it went fkn mental, grew probably 2 1/2 meters in height with about 15 different stalks that had meter long buds on each that were 4/5 inches in circumference. Got it drying now but I'd say I'll get about 700/800grams off it

Musi (Verified customer) 2020-04-10

Apparently my email got in their spam folder and they didn't respond to me for ages. I went freaking mental because it took almost two months for my order to arrive and I didn't hear anything from them. When I send them another message, they finally responded and customer service great. Very next day I got my seeds :D Shipping took extremely long soo cant give 5/5

wuttinun.na (Verified customer) 2019-09-03

I just ordered toThailand on 29 Aug and 5 days later i got the seed, I so surprise this is so fast love it , Actually i order seed online for many web but Weedseedsexpress is so Fast and respond my email quickly next month i will order your guy again for sure, for now i will germinate this seed and will review for quality of the seed again . but your guys make me impress thank you ^^

C. Escamilla (Verified customer) 2019-03-12

These Amnesia Haze seeds where just a part of my order but because i just finished my Amnesia haze grow i can review it. First of all the shipping was good. Not that fast as I expected, but the seeds arrived and without any damage. Second, the service. Very good! Emails are answered quickly and their live-chat is great. Please note that these guys are in the Netherlands and have to deal with a different timezone. Third: germinating. Really easy and 8 out of 10 popped within 24 hours. The other 2 after about 30 hours. Plants grew very sturdy and stable in my nice grow tent. Nice wide branches and during flowering the buds became pretty massive! I want to thank you guys again and again. I will definitively place more orders in the future!

Daniella (Verified customer) 2019-03-04

Never heard of this site before but i'm truly happy that i found you guys. Your customer service is really topnotch and about the seeds. They are just perfect! AH is my favorite and i think that it will never change. Thanks a bunch!

Heather (Verified customer) 2019-02-20

Just a classic one that never let me down. Highly recommendable if you are searching for seeds that will grow a powerful cannabis plant. Thanks again David and Frank!

Brian Casey (Verified customer) 2019-01-24

Although the fungal resistance is indicated as low, I have never encountered problems during my indoor cultivation. Moreover, the level of difficulty is indicated as "moderate" and I also don't agree with that. I think that if you have done just one cultivation before then this strain shouldn't be a problem at all. Thank you for the service and the high quality genetics.

Andrus J. (Verified customer) 2018-11-28

This is the first time I have bred and smoked Amnesia Haze but I will buy these seeds again for sure. More often I have ended up in paradise, but after smoking Amnesia I came to heaven. The high brought me everywhere and has provided me some positive insights. You will have to try and discover it yourself.

W. William (Verified customer) 2018-11-09

Thanks WSE! Frow shipping till germinating, no complaints so far.

R. Aguila (Verified customer) 2018-10-10

The first time I smoked Amnesia Haze I was immediately in the clouds, but growing the strain myself is even better. Growing these Amnesia seeds was just awesome. The weed is really good tasting and i love the creative and euphoric effect combined with that lovely lemon hazy taste.

Peter Wilcox (Verified customer) 2018-09-18

In my opnion amnesia haze is one of the most reliable and strongest cannabis plants to grow. I have never had any problems with mold or what so ever and a breeding mistake is not directly punished. That is why I am only breeding Amnesia species.

A. Rees (Verified customer) 2018-04-05

Just a great strain. Moreover, very reliable and not difficult to grow if you have some experience. The effect of the weed lasts for about 3 to 4 hours and provides a cerebral high. After smoking, I usually feel energetic and can take creative activities. The taste is not too sharp, but nicely sweet and floral. I therefore definitely recommend these seeds.

Urban (Verified customer) 2018-02-09

I have had no problems growing the plants and achieved some really really realllyy good harvests. Keep in mind a fairly long flowering period, but it is worth the wait. Is your weed dry? Prepare yourself to enter paradise on earth. You will have to try and discover it yourself.

Lani J. (Verified customer) 2017-11-28

A huge thanks to Weed seeds express. Good seeds, nice and friendly support team, quick reaction and no problems at all. As a Haze lover i really wanted to grow my own Amnesia Haze. I'm a beginner and in day 49 of flowering. I think my strain is developing really well. Had some issues in the beginning tot switch to the flowering phase, but with some help of a friend my plant is doing really well now. Mayby it would be better for me to choose a more easy to grow strain, but things go pretty well now.

Mathew (Verified customer) 2017-09-12

Amnesia haze is my old time favorite, I have been smoking it and growing it since the ninties. I found a good partner in the Weedseedsexpress for most of my seeds, their genetics are powerfull and Jim is a friendly guy.

Charles S. (Verified customer) 2017-07-16

I love this strain from growing till smoking. The high is what you call cerebral and lasts for at least 4 hours. It made me feel energetic and creative. Taste and flavor is a bit citruslike and not too pungent. Amnesia haze is just a great strain and i would definitely recommend it

ems (Verified customer) 2017-05-05

Nice quality seeds and the AH really provided me some good Amnesia moments but i won't forget growing this master piece.

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