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Godfather OG feminized
Godfather OG feminized seeds
C. Banana feminized
C. Banana feminized seeds
Gorilla Glue autoflower
Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds
Sexxpot feminized
Sexxpot feminized seeds
Girl Scout Cookies feminized
Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds
Granddaddy Purple feminized
Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds
AK-47 autoflower
AK-47 autoflower seeds
Acapulco Gold feminized
Acapulco Gold feminized seeds
Girl Scout Cookies autoflower
Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds
Sour Tsunami CBD feminized
Sour Tsunami CBD feminized seeds
ACDC feminized
ACDC feminized seeds
Bruce Banner feminized
Bruce Banner feminized seeds
Bruce Banner autoflower
Bruce Banner autoflower seeds
Blue Dream feminized
Blue Dream feminized seeds
Northern Lights X Big Bud autoflower seeds
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds
White Widow x Northern Lights feminized seeds
Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds
Somango XXL feminized
Somango XXL feminized seeds
Super Silver Haze feminized
Super Silver Haze feminized seeds
AK-48 autoflower
AK-48 autoflower seeds
Zkittlez Autoflower
White Widow feminized
White Widow feminized seeds
Big Bud feminized
Big Bud feminized seeds
Critical autoflower
Critical autoflower seeds
Haze autoflower
Haze autoflower seeds
Pinkman Goo feminized
Pinkman Goo feminized seeds
Harlequin feminized
Harlequin feminized seeds
Blue Cheese autoflower
Blue Cheese autoflower seeds
Northern Lights Feminized seeds
Sirius Black feminized
Sirius Black feminized seeds
AK-47 feminized
AK-47 feminized seeds
Amnesia Haze feminized
Amnesia Haze feminized seeds
Pineapple Express feminized
Pineapple Express feminized seeds
Bubblegum feminized
Bubblegum feminized seeds
Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower seeds
Amnesia Haze autoflower
Amnesia Haze autoflower seeds
Skywalker OG feminized
Skywalker OG feminized seeds
Cheese feminized
Cheese feminized seeds
Original Glue feminized
Original Glue feminized seeds
Santa Maria autoflower
Santa Maria autoflower seeds
Bubba Kush feminized
Bubba Kush feminized seeds
Alpine Star CBD feminized
Alpine Star CBD feminized seeds
CBD Purple Kush autoflower
CBD Purple Kush autoflower seeds
Cheese autoflower
Cheese autoflower seeds
Black Jack feminized
Black Jack feminized seeds
Critical White feminized
Critical White feminized seeds
Black Domina feminized
Black Domina feminized seeds
Sour Diesel feminized
Sour Diesel feminized seeds
Swiss Cheese feminized
Swiss Cheese feminized seeds
Ghost Train Haze feminized
Ghost Train Haze feminized seeds
Zkittlez feminized
Zkittlez feminized seeds
Green Crack feminized
Green Crack feminized seeds
Durban Poison feminized
Durban Poison feminized seeds
CBD White Widow feminized
CBD White Widow feminized seeds
OG Kush feminized
OG Kush feminized seeds
Snow White feminized
Snow White feminized seeds
Amnesia Lemon Kush feminized
Amnesia Lemon Kush feminized seeds
White Widow Regular
White Widow regular seeds
Blackberry Moonrocks autoflower
Blackberry Moonrocks autoflower seeds
Blackberry Moonrocks feminized
Blackberry Moonrocks feminized seeds
NYC Diesel feminized
NYC Diesel feminized seeds
Pure Power Plant feminized
Pure Power Plant feminized seeds
Amnesia Haze x White Widow feminized seeds
Grape Ape feminized
Grape Ape feminized seeds
CBD Kush feminized
CBD Kush feminized seeds
White Widow autoflower
White Widow autoflower seeds
Haze #1 Feminized Seeds
White Russian feminized
White Russian feminized seeds
Purple Haze feminized
Purple Haze feminized seeds
Chocolope feminized
Chocolope feminized seeds
CBD Critical Mass feminized
CBD Critical Mass feminized seeds
Jack Widow feminized
Jack Widow feminized seeds
Master Kush feminized
Master Kush feminized seeds
Fat Bastard feminized
Fat Bastard feminized seeds
Gelato autoflower
Gelato autoflower seeds
Blue Dream autoflower
Blue Dream autoflower seeds
Purple Kush feminized
Purple Kush feminized seeds
AK-47 Regular
AK-47 regular seeds
Haze #1 Regular
Haze #1 regular seeds
Lithium OG Kush feminized
Lithium OG Kush feminized seeds
Hellfire OG feminized
Hellfire OG feminized seeds
Wedding Cake autoflower
Wedding Cake autoflower seeds
Jack Herer autoflower
Jack Herer autoflower seeds
Green Crack autoflower
Green Crack autoflower seeds
Critical Jack feminized
Critical Jack feminized seeds
Bubblegum Regular
Bubblegum regular seeds
Critical feminized
Critical feminized seeds
Master Kush Regular Seeds
Sleepy Joe OG feminized
Sleepy Joe OG feminized seeds
CBD Express autoflower
CBD Express autoflower seeds
Blueberry autoflower
Blueberry autoflower seeds
Permanent Marker feminized
Permanent Marker feminized seeds
Fat Bastard autoflower
Fat Bastard autoflower seeds
Lamb's Bread feminized
Lamb's Bread feminized seeds
Hindu Kush autoflower
Hindu Kush autoflower seeds
Apple Fritter feminized
Apple Fritter feminized seeds
Hellfire OG autoflower
Hellfire OG autoflower seeds
Do-si-Dos autoflower
Do-si-Dos autoflower seeds
Bubblegum autoflower
Bubblegum autoflower seeds
Acapulco Gold autoflower
Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds
Strawberry Kush feminized
Strawberry Kush feminized seeds
Berner's Cookies feminized
Berner's Cookies feminized seeds
Tangerine Dream autoflower
Tangerine Dream autoflower seeds
Critical Purple autoflower
Critical Purple autoflower seeds
Gelato feminized
Gelato feminized seeds
Chemdawg feminized
Chemdawg feminized seeds
Jack Widow autoflower
Jack Widow autoflower seeds
Future #1 feminized
Future #1 feminized seeds
Gush Mints feminized
Gush Mints feminized seeds
Skywalker OG autoflower
Skywalker OG autoflower seeds
Afghani autoflower
Afghani autoflower seeds
G13 autoflower
G13 autoflower seeds
Purple Punch feminized
Purple Punch feminized seeds
Magnum autoflower
Magnum autoflower seeds
Kosher Kush feminized
Kosher Kush feminized seeds
Stardawg feminized
Stardawg feminized seeds
Blue Cookies feminized
Blue Cookies feminized seeds
Pennywise feminized
Pennywise feminized seeds
Blueberry CBD feminized
Blueberry CBD feminized seeds
AK-48 feminized
AK-48 feminized seeds
Mimosa feminized
Mimosa feminized seeds
Super Lemon Haze autoflower
Super Lemon Haze autoflower seeds
Super Lemon Haze feminized
Super Lemon Haze feminized seeds
Grease Monkey feminized
Grease Monkey feminized seeds
Amnesia autoflower
Amnesia autoflower seeds
Pink Runtz autoflower
Pink Runtz autoflower seeds
Pink Runtz feminized
Pink Runtz feminized seeds
Grape Ape autoflower
Grape Ape autoflower seeds
Purple Haze autoflower
Purple Haze autoflower seeds
Stardawg autoflower
Stardawg autoflower seeds
Purple Gelato autoflower
Purple Gelato autoflower seeds
Apple Fritter autoflower
Apple Fritter autoflower seeds
Afghani feminized
Afghani feminized seeds
Pineapple Express autoflower
Pineapple Express autoflower seeds
Blackberry Kush autoflower
Blackberry Kush autoflower seeds
Granddaddy Purple autoflower
Granddaddy Purple autoflower seeds
Cherry AK feminized
Cherry AK feminized seeds
Purple Punch autoflower
Purple Punch autoflower seeds
Gold Leaf autoflower
Gold Leaf autoflower seeds
Gold Leaf feminized
Gold Leaf feminized seeds
Sour Diesel autoflower
Sour Diesel autoflower seeds
Diesel feminized
Diesel feminized seeds
CBD White Widow autoflower
CBD White Widow autoflower seeds
CBD Kush autoflower
CBD Kush autoflower seeds
CBD Express feminized
CBD Express feminized seeds
CBD Critical Mass autoflower
CBD Critical Mass autoflower seeds
Amnesia Kush autoflower
Amnesia Kush autoflower seeds
Diesel autoflower
Diesel autoflower seeds
Hindu Kush feminized
Hindu Kush feminized seeds
Lemon autoflower
Lemon autoflower seeds
Amnesia Kush feminized
Amnesia Kush feminized seeds
Runtz autoflower
Runtz autoflower seeds
Maui Waui feminized
Maui Waui feminized seeds
Fruity Pebbles feminized
Fruity Pebbles feminized seeds
Blackberry Kush feminized
Blackberry Kush feminized seeds
Big Bud autoflower
Big Bud autoflower seeds
Banana Kush autoflower
Banana Kush autoflower seeds
Lowryder autoflower
Lowryder autoflower seeds
Humboldt feminized
Humboldt feminized seeds
CBG Citrus Nectar feminized
CBG Citrus Nectar feminized seeds
Super Skunk autoflower
Super Skunk autoflower seeds
Purple Urkle feminized
Purple Urkle feminized seeds
Sunset Sherbet feminized
Sunset Sherbet feminized seeds
Jack Herer feminized
Jack Herer feminized seeds
CBG Citrus Nectar autoflower
CBG Citrus Nectar autoflower seeds
OG Kush CBD feminized
OG Kush CBD feminized seeds
Cannatonic feminized
Cannatonic feminized seeds
Critical 47 feminized
Critical 47 feminized seeds
Power Kush feminized
Power Kush feminized seeds
Sleepy Joe OG autoflower
Sleepy Joe OG autoflower seeds
Godfather OG autoflower
Godfather OG autoflower seeds
Durban Poison autoflower
Durban Poison autoflower seeds
Agent Orange feminized
Agent Orange feminized seeds
Rainbow autoflower
Rainbow autoflower seeds
White Rhino feminized
White Rhino feminized seeds
Chocolate Thai feminized
Chocolate Thai feminized seeds
Cherry Pie feminized
Cherry Pie feminized seeds
Cherry Pie autoflower
Cherry Pie autoflower seeds
Purple Lemonade autoflower
Purple Lemonade autoflower seeds
MAC 1 feminized
MAC 1 feminized seeds
Amnesia feminized
Amnesia feminized seeds
Biscotti feminized
Biscotti feminized seeds
Super Silver Haze autoflower
Super Silver Haze autoflower seeds
Triangle Kush autoflower
Triangle Kush autoflower seeds
Cherry AK autoflower
Cherry AK autoflower seeds
Wedding Cake feminized
Wedding Cake feminized seeds
Triangle Kush feminized
Triangle Kush feminized seeds
Purple Gelato feminized
Purple Gelato feminized seeds
Sweet Tooth autoflower
Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds
Sweet Tooth feminized
Sweet Tooth feminized seeds
Bubba Kush autoflower
Bubba Kush autoflower seeds
Do-si-Dos feminized
Do-si-Dos feminized seeds
Runtz feminized
Runtz feminized seeds
Black Jack autoflower
Black Jack autoflower seeds
Banana Kush feminized
Banana Kush feminized seeds
Platinum Cookies feminized
Platinum Cookies feminized seeds
Trainwreck feminized
Trainwreck feminized seeds
Cinderella 99 feminized
Cinderella 99 feminized seeds
Tangie feminized
Tangie feminized seeds
Strawberry CBD feminized
Strawberry CBD feminized seeds
Super Glue feminized
Super Glue feminized seeds
Diesel CBD feminized
Diesel CBD feminized seeds
Permanent Marker autoflower seeds
C. Banana autoflower
C. Banana autoflower seeds
Chocolope autoflower
Chocolope autoflower seeds
CBD Zenergy feminized
CBD Zenergy feminized seeds
Mamba Negra CBD feminized seeds
Glookies autoflower
Glookies autoflower seeds
Shiskaberry feminized
Shiskaberry feminized seeds
Glookies feminized
Glookies feminized seeds
Green Poison feminized
Green Poison feminized seeds
Larry OG feminized
Larry OG feminized seeds
Pink Rozay feminized
Pink Rozay feminized seeds
Aspirin OG feminized
Aspirin OG feminized seeds
Panama Red feminized
Panama Red feminized seeds
Legend OG feminized
Legend OG feminized seeds
Hash Plant feminized
Hash Plant feminized seeds
Bubblegum Sherbet feminized seeds
Charlotte's Web feminized seeds
Pixie Dust feminized
Pixie Dust feminized seeds
Gary Payton feminized
Gary Payton feminized seeds
XJ-13 feminized
XJ-13 feminized seeds
Kiwi Kush autoflower
Kiwi Kush autoflower seeds
Kiwi Kush feminized
Kiwi Kush feminized seeds
Fire OG feminized
Fire OG feminized seeds
Rainbow feminized
Rainbow feminized seeds
Oreoz feminized
Oreoz feminized seeds
Maple Leaf feminized
Maple Leaf feminized seeds
Golden Goat feminized
Golden Goat feminized seeds
Forbidden Fruit feminized seeds
Colombian Gold autoflower
Colombian Gold autoflower seeds
Colombian Gold feminized
Colombian Gold feminized seeds
Crystal feminized
Crystal feminized seeds
Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds
Lemon Tree feminized
Lemon Tree feminized seeds
Death Star feminized
Death Star feminized seeds
Italian Ice feminized
Italian Ice feminized seeds
LSD feminized
LSD feminized seeds
American Patriot feminized seeds
Alaskan Thunder Fuck feminized seeds
Red Devil autoflower
Red Devil autoflower seeds
Australian Gold feminized seeds
Jet Fuel feminized
Jet Fuel feminized seeds
Outback OG feminized
Outback OG feminized seeds
Headband feminized
Headband feminized seeds
Purple Kush autoflower
Purple Kush autoflower seeds
Love Potion autoflower
Love Potion autoflower seeds
OG Kush autoflower
OG Kush autoflower seeds
Zoap feminized
Zoap feminized seeds
Jealousy feminized
Jealousy feminized seeds
Ice Cream Cake feminized
Ice Cream Cake feminized seeds
GMO Cookies feminized
GMO Cookies feminized seeds
Peanut Butter Breath feminized seeds
Black Widow autoflower
Black Widow autoflower seeds
Black Widow feminized
Black Widow feminized seeds
CBD Zkittlez feminized
CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds
G13 feminized
G13 feminized seeds
Island Sweet Skunk feminized seeds
Strawberry Cough Feminized Seeds
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Cannabis seed deals: all you need to know!

WeedSeedsExpress is not an outlet for 'forgotten' weed varieties. You will find some of the most popular cannabis seeds in our deals section.

Thanks to solid agreements with our breeders and a smart purchasing policy, we are in a position to offer great prices. These price advantages are something we love to share with you and will be noticed in our competitive offers of weed seeds.

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Twice as many weed seeds for the same price! Perfect if you are a fan of a certain strain and want to either grow a garden full of the same type of seed or looking to stock up. Whether you are growing outdoors or indoors, extra free cannabis seeds are always welcome, wouldn't you say?

Our BOGO deals typically run in three different forms:

  • Monthly Sale: includes a strain from our weed seeds for beginners category, CBD seeds, sativa seeds, hybrid cannabis seeds, and indica seeds.

  • Day Deals: usually centered around a certain (cannabis) holiday. Cannabis seeds on sale in this case are selected based on a certain theme. For example, during Star Wars Day you can get Skywalker OG seeds at a discount.

  • New Strain Early Bird Sale: whenever we launch a new seed variety, you can get extra free cannabis seeds of this brand new strain! The early bird gets the seed!

Super Sales - Buy two 5 or 10 packs - Get three 5 or 10 packs for FREE

Around certain special dates, like 4/20 or Black Friday, you can find some of your favorite weed seeds in our Super Sales. With the possibility of mixing and matching, you can put five (different) seed packs in your cart, but you only have to pay for two!

This means you will be able to buy a good number of different strains for a very low price.

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Weed Seeds Discount Deal FAQs

Are there several types of cannabis seeds on offer?

We always try to keep our offers as attractive and varied as possible. This means that we regularly offer different types of weed seeds at competitive prices. Seed types we often offer discounts on are:

How long are the deals and discounts valid?

Our sales run for a limited time, and as long as stocks last, so we cannot guarantee that your favorite seeds will be offered at the same discount in a few days. We, therefore, recommend keeping an eye on our deals and reacting quickly if you find the strain you want to grow on sale.

We often refresh our deals, so make sure you visit this page often not to miss your favorite seeds on sale.

Why is my favorite seed strain not in the sale?

Not every deal will be of interest to you, as you probably have your personal preferences. In case you still want to grow a low-cost strain, you can always check out our cheap cannabis seeds.

You can also take a look at our coupons, to save even more money on your next order.