The Weedseedsexpress Story

Our passion for the cultivation of weed is still growing after 20 years.

Our Story

The history of Weedseedsexpress goes back to 2005 in the beautiful Dutch city of Haarlem, a town that has one of the oldest cannabis cultures and industries in the world. Weedseedsexpress was founded through friendship and a shared passion for cannabis. A group of enthusiastic young growers, sharing information about the cultivation process. We were constantly trying to impress each other with new genetics and strains, while gaining valuable contacts and technical knowledge, and having lots of fun in the meantime.

Some friends became serious breeders and are still growing the most amazing crops. As for us; we decided to use our connections, collective knowledge, and experience to help others around the world do what we love most through our brand-new endeavor: Weedseedsexpress.

The Company

Our main goal with Weedseedsexpress is to deliver high-grade and affordable cannabis seeds worldwide, fast and secure, to everybody who is as passionate about growing and cultivation as we are.

Haarlem (also known as Little Amsterdam) has one of the oldest cannabis cultures and industries in the world. A true cannabis city with world-famous coffee shops like the Willie Wortel, and the Birdy.

As we live and work in the middle of this cannabis city for decades now, we may say that we have the best connections in town. Not only here in Haarlem, but also in Amsterdam, we are well-connected.

A company based on trust

During our years as active growers, we purchased seeds many times. In stores, but also online. We have been supplied with great genetics and grew the most wonderful and tasteful strains, but we also had some terrible experiences. Being scammed quite a few times, experienced horrendous customer service and being supplied with absolutely useless genetics. Not the way you should do business, right?

This has inspired us to do exactly the opposite, by providing excellent customer service and great genetics. Isn’t that the most important thing when buying your weed seeds?

WSE Waarderweg 19 I 2031BN Haarlem The Netherlands
email: [email protected] phone: +31 23 302 0309

Our mission

Sharing the same passion for growing, there is one thing you can be certain of: we will never let you down.

High-grade quality cannabis seeds High-grade quality cannabis seeds

We vouch for every seed we offer. Feminized, autoflowers and regular seeds at affordable prices. All are fresh, organic, and tested by our own network with the best breeders.

Extra seeds Extra seeds

Although our germination rate is over 90%, we will always add 20% extra seeds to your order to make sure you can grow 100% (Not applicable to 3-packs).

Fast delivery Fast delivery

The fresher the seeds, the better. Besides, most people want their ordered products as soon as possible, and that is what we are aiming for.

Instant updates Instant updates

Once you have placed an order with us, we will keep you informed on every step and everything concerning your order, until it arrives.

Awesome customer support Awesome customer support

Do you need assistance with ordering, do you want some advice on a particular strain, or require information about your order? We are here to help! Our support desk is at your service.

Stealth Shipping Stealth Shipping

As weed seeds are a delicate matter for some countries, we know the importance of discreetness. We have incorporated some nifty stealth tactics in our shipping, if required.

Ready to go?

Whether you are a passionate new grower or an experienced cultivator, we made it our life's mission to impress you with our amazing seeds and service. Visit our online store, browse our wide selection, and let us provide you with the best possible customer experience.

Welcome to Weedseedsexpress! 

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