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Godfather OG feminized
Godfather OG feminized seeds
C. Banana feminized
C. Banana feminized seeds
Gorilla Glue autoflower
Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds
Sexxpot feminized
Sexxpot feminized seeds
Girl Scout Cookies feminized
AK-47 autoflower
AK-47 autoflower seeds
Girl Scout Cookies autoflower
Sour Tsunami CBD feminized
Bruce Banner autoflower
Bruce Banner autoflower seeds
Northern Lights X Big Bud autoflower seeds
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds
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Fast flowering cannabis seeds for sale: all you need to know!

As growers, you have to practice patience. Cultivating a plant from seed to harvest can't be rushed, as the plant operates on their own schedule.

Yet, after growing weed seeds for many years, we have learned you do not have to dance completely to the tune of the plants.

Besides controlling the vegetative stage with a light cycle (when growing indoors) the best option of speeding up the growing process is to buy our fast flowering weed seeds!

Advantages of fast flowering seeds

Less chance of top rot

With our fast flowering cannabis strains, you have less chance of top rot. Top rot, also known as bud rot or botrytis, is a fungal infection that can devastate your cannabis crops. This mold thrives in damp, cool conditions, which are common during the autumn/fall months.

If you grow a fast flowering cannabis seed from our seed bank, you can expect your plants to reach maturity more quickly. This will help you harvest your own homegrown weed before the rainy season starts. With a significant reduced risk of top rot, you will ensure the quality of the harvest.

For indoor growers, faster flowering times also help to mitigate the risk of mold and mildew, as your weed plants spend less time in the high-humidity environment that these fungi prefer. This, in turn, leads to healthier plants and a higher-quality buds for you to consume at the end of the growing process.

More efficient grow

Fast flowering strains require less time and resources to grow, which translates into cost savings for growers. The shorter growth cycles mean that less electricity, water, and nutrients are needed to bring the plants to maturity.

Additionally, reduced grow time can mean you have to spend less time in your garden or grow room, as there is less need for constant monitoring and maintenance.

Faster cycles mean more cycles

The ability to complete more grow cycles in a given period can have a profound impact on your overall yield. With our fast flowering cannabis seeds, you can harvest your plants more quickly, allowing for more harvests per year.

Moreover, fast flowering strains also provide the opportunity for experimentation and more efficient strain selection. With shorter grow cycles, you can test and refine your growing techniques, as well as try out new strains to find the best fit for your specific growing conditions and desired characteristics.

Suitable for

Fast flowering cannabis seeds are suitable for:

Beginner and experienced growers

Both starting growers and veterans of cannabis cultivation can benefit from growing a fast flowering strain. Not only does the short flowering stage help with avoiding pesky molds, it also means you can grow a strain multiple times a year. Especially if you grab one of our autoflower seeds.

Growers who want their buds ASAP

While it won't be as fast as walking/biking/driving to your local coffeeshop or dispensary, you don't have to wait as long as you might think. Growing our quick flowering cannabis seeds can mean that you, from seed to harvest, can put your hands on your own homegrown weed in less than three months.

Outdoor grows in climates with shorter summers

Not everyone is blessed with long dry summers. If your weed is grown outdoors, and you live in a climate where the wet autumn/fall weather can creep up on you, you will benefit majorly from our fast flowering cannabis seeds.

Their flowering stage does not stretch in to late October (Northern Hemisphere) and this helps you avoid a wet harvest.

Buy the best fast flowering cannabis seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

At WeedSeedsExpress, we offer a grand variety of the fastest growing cannabis seeds, so you don't have to test your patience when growing our fast autoflower and feminized seeds.

You'll get not only the highest quality fast version seeds, but also free seeds with purchases of either 5- or 10-packs, a germination guarantee, and a delivery guarantee on tracked orders. Plus, our customer service team is always ready to answer your questions!

If you're wondering where to buy cannabis seeds, look no further. Get ready for a photo finish, and order your fast flowering weed seeds at WeedSeedsExpress today!

Fast flowering cannabis seeds FAQs

What are fast flowering marijuana seeds?

Fast flowering marijuana seeds are cannabis seeds with a short flowering phase. This phase is the period of a cannabis plant where the consumable buds grow, after it completes her vegetative stage. The faster this stage is over, the faster you can harvest your own homegrown weed.

If you choose to grown one of our fast flowering photoperiod strains you still have to keep in mind that it can take a while before the plants begin flowering. Autoflowering strains are an even faster option, with a shorter vegetative stage as well, you can harvest in less than three months!

What are the fastest growing cannabis strains?

The fastest growing cannabis strain that we offer is Hindu Kush autoflower seeds, with a minimum flowering time of 39 days. Considering the fact that this indica dominant strain is one of our autoflowering varieties, it means that it is possible to cultivate your homegrown Hindu Kush weed in a little over two months.

If you are more of a fan of sativa dominant strains, you can grow Black Jack autoflower seeds, which have a minimum flowering time of 42 days. Because of this, you can harvest your own creativity-inducing cannabis in just over two months.

Growing your own weed quicker than this is just not possible. But we believe you will enjoy the process, seeing your plants grow from little seeds to amazing flowering beauties.

Where can I buy fast flowering cannabis seeds?

Right here at WeedSeedsExpress! We have a wide selection available of fast growing cannabis seeds, in both autoflower and feminized varieties. All with one thing in common: a very short flowering stage!

Not only do you not have to wait long for your flowers to bloom, you can also often find these seeds in our weed seeds discount deals. Get the best deal possible for your favorite fast flowering cannabis strains!