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We get it, you want to grow a strain or two without breaking the bank. That is why you are here. And who can blame you? To help you out, we have selected the best cheap weed seeds for sale at WeedSeedsExpress. We are sure you will find the perfect seeds for your wallet! Buy cheap weed seeds today!

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Cheap cannabis seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Nothing in life is for free, but not everything great has to be expensive, and that includes growing your own homegrown cannabis from our weed seeds. If you buy cheap cannabis seeds, you can save money on your next grow, on both feminized seeds and autoflower seeds. For each type of grow, there are many different strain options, so you are not tied to any specific kind of plant when you don't have an endless growing budget.

Suitable for

Cheap cannabis seeds are suitable for:

Beginner and advanced growers

Anyone can grow cheap marijuana seeds, both first-time and experienced growers alike. For beginners, starting with affordable seeds can be a low-risk way to experiment and learn the basics of cannabis cultivation.

Experienced growers, on the other hand, can benefit from the cost savings of buying cheap marijuana seeds to try out new strains and new growing techniques.

We offer both cheap feminized seeds and autoflower seeds, so there are more than enough options for every level of growing experience.

Cannabis consumers with a budget

Getting your weed at the local coffeeshop or dispensary can be quite an expensive affair. While it is convenient, you pay for that convenience. Growing your own weed with cannabis seeds, however is easier than it might seem at first. It's actually a whole lot of fun, and it's also a lot better for your wallet.

Yes, you do have to take upfront costs into consideration for equipment like grow kits, pots and nutrients, but we assure you that, in the long run, you will save money on your weed. Especially if you take our affordable cannabis seeds.

To save some extra cash, keep an eye out for our weed seeds discount deals, as you can get free seeds, and often our cheap pot seeds are part of those deals as well!

The best cheap marijuana seeds

Choosing the best cheap marijuana seeds is no easy feat. In a way all of the cannabis strains we offer in this category are the best, as they are unmatched when it comes to price-quality ratio. However, we have selected a few suggestions from our seed bank that really take the crown among our cheap weed seeds.

Ghost Train Haze

Our first stop on this tour of the best cheap marijuana seeds is our Ghost Train Haze. Extremely potent, she is the strongest among our cheap feminized seeds. Because of her haze genetic makeup, Ghost Train Haze feminized seeds are not the easiest to grow, but when you do manage to properly grow her weed seeds, you will be blown away.

Not just by her almost psychedelic effects, but her amazing yield, both indoor and outdoors, is also a big part of why she is such a beloved strain. Regular pruning and using training methods can maximize those yields. Her buds are covered in a crystallized trichome coating, while its dense flowers have mesmerizing golden orange accents and a delightfully sweet, slightly spicy aroma with floral and citrus notes.

One thing is for sure, this High Times Cannabis Cup winner is truly worth her weight in gold, especially considering she is part of our cheap seeds range.

Hellfire OG

Hellfire OG is another crazy potent strain, and the best option among our cheap autoflower seeds when it comes to high THC levels. Predominantly Indica, this autoflower strain provides deeply relaxing and body-sedating stone, yet balanced with more euphoric mood-boosting effects. Even though her name can invoke infernal imagery, this strain is far from a hellish nightmare, both in consumption and cultivation.

Hellfire OG autoflower seeds offer an impressive, yet easy home-growing experience, yielding frosty buds, with diesel and citrus flavors and aromas. Hellfire OG can be grown both indoors and outdoors, remaining short and manageable due to the addition of Ruderalis genes. Perfect if you do not have a crazy amount of space for your next grow.

The plants are sturdy, with a short flowering time, and a vegetative phase that is extremely short, meaning you don't have to wait long to try her powerful buds. Hellfire OG's yield is abundant in resinous nuggets, no matter where you grow her marijuana seeds.


Getting a lot of high-quality weed while spending the least amount of money is something every grower should be able to enjoy. If you favor indoor cultivation, AK-48 autoflower seeds are the best seeds for both your wallet and your harvest.

Grown indoors, you can grow up to 750 grams per square meter. If you are more of an outdoor grower, AK-48 feminized seeds are a better choice, as you can get up to 650 grams per plant with this variety. In any case her yield is very impressive, and considering how easy she is to grow, you can rest assured that these cheap pot seeds are worth the investment.

Her long-lasting effects are ideal for those looking for a more cerebral than physical high, boosting your energy and getting you ready for the day, perhaps even as a substitute for that morning cup of coffee. The smell and taste are intense, with sweet notes of flowers, exotic wood, and spices.

Critical Jack

Critical Jack feminized seeds produce hybrid plants that are suitable for novice growers, with a slightly Sativa-dominant strain that offers potent, uplifting, and energetic effects. Her most interesting feature is the massive outdoor yields it produces, making her the winner of the 1st prize in the outdoor category during the Cannabis Cup Thai Maria in 2011 and the Copa Humos del Diablo in Uruguay in 2017.

The lime green, delicate leaves have a narrow, Sativa structure that can turn purple when temperatures drop. Shiny white trichomes, light brown pistils, and excessive resin production on the conical buds are easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. That's what you get when you mix the genes of two great strains, taking the best of both Critical x Jack Herer.

Critical Jack produces excellent yields. Under optimal circumstances, the plant can yield up to 1200 grams per plant outdoors in a Mediterranean or warm temperate climate. The strain's flavor is a spicy, peppery bittersweet taste with a lemon aftertaste and floral hints. Her delightful flavor and aroma contribute significantly to her success in the cannabis community.


As you may know, famous rap artists usually try to show off their expensive possessions. Biscotti is beloved by many rappers, yet growing marijuana from her seeds are far from expensive, as Biscotti feminized seeds are part of our cheap seeds category.

So why do these artists rap about having "Biscotti on the brain"? In part, we think that it's a testament to her delightful chocolate chip cookie flavor. But the reason to grow Biscotti feminized cannabis seeds doesn't stop there. She can also spark your creativity, making her the perfect strain for recording your next hit single or writing an Oscar-nominated screenplay.

However, growing Biscotti does require some experience with cultivating marijuana. While she is mold-resistant, this Gelato descendant requires regular pruning, which can become a weekly ritual. Biscotti is not the most challenging strain to grow, but beginners might feel a bit overwhelmed.


White Widow

White Widow is a true legend in the cannabis world, having made a name for herself on the Amsterdam scene and remaining relevant to this day. To put it in sports terms, she's like Michael Jordan in basketball, Tom Brady in American football, or Lionel Messi in football/soccer - a true all-star in every sense of the word.

One of the reasons for White Widow's enduring popularity is her ease of growth. White Widow feminized seeds are low-maintenance strain and can be grown indoors, but truly thrives in warmer outdoor climates. And while she's quite hardy and able to handle the unpredictable weather of her native Dutch environment, White Widow autoflower seeds are an even hardier and quicker-growing option, making them a great choice for those living in regions with shorter summers.

Beyond her ease of growth, White Widow's balanced high is another big reason for her popularity. She's perfect for unwinding with friends, playing games, or simply kicking back and relaxing. And while her sweet and sour aroma is sure to entice you, her flavor profile is more organic, with hints of herbs, wood, and spice.

For a slightly different take on this classic strain, you might want to try White Widow x Northern Lights or White Russian feminized seeds, which both combine a few of the best easy-to-grow classics for a truly unique smoking experience.

Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles feminized seeds offer a captivating homegrown experience, boasting a tropical fruity aroma and flavor that's impossible to resist. This visually stunning, mostly Indica strain is easy to grow, making it perfect for beginners. It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, thriving in temperate or Mediterranean climates, and well-suited for various training techniques. The plants grown from her cannabis seeds showcase large, conical buds covered with trichomes and vibrant orange hairs, making them a feast for the eyes as well as potent and delicious.

This strain of cheap seeds produces a euphoric, creative high combined with relaxing vibes, making it suitable for any time of day or night. The benefits of Fruity Pebbles cannabis kick in after only a few puffs and provide profound relaxation while leaving you alert, sociable, and ready for action.

Fruity Pebbles' tropical fruit and berry aroma, coupled with a hint of spicy Kush, entices the senses. The delectable blend of citrus orange, sweet lemon, and berries will delight anyone with a sweet tooth. Fruity Pebbles seeds are a must-try for growers, especially for that price!

Buy the best cheap weed seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

If you are looking to buy cheap seeds online, WeedSeedsExpress is your one-stop shop. Not only do we offer the highest quality cannabis seeds, but we also provide excellent customer service, a germination guarantee, free cannabis seeds (only on 5- and 10-packs), and a delivery guarantee (on tracked orders only).

Get ready for an epic growing experience in your very own tent, garden, or any space you choose to cultivate your prized cannabis plant! With premium cannabis seeds from WeedSeedsExpress, you're guaranteed a growing journey that will blow your mind. Don’t wait any longer to start your journey - check out our cannabis seeds for sale online and order your cheap marijuana seeds now, exclusively at WeedSeedsExpress!

Cheap cannabis seeds FAQs

What are cheap cannabis seeds?

Cheap cannabis seeds refer to marijuana seeds that are sold at a lower price point compared to other seeds we sell. Not only is the selection above very affordable, many also include free seeds, making every weed seeds option available a great deal to kickstart your cannabis garden or grow space.

Are cheap cannabis seeds low quality?

While we do offer many weed seeds for very low prices, we did not compromise on the quality, offering only high-quality seeds, no matter the choice of strain. Try them out for yourself, and leave a review!

Can cheap weed seeds still be feminized?

Yes, most of our cheap marijuana seeds for sale are actually feminized seeds. Unlike regular cannabis seeds, these seeds have been specially modified to produce only female cannabis plants, which is great news because male plants can seriously ruin your harvest.

With male cannabis plants, you run the risk of pollen contamination which can lead to lower-quality buds, reduced yield, and wasted time and resources. But with feminized seeds, you can say goodbye to that headache and rest assured that you'll get a bountiful harvest of high-quality buds.

In case you do want grow male and female plants, we do offer cheap regular seeds as well.

What is the cheapest option for growing cannabis seeds?

Outdoor cultivation is always the cheapest option when growing cannabis seeds. You do not need to growing lights, a heater, or any type of grow kit. And above all else, the sun costs you nothing.

The only thing you might still need to spend money on is soil, nutrients, and the cannabis seeds. Just make sure to buy cheap marijuana seeds and you should be well on your way to get yourself some grade-A, yet inexpensive consumable buds.

Just keep in mind that the climate you want to grow in needs to be suitable for the strain you choose, so make sure you find cheap marijuana seeds that fit your grow. You can filter our cheap cannabis seeds on the left side of the catalog, and just make sure to check the box that matches your type of climate.

How long does it take to grow cheap cannabis seeds?

When it comes to growing marijuana seeds, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how long it takes. A number of factors come into play, including the type of seeds you choose (photoperiod or autoflowering), your growing environment (indoor or outdoor), and the specific strain you go with. If you're growing outdoors, you'll also need to factor in the length of your local growing season.

If you're growing photoperiod strains outdoors, you can expect a vegetative stage of around eight to nine weeks. However, this can vary depending on your location and the amount of sunlight you receive. Indoors, you have more control over the vegetative stage, which typically lasts six to eight weeks. With photoperiod plants, you can manipulate the light cycle to speed up or slow down growth.

If you're growing autoflower seeds, on the other hand, the vegetative stage is typically much shorter, lasting only three to four weeks. After that, the flowering stage begins, and the timeline depends entirely on the strain you choose.

Our fastest-flowering cheap autoflower strain is Hindu Kush autoflower seeds, which takes just 39 to 49 days to flower. Our slowest-flowering cheap photoperiod strain is Haze #1 feminized seeds, which need 84 to 98 days to flower. However, keep in mind that these are just extremes, and there's a wide range of flowering times for different strains. Be sure to check the seed page for each strain to find the one that fits your timeline best.

Where can I buy cheap cannabis seeds online?

Right here at WeedSeedsExpress. We offer cheap weed seeds in a wide range of options, as both autoflower and feminized seeds, so you can explore a variety of strains without having to spend a fortune (you can even get a free seed or two if you buy a 5- or a 10-pack).

And with so many strains to choose from, you're free to experiment and find the perfect plants for your budget and preferences. So why wait? Start your next grow with cheap marijuana seeds and watch your garden flourish!

Where do we ship our cheap cannabis seeds?

If you're wondering where your cheap seeds will be shipped from, it all depends on your location. For customers in the US, we'll ship your cannabis seeds from our distribution center located inside the USA, so you can expect fast and reliable delivery.

For customers in Europe and the rest of the world, we ship directly from our warehouse in the Netherlands. This ensures that your seeds will be packaged securely and shipped promptly to your location. No matter where you are in the world, we're committed to providing you with the highest quality cannabis seeds and exceptional customer service.

How long do cheap marijuana seeds last?

If you're unable to grow your newly purchased marijuana seeds right away, don't fret! While we always recommend planting them as soon as possible, we understand that circumstances may prevent you from doing so, particularly if you bought them during a sale and ended up with more than you can grow at once.

The good news is that properly stored cannabis seeds can last for years. The best place to keep your unused seeds is in your refrigerator, where they'll be kept in a cool, dark, and dry environment - the perfect conditions for preserving their freshness and viability.

If you store your pot seeds in the fridge, you can keep them for several years without worrying about losing their potency. However, if you keep them in a damp or humid location with constant exposure to sunlight, their lifespan will be significantly shortened, and they may not be usable after just a year or less. So, if you want to ensure the long-term viability of your cannabis seeds, be sure to store them in a cool, dry, and dark place.