New strain releases - September 2023

Summer might be running to a close, yet that won’t stop us from launching two new strains for your grow space! In August, we introduced the following weed seeds:

For the month of September, we have one strain perfect for those who love to grow purple autoflower seeds. Our other new strain is the child of a recent addition, and also joins our high THC seed ranks as one of our most potent varieties yet.

Either of these new seeds has its own benefits, continue reading and find out if these brand-new strains are perfect for your garden.

Permanent Marker feminized

Dive into the world of Permanent Marker feminized seeds, the botanical offspring of a captivating threesome between Biscotti, Sherb Bx, and Jealousy (which we launched last month).

Not for the faint-hearted gardener, this strain demands attention, but in return, showers you with splendid buds full of snowy trichomes. Her balanced effects will lull you into full relaxation while still uplifting your creative spirit, making her a day-to-night delight.

Permanent Marker also tantalizes the senses, whispering floral tales interlaced with soapy funk, all while wooing you with candy-sweet undertones and a teasing hint of floral gas. Standing tall, yet not too tall, she fits snugly in various gardens, from the cozy indoors to the boundless outdoors. 

A tip for the budding gardener: treat her right with some warm weather, good ventilation, and a bit of pruning magic. Consider SOG for a faster growing process.

Choose Permanent Marker feminized seeds for a guaranteed yield, and watch her flourish, reflecting the best of her storied lineage.

Purple Lemonade autoflower

Sip on the enticing allure of Purple Lemonade autoflower seeds, where Lemon Skunk meets Purple Kush in a dance of citrus and purple delight.

Think this vibrant beauty is high maintenance? Think again. From newbie green thumbs to seasoned garden gurus, everyone's invited to the Purple Lemonade fiesta.

As she blooms, you're in for a visual treat: eye-catching purple buds, kissed by fiery orange pistils, ready in a flash. Got limited space? No worries; this compact charmer fits snugly wherever you place her.

But it's not just about looks. Light her up and drift into a euphoric daze, laughing away life's lemons. Don't fret; she won't pin you down; you'll stay sprightly and alert.

And, ah, that flavor! Dive into a tantalizing citrus splash, underscored by sweet-sour whispers, and rounded off with tropical hints. Growing her is a cinch, with a little LST magic to maximize her bounties.

Keep her aroma in check indoors; she's not shy about her fragrant presence. As for her diet, this damsel thrives on moderation.

In essence, Purple Lemonade: where easy cultivation meets a zesty, giggly high. Cheers to that!

Which will be your next favorite?

With both Permanent Marker and Purple Lemonade at your disposal, you will be sure to have two new amazing strains to grow yourself this season.

If the timing is right, you might even find these cannabis seeds in discount, just make sure to check our sale and secure your next grow! To make sure you do not miss any of our deals, subscribe to our newsletter, where we also help you become a(n even) better grower.