Outdoor cannabis seeds

Outdoor weed seeds are very popular because of their natural aspects and great yield potential. At WeedSeedsExpress we have amazing outdoor weed seeds for sale. We offer outdoor marijuana seeds for every climate. Are you looking for the best outdoor weed seeds specified to your needs? Our catalog includes a large selection of outdoor feminized seeds as well as outdoor autoflower seeds. Buy outdoor cannabis seeds at WeedSeedsExpress today.

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Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds
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Outdoor cannabis seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis outdoors is an amazing experience, with Mother Nature as your helpful assistant when cultivating your weed seeds. While you do have to keep more variables in mind when compared to growing indoor marijuana seeds, it's a lot cheaper to pull off, and the yield potential tends to be a lot higher due to the room plants tend to have in your cannabis garden.

You do have to keep in mind that not all outdoor seeds do not fit every single climate, so make sure to check the product page in question to see if they fit your outdoor growing environment.

Advantages of outdoor marijuana seeds

Lower costs

As you can imagine, when growing outdoors, nature will provide you with most of the materials you need:

  • The sun will take care of the light and heat the cannabis plants need.

  • Water is taken care of by rain. If your growing environment is relatively dry, do make sure to water your outdoor cannabis plant.

  • The wind makes sure the branches, leaves, and buds get enough air circulation; nobody wants to smoke or consume moldy weed.

The only element left is earth, and while some growers might put their outdoor pot seeds straight in the first best soil they can find, we advise leaving a bit of a budget for this. Getting proper soil to grow cannabis outdoors can make a world of difference for both the quality and quantity of your harvest.

Environmental friendly

Another big pro of outdoor cultivation is the fact that it's a lot friendlier to the planet. Marijuana plants grown outdoors use less energy and less water, as both can be provided by their natural environment.

Higher yields

An indoor setup is usually restricted by the limited amount of space most home growers have. As the sky can be the limit with outdoor cannabis cultivation, your marijuana plants have a lot more room to breathe and grow.

This is very beneficial for your harvest, as bigger plants create more bud sites, meaning a higher yield. We have seen some of the trees our customers have grown, so we know what is possible with our outdoor weed strains.

Suitable for

Outdoor weed seeds are suitable for:

Beginner and experienced growers

Growing outdoor seeds is not tied to any experience level. Both first-time growers and cultivators who have been growing for years and years can grow outdoors. If you are a beginner when it comes to outdoor growing, we advise you to also take a look at our marijuana seeds for beginners, as those cannabis seeds are selected for ease of growth.

Warmer climates

While we do offer a number of outdoor marijuana strains that can be cultivated in colder climates, most cannabis seeds thrive in warmer climate zones, especially if it tends to be a bit on the dryer side, think California or Spain.

Long summers really help the plants grow and bloom in both the vegetative and flowering stage, which is important when harvest time comes around. Bigger plants tend to reach huge yields, and the ideal growing environment is essential, which is why many outdoor growers are situated in warmer climates.

Growers with limited indoor space

Not everyone has the space to grow indoors. If you have a garden, you usually do not have to deal with such limitations. In case you do want to grow in your own garden, but still want it to be a bit stealthy, you can take a look at our small weed plant seeds for more compact plants.

The best outdoor cannabis seeds

Ask 100 growers what the best outdoor seeds are, and you will get 100 different answers. While it is hard to objectively pinpoint which outdoor strains are the definitive best, we have looked at our catalog and made a selection of the best outdoor cannabis seeds in their own right.

Hindu Kush (perfect for colder/damp climates)

Hindu Kush feminized seeds offer an authentic Indica landrace strain from the legendary Hindu Kush mountains, providing a deeply relaxing and soothing experience. Our Hindu Kush seeds are versatile and rather easy to grow, which helps a lot if you are a first time grower. Due to her versatility, this hardy plant can adapt to various conditions, including colder and damp climates.

You can also try out our Hindu Kush autoflower seeds, with not only flowering time, but also a shorter vegetative stage. If you are in rush to get your hands on some of your own homegrown weed, these autoflower outdoor marijuana seeds are the way to go.

Our Hindu Kush features a delightful mix of earthy, sweet, and slightly sour scents with hints of incense and spice. Her flavor is on the earthy side with notes of citrus, spice, and exotic sandalwood. Quite a complex flavor palette if you ask us, which definitely shouldn't be overlooked.

The effects of this pure Indica strain focus primarily on the body, inducing deep relaxation and a sense of profound peace within half an hour after consumption. Her long-lasting effects offer numerous benefits for medical patients, including chronic pain relief and support for other long-term illnesses.

Discover the relaxing and majestic experience of growing and enjoying the Hindu Kush marijuana strain – a timeless classic that has been recognized as one of the 25 best strains of all time by "High Times" magazine.

Blue Dream (ideal for warmer/dry climates)

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Blue Dream feminized seeds, a Sativa-dominant hybrid that takes you back to the sun-soaked West Coast of the USA in the 1970s. Known for her high THC content, Blue Dream is popular among those seeking relief from stress, depression, or pain, while also being easy to grow and boasting a sweet, berry flavor from its Blueberry Indica heritage.

Grow Blue Dream seeds indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, and enjoy an unforgettable Californian high. This strain is suitable for both beginners and advanced growers alike and thrives in hot and dry climates, which is not surprising considering her origins. With a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks, Blue Dream plants can grow quite tall and produce exceptional yields.

The effects of Blue Dream offer a powerful and long-lasting high that caters to both experienced and novice users. The Sativa-dominant characteristics create a mental high that is cerebral and intensely uplifting, gradually transitioning into a full-body stone, providing a relaxing and uplifting experience without causing fatigue or anxiety.

Blue Dream's taste and aroma are a true delight for cannabis connoisseurs, delivering intense notes of blueberry, lemon, vanilla, and mango. The fragrant and pungent aromas evoke memories of carefree summers, reminiscent of sun-soaked days spent picking blueberries.

Even more carefree is growing our Blue Dream autoflower seeds, with a shorter grow cycle, meaning you will get to your tasty buds even quicker.

Critical (biggest outdoor yield)

Discover the ultimate outdoor yielder with Critical feminized seeds, a highly potent and rewarding cannabis strain that boasts impressive yields with minimal effort. This Indica-dominant cross between Big Bud x Skunk #1 is perfect for weed enthusiasts of all kinds, offering an all-rounder growing experience that's both easy and exciting.

With a very short flowering period, it's suitable for growers on a tight schedule. The compact and stable plant is ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation, with massive outdoor yields possible under ideal conditions. You would expect nothing less than the queen of the highest yielding strains.

Critical cannabis is known for its distinctive flavors and aromas, featuring hints of fresh citrus, lemon, sweet berries, and an earthy skunk aroma. It delivers a calming, creative, and uplifting high that relaxes the body while invigorating the mind.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cultivator, our Critical seeds are a great choice for those looking to maximize results with minimal space and effort. Don't miss the opportunity to grow one of the most potent and rewarding cannabis strains WeedSeedsExpress can offer you.

CBD Critical Mass (biggest CBD outdoor yielder)

Introducing our CBD Critical Mass feminized seeds, the therapeutic version of the legendary indica-dominant hybrid Critical Mass. This strain is part of our CBD seeds catalog and offers a balanced CBD to THC ratio (1:1), making it an excellent choice for both medicinal and recreational use.

Easy to grow and suitable for beginners, CBD Critical Mass seeds produce plants with the potential of monster yields and a delicious citrus, pine, and herbal aroma and flavor profile.

Growing well outdoors, this resilient strain adapts to various cultivation methods and boasts a high resistance to mold. The predominantly indica plant yields substantial harvests of heavy, resinous buds that may require support.

With her relaxing, focused, and creative effects, CBD Critical Mass is perfect for alleviating chronic pain, depression, and other ailments without an overwhelming high.

Experience the latest generation of medicinal cannabis with CBD Critical Mass seeds. Cultivate this therapeutic strain at home and enjoy its remarkable qualities, appreciated by both recreational consumers and individual patients alike.

Start your cultivation journey with CBD Critical Mass seeds today and discover the incredible potential of this therapeutic marijuana strain.

Blackberry Moonrocks (most potent outdoor marijuana seeds)

Our Blackberry Moonrocks feminized seeds create an indica-dominant hybrid with an extraordinary berry flavor and a potent high that is not for the faint-hearted. Despite her powerful effects, this strain is beginner-friendly, easy to grow, and adaptable to various growing environments.

Blackberry Moonrocks plants do prefer warm, dry climates and respond well to the ScrOG training method. With a short flowering time of just eight to nine weeks, you can expect a generous harvest of trichome-rich buds from these cannabis seeds. The plant's medium height makes it suitable for most spaces, while her impressive yields will delight growers of all levels.

When it comes to the experience, Blackberry Moonrocks offers a wonderful blend of lavender, blueberry, blackberry, and citrus flavors, providing a delightful aromatic experience. The high starts with a cerebral buzz, allowing room for positive and happy thoughts, before transitioning to a full-body relaxation that melts away stress and tension. Ideal for evening use, this strain is perfect for unwinding and inducing a night of deep sleep.

So, get ready to grow your own little moon garden and experience the amazing aroma, taste, and powerful effects of our Blackberry Moonrocks seeds.

Buy the best outdoor cannabis seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

Why use WeedSeedsExpress

Here at WeedSeedsExpress, we offer the best outdoor marijuana seeds for sale, with options for many different climate zones, and growing experiences.

Besides our amazing outdoor seed selection, we also have a stellar customer service, a germination and delivery guarantee (the latter on tracked orders only), and free seeds with every order (not available on 3-packs).

Get ready for the outdoor grow of a lifetime, and order your outdoor cannabis seeds today at WeedSeedsExpress!

Outdoor weed seeds FAQs

How to grow cannabis from seed outdoors?

Growing outdoor cannabis seeds can be a rewarding experience with the right knowledge and tools. Germination is the first step, requiring water, warmth, and patience.

Start by germinating seeds in a glass of water, then transfer them to damp kitchen paper to germinate further. Plant the germinated seeds in a light soil mix and keep the soil moist during the early stages.

For outdoor growing, choose a well-draining location and use organic soil with added nutrients. Start feeding the plants with organic fertilizer from week three.

Protect young plants from wind and excess rainfall using wind- and cover screens. Monitor plants for mold and rot throughout the growing season.

As summer progresses, the plants will grow naturally, with Mother Nature taking care of light schedules. By mid-fall, your cannabis plants will be ready for harvesting. Embrace the beauty of outdoor cannabis cultivation and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Can I grow cannabis seeds outdoors if I don't live in a warm/dry climate?

In case you live in a climate that is more on the cold and wet side, do not fret. Fast flowering seeds are of great help to make sure you can harvest your weed before autumn (or fall for our American growers) terrorizes your cannabis garden.

Autoflower seeds might be even more helpful as they hit their flowering phase based on maturity. Photoperiod plants (which grow from our feminized seeds) begin flowering based on the number of light hours. In practice, this means that autoflower marijuana plants will be done before summer ends, if you plant them mid to late spring.

Are outdoor cannabis seeds feminized?

The bulk of our cannabis seeds catalalog is feminized, meaning your outdoor plants will all be female. If you are planning for a harvest of smokeable buds, it's crucial to steer clear of male plants. This prevents unintentional pollination of your female plants.

If pollination occurs, female plants will devote their energy to seed production instead of growing the dense buds you're after. Choosing regular outdoor seeds increases the chances of this undesirable outcome.

To avert this situation and ensure a flourishing yield of outdoor cannabis, always opt for our outdoor feminized seeds. This recommendation extends to our outdoor autoflower seeds, as they exclusively generate female plants as well.

If you buy outdoor marijuana seeds that are feminized, you're taking a vital step towards a thriving and rewarding cannabis cultivation journey.

How long does it take for outdoor cannabis plants to grow and mature?

The duration of growth for outdoor cannabis seeds depends on various factors, such as the type of seeds (photoperiod or autoflowering), the chosen strain, and the environmental conditions.

In general, when growing photoperiod strains outdoors, the vegetative stage lasts for about eight to nine weeks. Longer summers with more sunlight can extend this period, while shorter summers with fewer sun hours can shorten it.

For autoflowering cannabis seeds, the vegetative stage typically lasts three to four weeks, regardless of the light hours received.

After the vegetative period, the flowering stage begins, and this is when the buds start to form. The flowering time depends entirely on the chosen outdoor cannabis strain. Generally, photoperiod feminized strains take longer to flower compared to autoflowering strains.

Our quickest flowering outdoor seeds are the earlier mentioned Hindu Kush autoflower seeds, with a flowering time of 39 to 49 days. On the other hand, our slowest flowering seeds are Haze #1 feminized seeds, requiring 84 to 98 days to flower.

Keep in mind that there can be variations in flowering times among different strains, so always check the specific seed page to find the strain that best aligns with your schedule.

By understanding these factors and selecting the right outdoor cannabis seeds for your environment and preferences, you can optimize your outdoor cannabis cultivation experience.