45-day Autoflower Seeds

Savor the unmatched pleasure of swiftly harvesting your own buds in just 45 days, thanks to the efficiency of 45-day autoflowering cannabis seeds.

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AK-47 autoflower seeds
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45-day autoflower cannabis seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Imagine a seed that simplifies the art of cultivating cannabis plants, a seed designed to flourish almost effortlessly, taking the guesswork out of the growing process. Welcome to the world of our 45-day autoflower weed seeds - your innovative solution to swift, fruitful harvests.

These aren't your ordinary seeds. Developed using groundbreaking cultivation technology, these gems are revolutionizing the home-growing scene. They promise an enticing combination of speed, resilience, and quality, delivering a bountiful yield of homegrown buds in just 45 days from flowering to harvest. Yes, you read that right - just a mere month and a half!

The beauty of autoflower seeds lies in their non-reliance on light cycle changes, a feature that typically signals traditional photoperiod strains to flower. This fascinating trait means that they commence flowering based on age, thus guaranteeing a rapid life cycle irrespective of light conditions. This adaptability and versatility make them an excellent choice for novice growers and those who seek convenience without sacrificing quality.

As growers, we know that time is of the essence, and patience, while a virtue, is often tested in the world of plant cultivation. The waiting game can sometimes feel like an eternity, but with 45-day autoflower marijuana seeds, this is no longer an issue. They present a new paradigm of efficiency in the growing process.

And let's not forget about the reward - the pure, unparalleled joy of harvesting your own homegrown buds. That moment when you can finally reap the fruits of your (minimal) labor, thanks to these wondrous autoflower seeds.

Embrace the future of home cultivation with 45-day autoflowering cannabis seeds. Turn over a new leaf in your growing journey, and experience the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of a quick, successful harvest. There's no better time to start than now!

Advantages of growing 45-day autoflowering seeds

Speedy Harvests

The beauty of autoflower seeds lies in their shortened vegetative stage and often quick flowering period. These specific autoflower cannabis plants reward you with a bounty of homegrown weed in just ten weeks. It's like fast-forwarding nature's clock while still reaping an abundant yield.

Seasonal Bounty

The quick turnaround allows for multiple growing cycles within the same season. Imagine double the reward, in the same span, owing to the efficiency of these dynamic seeds.

User-Friendly Growth

45-day Autoflowers are the ultimate grower's companion, particularly for novices. With their forgiving nature, even beginners can nurture these plants to full bloom with minimal hiccups along the way.

Compact Growth

These marijuana plants typically maintain a shorter stature, perfect for discreet or limited-space cultivation. It's maximum productivity in minimal space - a grower's dream!

Resilient Nature

Boasting robust genetics, autoflower plants display impressive resilience. They effortlessly withstand varying weather conditions and display remarkable mold resistance.

Suitable for

45-Day autoflower cannabis seeds are suitable for:

Beginner Growers

With their simplicity and error-forgiving traits, 45-day auto-flowering cannabis seeds are an excellent starting point for beginner growers. But don't be fooled; even seasoned growers can appreciate a quick, reliable harvest!

Impatient Growers

45-day autoflower strains are the answer for those who prefer quick results. Many of these speedy strains are ready for harvest within 70 days, ensuring you can relish your homegrown weed within three months.

Multiple Season Harvesters

The quick maturation of these autoflower plants means multiple harvests within a single grow season. It's a game-changer for those cultivating outdoors who don't want to wait until season's end for their high THC or CBD harvest.

Indoor and Outdoor Cultivators

45-day autoflower weed plants adapt beautifully to any environment, fitting perfectly within smaller indoor spaces or blending seamlessly in an outdoor setting for a discreet grow.

The fastest 45-day autoflowering seeds

Considering you are visiting this specific autoflower seeds category, we assume you are also looking for the fastest strains in this collection. We have collected the Usain Bolt's of our 45-day for your growing pleasure.

Hindu Kush

Indulge in the allure of the Hindu Kush mountains without leaving your home; with Hindu Kush autoflower seeds, the majesty of the famous mountains is just a grow away. Reimagining a timeless classic, this strain blends the hardiness of Ruderalis genetics with the unspoiled essence of the iconic Indica.

In the cultivation journey, she’s as welcoming as an old friend. Whether you're an amateur grower or a seasoned cultivator, her resilience and forgiving growth patterns make the process both rewarding and enjoyable. With Hindu Kush autoflower, you're not tied to light cycles or extensive wait times; you're set for a quick and hassle-free harvest.

As for the experience? Expect profound relaxation; this strain isn't for when you're about to conquer your to-do list but when you've already vanquished it. Hindu Kush autoflower unfurls a gentle wave of calm that washes away stress and soothes discomfort. Together with Afghani, she is the godmother of all indica strains for a reason.

Taste-wise, she's like a hike through a serene woodland. Her earthy heart notes are interspersed with sweet nuances and a hint of incense. A flavor journey as fascinating as her mountainous namesake!


A novice's daydream and a cultivator's delight, Amnesia autoflower seeds offer the best of Dutch cannabis cultivation, wrapped up in a compact, easy-to-grow package. She's as versatile as she is forgiving, thriving in varied environments and weathering mistakes with grace - a testament to her rugged ruderalis lineage. And who needs an alarm clock? She's a self-starter, blooming at her own pace without fretting over light cycles.

As this marijuana plant matures, she fills your space with the irresistible allure of sweet, fruity citrus, while her buds glint with the promise of a potent, heady high. Surrender to the energy surge and euphoria that's as bright and bubbly as a Dutch tulip field in spring, perfect for sparking creativity or sharing laughter among friends.

Taste the fusion of Haze and Afghani in each puff - woody, spicy undertones giving way to a harmonious blend of citrus and fruity sweetness. A true Dutch delight, Amnesia autoflower seeds are a ticket to an effortless, fulfilling, and flavorsome cultivation journey.

Black Jack

If you're looking to ante up your cannabis cultivation game, place your bets on Black Jack autoflower seeds. The offspring of Black Domina and Jack Herer, this sativa-dominant strain is a surefire winner, adept at thriving in various climates. She is ready to produce high yields and display a turbo-charged growth cycle. Her compact stature is perfect for space-efficient cultivation, but don't be fooled, this compact contender is packed with resin-dense, trichome-heavy flowers.

On indulging, get ready for a potent hit of cerebral energy, spurring creativity and clarity. She's a Jack-of-all-trades, shifting gears into a calming, stress-relieving finish that embraces the body in soothing comfort. Black Jack also holds a potent hand in the medical marijuana arena, touted for alleviating chronic pain, muscle spasms, and migraines.

A sensory jackpot, this strain entices with an aromatic blend of sweet wild blueberry, spicy oriental notes, and earthy undertones. Your taste buds will revel in the harmonious blend of spicy, sweet, and sour flavors. This all makes her one of the best autoflower seeds, period. With Black Jack autoflower seeds, you're not just playing the game - you're winning it.

Amnesia Haze x Blueberry

Cultivate a slice of hybrid heaven with the Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower seeds. This perfectly balanced indica/sativa hybrid takes the best of her reputable parents, offering the ease of an autoflower with the advantage of a longer lifespan and, consequently, larger harvests. This green goddess might be slightly finicky, requiring a gardener's touch and a watchful eye for potential mold, but the payoff is more than worth it.

Featuring a distinctive structure with robust leaves and delightful purple-hued buds, she's a medium-sized beauty that easily adapts to indoor and outdoor environments. Indulge in a flavor symphony of sweet blueberries enveloped in a floral haze bouquet. This strain isn't for the faint of heart, delivering a high that swoops you into a vortex of mental exhilaration that slowly transitions into soothing relaxation.

She also doubles as a balm for the chronically pained and sleep-deprived. So, get ready to roll the dice and reap the rewards with Amnesia Haze x Blueberry autoflower seeds!

Buy the best 45-day autoflower marijuana seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

At WeedSeedsExpress, we're passionate about making every autoflower grow experience memorable. Our commitment isn't just limited to providing top-notch seeds with diverse genetics. We're also dedicated to assisting you throughout your growing journey.

The beauty of cultivating our 45-day autoflowering cannabis seeds is that it's accessible to everyone, regardless of experience. Even better, autoflowers don't demand excessive patience; some premium strains can progress from seed to harvest in a swift two to three months. Autoflowering seeds allow for multiple harvests in a single season, thanks to their speedy growth and independence from light cycles.

When you choose WeedSeedsExpress, you're not just buying 45-day autoflower cannabis seeds; you're investing in a hassle-free, rewarding cultivation experience. We stand by our delivery and germination guarantees on tracked orders, ensuring a smooth journey from purchase to growth.

So, why wait? Order your 45-day autoflower weed seeds today and gear up for an unforgettable cultivation journey. Welcome to the WeedSeedsExpress family - where the grow of a lifetime awaits!

45-day autoflower seeds FAQs

What are 45-day autoflower cannabis seeds?

45-day autoflowering seeds are truly a marvel in the world of cannabis cultivation. These innovative seeds are a type of cannabis seed that takes the growing process to an entirely new level of efficiency. They're engineered to have a flowering stage of 45 days or less, irrespective of the light cycle. This makes them a time-saving wonder, allowing growers to reap their homegrown buds in a remarkably swift timeframe.

Moreover, these seeds combine the robustness of ruderalis genetics with the potency and flavors of various other strains, providing a rapid harvest without compromising on quality. Whether you're a seasoned cultivator seeking a quicker yield or a beginner eager for an easy, rewarding grow, autoflower seeds with 45 days of flowering are a game-changing choice that redefines the boundaries of home cultivation.

Can 45-day autoflower cannabis seeds be grown indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely! The beauty of 45-day autoflower cannabis seeds lies in their exceptional adaptability. They thrive both indoors and outdoors, making them a versatile choice for growers with different cultivation preferences.

Indoors, they offer a perfect solution for growers with limited space due to their typically compact size. Additionally, their rapid growth cycle allows for multiple indoor harvests throughout the year, maximizing your yield within your home environment.

Outdoor growers can also benefit from these resilient seeds. Not only do they weather various climate conditions with ease, but their quick turn-around time also means several harvests in a single growing season - a rare feat in traditional outdoor growing.

So, regardless of your cultivation style, 45-day autoflower seeds are designed to deliver bountiful harvests in any setting. They offer a harmonious blend of flexibility, speed, and resilience, breaking down the walls between indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Are 45-day autoflowers feminized seeds?

Absolutely! All our 45-day autoflowers are feminized. What this means is that these quick-blooming beauties are bred in such a way that they almost exclusively produce female plants. This is a significant advantage for cultivators, as female plants are the ones responsible for producing the resinous buds sought after by cannabis enthusiasts and medical users alike.

Feminized autoflowers not only offer a quicker harvest, but also minimize the hassle of identifying and removing male plants, making your cultivation journey smoother and more productive. Hence, if you're seeking a fast, efficient, and predictably fruitful growing experience, 45-day feminized autoflower seeds might just be your golden ticket.