New strain releases - August 2023

New strain releases - August 2023

It’s August, and you know what that means? New strains for you to grow in your garden or grow room! In July, we launched the following weed seeds for sale:

For the month of August, we are launching two more feminized cannabis seeds, and one for the autoflower seeds lovers among us.

All three strains promise an intense experience, bound by their extraordinary potency. We think they will be a great addition to our High THC seeds collection with their unmatched strength.

So either of these new seeds should be a part of your grow space sooner rather than later, if you're looking for extremely potent weed.

Fat Bastard feminized

Introducing our Fat Bastard feminized seeds - more potent than a gorilla and as robust as they come, graced with an intriguing blend of Goldmember and Monkey Spunk strains. These seeds bring a high-octane cannabis experience - one where power meets easy cultivation.

Imagine tasting an explosion of exotic fruity notes mingling with a sweet, skunky aroma as you indulge in Fat Bastard's buds.

Despite her notable potency, Fat Bastard proves beginner-friendly with her simple growing process. Whether you're an indoor gardener or an outdoor cultivator, these cannabis plants provide flexibility with their considerable stature, thriving in all conditions.

High-yield potential is the name of the game, and the Fat Bastard delivers with chunky buds reminiscent of the famous Scotsman (from the Austin Powers series) she's named after.

When it comes to the high, Fat Bastard's effects are far from subtle. Each puff will transport you into a realm of euphoric relaxation, making your troubles melt away. Don't be surprised if you find yourself stuck in a blissful couch-lock.

This strain offers a creative kick as well, fueling your next art project. And if you think this is impressive, wait until you get a whiff of her enticing scent. A rollercoaster of an experience, truly!

Fat Bastard autoflower

Roll out the red carpet for our Fat Bastard autoflower seeds – a marvelous concoction of Goldmember and Monkey Spunk with a sprinkle of ruderalis.

This enticing blend is set to enthrall the autoflowering cannabis community with her effortless cultivation and speed from seed to harvest, making her a perfect choice for those eager to revel in her bountiful, resin-rich buds.

Just like her photoperiod sister, Fat Bastard auto's effects are as potent as they come, starting with a cerebral high that cascades into full-body relaxation - a soothing nightcap for anyone seeking an evening unwind. But tread lightly, for this lady packs a punch potent enough to floor the unprepared.

Bask in her vibrant flavor profile that marries fruity notes with a dash of skunky undertones, a sensory delight that keeps you coming back for more. Her smooth smoke is as pleasing as it is unique, making her a delight for both novice and seasoned connoisseurs.

The Fat Bastard auto keeps it classy, staying compact and easily manageable for any indoor or outdoor grow setup. She’s a one-of-a-kind lady, promising a euphoric, relaxing experience like no other.

Jealousy feminized

Unleash your green thumb with our Jealousy feminized seeds, a sought-after delicacy in the cannabis community that has captured hearts (and noses) with her tangy orange soda and smooth ice cream fusion.

A cheeky sprinkle of black pepper and kush spice adds a delightful zing, making each puff a sensory carnival.

Jealousy is a child of Gelato and Sunset Sherbet. She carries the best of both parents, and with a lineage that boasts of Girl Scout Cookies genetics, this lady promises a tantalizing trip you wouldn't want to miss.

Growing our Jealousy seeds is a breeze, perfect even for beginners seeking to add a low-maintenance, but high rewarding lady to their garden. Her robust structure and towering height are a testament to her vigor, but ensure you plan ahead to accommodate her growth.

Light up Leafly's Strain of the Year for 2022 and let her euphoric embrace lift you to heights of creativity, before gently lulling you into a relaxed state - perfect for a bit of evening unwinding. But tread carefully, her high THC content is not for the faint-hearted.

In a nutshell, growing Jealousy feminized seeds is a sweet, spicy, and splendid journey you'd want to embark on. Step into her world and let her enthrall you.

Which will be your next favorite?

Fat Bastard and Jealousy will make fantastic new strains for you to grow in your indoor or outdoor growing area. Whichever of these new weed seeds you choose, you can expect abundant crops of extremely potent buds.

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