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Maximize your harvest with our high-yield cannabis seeds, specifically bred for their ability to produce large quantities of bud. 

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Sexxpot feminized
Sexxpot feminized seeds
Girl Scout Cookies autoflower
Bruce Banner feminized
Bruce Banner feminized seeds
Bruce Banner autoflower
Bruce Banner autoflower seeds
Blue Dream feminized
Blue Dream feminized seeds
Northern Lights X Big Bud autoflower seeds
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds
Somango XXL feminized
Somango XXL feminized seeds
Super Silver Haze feminized
AK-48 autoflower
Big Bud feminized
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High yield cannabis seeds for sale: all you need to know!

High Yield Cannabis Seeds

We can stand on our soapboxes and yell that the journey of growing cannabis seeds is more important than the destination, but we also understand that most growers still look forward to harvesting time. That is the time you can marvel at the resinous buds dangling from your cannabis plants, reflecting your happy face in the crystalline trichomes.

And while we would still argue that high quality weed is always more important than the quantity of your harvest, these two things are not mutually exclusive. You just got to choose the right cannabis seeds, and grabbing one of these high yielding strains is step number one.

You also need to take good care of your marijuana plants, and (if you have a bit of experience with growing marijuana) applying growing techniques will also help attain high yields come harvest time. We also advise you to grab feminized seeds, as those guarantee a grow space full of female plants that develop the smokable buds you are aiming for.

With that in mind, you can start planting high yielding cannabis seeds. Get your stash jars ready, because huge yields will arrive before you know it.

Suitable for

High yield cannabis seeds are suitable for: 

Beginner and advanced growers

As said, we believe most cultivators are aiming for the highest yields possible. Experience will you get very far; taking proper care is key to gaining those heavy yields, and that includes using training methods to develop plants in such a way they create more buds. Growing high yield seeds is an art, but beginners shouldn't become discouraged, as practice makes perfect.

We advise you to scan our catalog for seeds for beginners and pick a high yielding cannabis strain that is easy to grow, yet with a high yield potential. That should give you a wider margin for errors, without risking a disappointing output.

Growers with limited grow space

Most hobby growers do not have the space to grow rows and rows of weed plants, so getting a high yield per plant or per square meter is essential to create a little stock for yourself and/or your loved one, especially if you consume cannabis medically (you also are able to have more control over which marijuana strains you have available, and not be dependable on what the dispensary can offer you).

High yielding cannabis strains produce a great number of buds, efficiently, so you can use your grow room or garden to the fullest.

Cannabis consumers with a limited budget

Consuming cannabis can be quite an expensive hobby, especially when you buy your weed at the local dispensary or coffeeshop. But if you grow your own, you not only have a much greater choice of marijuana strains you can try, but in the long run your costs will be significantly less.

You can save even more money on high yielding cannabis seeds, when you look for our cheap weed seeds. Many of our high yielding strains also are often found on sale, so make sure you keep tabs on our discounts if you want to save some many on our high yield seeds. If you do not want to miss any of our deals, you should sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

The best high yielding strains

Answering "What is the best high yielding strain?" is not very straightforward. Mostly because it is very subjective, but what if we try to objectively solve this puzzle? We have analyzed our entire seed catalog, and based on the yield potential, and the yield potential alone, have made a selection of the three highest yielding cannabis seeds.

To please both indoor and outdoor growers, we have selected strains for either growing situations.

The highest yielding strains - outdoor

Outdoor cultivators looking for the highest possible average yield, will be very happy with the following three strains. While they all offer three different experiences, there is one thing that connects them: 'Critical' genetics.

Critical feminized

Creating the highest yields possible starts with choosing the right seeds, and with Critical feminized seeds, you can't go wrong. This indica dominant hybrid took the best from their parents, Big Bud x Skunk #1, and created a monster of a high yielding cannabis strain.

This Big Bud descendant stays compact, and she is pretty easy to grow as well. You mostly have to make sure your Critical weed plants stay ventilated, while keeping an eye on the humidity levels in your grow room or garden. If you ensure you keep her away from bud rot and other fungi, you can get ready for crazy high yields.

When grown in outdoor environments, you can harvest up to a whopping 1300 grams per plant! You can fill your stash jars with massive amounts of relaxing and creativity-sparking weed that taste of citrus and berries.

Critical Jack feminized

A close second is one of Critical's descendants: Critical Jack feminized seeds. With an equally impressive 1200 grams per plant, it is no wonder this mostly sativa hybrid took the number one spot in the outdoor category for the Cannabis Cup Thai Maria in 2011.

Mixing the previously mentioned Critical with Jack Herer, this strains bring not only high yields, but flowers pretty darn quick. Her flowering time takes you between eight to nine weeks, before you can start enjoying her buds.

And enjoying her buds you will, you will feel invigorated as she lifts your spirits. Home chores will feel less like a chore, as the Critical Jack weed starts to kick in. Just turn on some of your favorite music, and you will have your home clean in no time.

CBD Critical Mass feminized

While many a home grower loves to cultivate high THC seeds, not everyone is looking for high yielding cannabis strains with soaring THC levels. We also offer some CBD seeds in our high yield category, including CBD Critical Mass feminized seeds.

Due to a low THC level and a stronger CBD presence, you don't have to expect potent effects with dizzying highs. No, this strain presents a more subtle cerebral high that can help you gain new perspectives. Medical marijuana users have reported CBD Critical Mass can help with pain relief, insomnia, and depression.

As you might expect from high yielding cannabis seeds, you can expect plenty of CBD weed at the end of the grow cycle. A generous yield of up to 1200 grams can be in your future, if you take good care of your marijuana plant and provide her with the optimal growing conditions.

The highest yielding strains - indoor

Indoor growers looking for high yields can grow any of the following three high yielding cannabis strains. They are not all suitable for beginners, but experienced cultivators should be able to get the most out of these high yield strains.

AK-48 autoflower

Fans of high yielding indica dominant hybrids and autoflowering plants can rejoice, because AK-48 autoflower seeds take the crown when it comes to getting high yields with indoor growing. While her better-known sister AK-47 auto already rakes in a very decent amount of buds, the 48 variety impresses even more with a max yield potential of 750 grams per square meter.

Because of her ruderalis genetics, these autoflower seeds are rather effortless to grow, and her plants stay very compact as well. AK-48 auto is also very mold resistant and sturdy, which is also thanks to her healthy genetics mix of Colombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani.

Amnesia Haze x White Widow feminized

Ever visited a Dutch Coffeeshop? If so, you must have seen both Amnesia Haze and White Widow on the menu. Both cannabis strains have their own merits, but if you combine the two, you get an even more interesting marijuana strain.

Amnesia Haze x White Widow feminized seeds are not the easiest to grow, but with 700 grams per square, her large yields are more than worth the extra effort. Especially when you try out her supercharged sativa weed, which is perfect for social situations.

Zkittlez feminized

While just as yieldy (also 700 grams per square meter indoors) Zkittlez feminized seeds are a better choice if you are looking for indica dominant hybrids. You can expect a sense of euphoria, but soon a feeling of relaxation will set in, that will soothe you to your very core.

Her sweet and fruity buds are partly due to her Grape Ape ancestry, mixed with a sour undertone. Her effects and lovely aromas had the entire cannabis scene in a chokehold, winning many awards, including two Cannabis Cups in 2015 and the Emeralds Cup in 2016.

Buy the best high yield seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

Why use WeedSeedsExpress

WeedSeedsExpress is your one-stop shop for the highest quality high yield cannabis seeds. As every reputable seed bank should, we not only offer a wide variety of wonderful strains, but we also stand for a pleasant and smooth customer experience. This includes a stellar customer support team, a germination guarantee (that includes free seeds on both 5- and 10-packs) and a delivery guarantee (on tracked orders only).

Getting a high yield takes proper care of your marijuana plants. Take care to read the seed product pages, as it often gives you extra tips to make sure you have a successful grow with many delicious buds.

But it all starts with choosing the right cannabis seeds! Browse our high yield seeds catalog, and figure out what type of strain fits your needs most. Get ready for the grow of a lifetime, and order your high yield cannabis seeds today at WeedSeedsExpress.

High yield cannabis seeds FAQs

What are high yielding cannabis seeds?  

The explanation is in the name: these are cannabis seeds that can produce a high yield, come harvest time. Most of our high yield strains are feminized seeds, yet we do offer high yielding autoflower seeds, that do considerably well in that area, especially when grown indoors. 

What are considered high yield seeds?

Our high yield cannabis seeds start at an indoor yield potential of 600 grams per square meter. While that might potentially shave off a few heavy outdoor yielders, most high yielding cannabis strains can deliver high yields indoors as well.

If you are looking for a cannabis strain with extremely heavy outdoor yields, you can check out our 'The highest yielding strains - outdoor' section on this page.

What is the highest yielding autoflower strain?

While autoflowers are not typically known to produce a large yield, things have considerably changed over the years. Yes, most photoperiod feminized strains produce higher yields, but don't underestimate autoflowers!

Outdoor growers looking for a great yet fast yield, Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds can bless you with an impressive 550 grams per plant. Her golden buds (sporting an exceptionally high THC content for an auto) will uplift you with an energetic cerebral high, followed by an unwinding body relaxation.

As mentioned before, the AK-48 auto version is our highest indoor yielder with a colossal 750 grams per m², higher even than any of our photoperiod seeds.

What yields more, sativa or indica?

Sativa seeds, especially outdoors, tend to grow tall plants with ample room for plenty of bud sites. Indica seeds sprout plants that usually grow bushier and compact, but her buds are usually on denser side. If we look at our highest yielding cannabis seeds, we can deduce the following: almost all heavy yielders as a hybrid of some sort, yet there is no clear indication that either indica or sativa are overrepresented in this category.

One thing is sure, whether you like strains that are mostly sativa, or indica dominant hybrids, rest assured, there is a high yielding cannabis strain for you.