Durban Poison autoflower seeds

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Durban Poison Auto is a cannabis strain with a complex haze and pine flavor profile. These seeds smell like citrus and have happy, uplifting effects.

  • Up to 21% THC
  • 70% Sativa / 10% Indica
  • Strong fungal resistance
  • Versatile yields
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Durban Poison autoflower seeds
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Durban Poison autoflower seeds


Strain Info

THC level 21 %
CBD level 0.5 %
CBG level 0 %
Type Sativa dominant
Ruderalis 20 %
Sativa 70 %
Indica 10 %
Genetics Durban Poison x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 250-400 grams per m2
Yield outdoor 100-150 grams per plant
Height indoor 70-140 cm
Height outdoor 180-120 cm
Flowering time 56-63 days
Fungal resistance High
Grower profile Beginner
Cultivation Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Climate Arid, Tropical, Temperate, Mountains, Mediterranean
Flavors Earthy, Pine, Haze, Spicy, Sweet, Citrus
Effects Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Happy, Uplifting
Terpenes Terpinolene, Alpha Humulene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool

Durban Poison autoflower seeds

Unleash the raw energy and creative force of Durban Poison Autoflower, a sativa-dominant gem that has its roots in South Africa. This strain is a fusion of the legendary Durban Poison with robust ruderalis genetics, crafting a masterpiece that thrives in various climates - from the arid stretches to the lush tropics, and even in the brisk mountain air. Its adaptability makes it a perfect choice for cultivation in greenhouses, indoors, or under the open sky.

Why You Should Buy Durban Poison Autoflower Seeds

  • Impressive THC levels up to 21% for a powerful, uplifting experience
  • Easy cultivation, ideal for beginner growers
  • Strong resistance to fungal threats, ensuring a healthy grow
  • A versatile choice for SOG/SCROG setups

Growing Durban Poison (Indoor/Outdoor)

When it comes to growing Durban Poison Autoflower, its versatility shines. This plant showcases a remarkable blend of 70% sativa, 20% ruderalis, and a hint of 10% indica. It reaches a moderate height indoors (70-140 cm), making it manageable for indoor spaces, while outdoor plants can stretch up to 180 cm, capturing the essence of its sativa lineage. The strain has a flowering time of 56 to 63 days, producing yields ranging from 250-400 g/m² indoors and 100-150 g per plant outdoors. What's unique about Durban Poison Autoflower is its resilience and adaptability, thriving across different environments.

Flowering Time

Experience a swift journey to harvest with Durban Poison Autoflower. The flowering period spans between 56 to 63 days, a testament to its autoflowering nature. This rapid transition to bloom ensures a quick turnaround for growers eager to sample its delights.

Durban Poison Autoflower Yield

Despite its moderate size, Durban Poison Autoflower is a generous yielder. Indoors, expect up to 400 g/m², while outdoor cultivators can harvest between 100 to 150 grams per plant, a bountiful reward for their efforts.

Effects of Durban Poison Weed

Durban Poison Autoflower is a powerhouse of creativity and energy. Its effects are predominantly uplifting and euphoric, igniting a focused and happy state of mind. Ideal for artistic endeavors or tasks requiring a sharp, energized focus, it's a sativa lover's dream.

Smell and Taste

The aroma and flavor profile of Durban Poison Autoflower is a complex tapestry of earthy, pine, and spicy notes, intertwined with sweet citrus undertones. This delightful blend is further enriched by its terpene composition, featuring terpinolene, alpha-humulene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool.

Durban Poison Terpenes

The terpene profile of Durban Poison Autoflower is a symphony of aromas and flavors. Terpinolene imparts a piney, floral essence, while alpha-humulene and beta-caryophyllene add spicy, woody notes. Limonene and linalool contribute a citrusy, floral touch, rounding out this strain's alluring appeal.

Origin of Durban Poison

The origin of Durban Poison traces back to the vibrant city of Durban in South Africa. Its journey from the African plains to the global cannabis stage is marked by its energizing and creative influence, making it a favorite among sativa enthusiasts.

The Best Durban Poison Autoflower Seeds for Sale Online at WeedSeedsExpress

Choosing Durban Poison Autoflower seeds from WeedSeedsExpress means embarking on a growing adventure filled with ease and excitement. Perfect for both novice and experienced cultivators, these seeds promise a journey filled with aromatic splendor and potent effects. Dive into the world of Durban Poison and let your senses be invigorated by its unique charm.

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