Berner's Cookies feminized seeds

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Berner's Cookies is a cannabis strain with a tropical flavor profile. These Sativa-dominant seeds have high THC levels and give a relaxing high.

  • Up to 22% THC
  • 75% Sativa / 25% Indica
  • High fungal resistance
  • High yields
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Berner's Cookies feminized seeds
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Berner's Cookies feminized seeds


Strain Info

THC level 22 %
CBD level 0.07 %
CBG level 1 %
Type Sativa dominant, Indica dominant
Ruderalis 0 %
Sativa 75 %
Indica 25 %
Genetics Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie
Yield indoor 450-575 grams per m2
Yield outdoor 575-700 grams per plant
Height indoor 100-140 cm
Height outdoor 140-200 cm
Flowering time 63-70 days
Fungal resistance High
Grower profile Advanced, Beginner
Cultivation Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid, Tropical
Flavors Fruity, Sweet, Treefruit, Tropical, Citrus, Earthy, Herbal, Strawberry, Pine, Woody, Cream
Effects Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Happy, Social, Talkative, Tingly, Uplifting, Relaxed, Stoned, Arousing, Calming, Hungry
Terpenes Delta 3 Carene, Terpinolene, Alpha Humulene, Beta Pinene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene, Nerolidol, Fenchol, Phytol, Borneol, Camphene, Ocimene, Eugenol, Cadinene, Citral, Alpha Cedrene, Humulene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene, Terpineol

Berner's Cookies feminized seeds

Initially developed by the famous rapper Berner - a friend of Wiz Khalifa - Berner's Cookies (sometimes referred to as Berner Cookies) feminized features high THC levels of up to 22%. Weed harvested from these wonderful Sativa dominant hybrid seeds can induce intense relaxation and unforgettable highs.

Are you wondering what the Berner's Cookies cannabis seeds have to offer? Just keep reading! 

Why buy feminized Berner's Cookies seeds:

  • Creative, mellow, and talkative high

  • High THC levels

  • Delicious vanilla taste and smell

  • High mold resistance

  • Potential for big yields

Flowering time

This plant exhibits a beautiful flowering phase when growing Berner's Cookies seeds. First, you'll see striking purple hues, which gradually become more expressive as time passes.

Finally, after about nine to ten weeks of flowering, you can get your scissors out of the grease to harvest.


Like the rest of the "Cookie clan," Berner's Cookies feminized is a cannabis strain that can produce harvests of up to 575 grams per square meter when grown indoors.

Outdoors, it is possible to achieve impressive harvests of up to 700 grams per plant.


Medicinal users, as well as recreational users, swear by the effects of Berner's Cookies. 

The experience begins with a relaxed, tingly sensation and a sense of creativity and focus. 

Following the initial impact, you will feel its uplifting and energetic effects that leave you feeling happy and talkative. 

These traits can make her an effective remedy for mental discomforts such as depression and anxiety. She is also great at treating pain symptoms and many other ailments.

THC Level

As you would expect from our high THC cannabis seeds, Berner's Cookies is a potent weed, with 22% THC content. So, take it easy if you are new to smoking cannabis or sensitive to THC.

Smell & Flavors

On the first hit, you experience a mild scent and taste reminiscent of vanilla, a pinch of citrus, and sweet tropical tree fruits.

As you enjoy these flavors, you slowly drift away and enjoy the euphoric feeling it brings you. All accumulated stress and muscle tension will disappear like snow in the sun as you experience its unique flavors.


Berner's Cookies strain seeds will not grow too tall as a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Berner's Cookies seeds are therefore an excellent choice for indoor growing.

When grown indoors, the plant height lies near a compact 100 to 140 cm, while outside, she will stretch quite a lot further and reach a height of 140 to 200 cm.


Berner's Cookies feminized seeds have become wildly popular and known worldwide in just a few months.

It all started allegedly in the region where the Cookies originated, San Francisco. It was there where rapper and cannabis industry magnate "Berner," real name: Gilbert Millam Jr., created Berner's Cookies (along with the legendary "Cookie Fam", rapper, and co-founder Wiz Khalifa).

Naturally, this created a lot of hype in the United States, after which this delicious cannabis strain spread to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, as with many cannabis strains, the exact story surrounding her origin is not recorded. We do know the genetics come from Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie.

As such, you will overwhelmingly notice GSC characteristics in your growth, which you can easily recognize by the purple tones in their leaves and the overflowing shades of green, from light to dark. 

Grow Tips

  • Classified as advanced grow difficulty, so a bit of experience will help.

  • Apply the Sea of Green or ScrOG growing methods for higher yields.

  • Suitable for growing outdoors, indoors, or inside a greenhouse.

  • Expect long, slender plant growth.

  • Produces compact, fluffy buds.

  • Ensure strong carbon filters due to pungent aromas during flowering.

  • Store in airtight pots after harvesting to retain the aroma.

  • Cure the harvest for a few weeks to enhance the flavors.

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