Chocolate Thai feminized seeds

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Chocolate Thai is a Sativa-dominant strain named for its chocolate flavor profile. These cannabis seeds smell sweet and give a relaxing and focused high.

  • Up to 21% THC
  • 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
  • High fungal resistance
  • High yields
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Chocolate Thai feminized seeds
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Chocolate Thai feminized seeds


Strain Info

THC level 21 %
CBD level 1.5 %
CBG level 0 %
Type Sativa dominant
Ruderalis 0 %
Sativa 80 %
Indica 20 %
Genetics OG Chocolate Thai F2 x OG Chocolate Thai F3 x Big Sur Holy Weed
Yield indoor 550-700 grams per m2
Yield outdoor 600-900 grams per plant
Height indoor 90-110 cm
Height outdoor 120-140 cm
Flowering time 70-77 days
Fungal resistance High
Grower profile Beginner
Cultivation Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Climate Mediterranean, Tropical
Flavors Fruity, Sweet, Chocolate
Effects Cerebral, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Giggly, Relaxed
Terpenes Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Sabinene, Bisabolene, Caryophyllene

Chocolate Thai feminized seeds

Embark on a journey with the legendary Chocolate Thai Feminized Seeds, a strain deeply rooted in cannabis history. This sativa-dominant gem, boasting genetics from OG Chocolate Thai F2 and F3 crossed with Big Sur Holy Weed, offers a unique experience. Its tropical and Mediterranean lineage whispers tales of exotic origins, promising a cerebral and euphoric adventure. With a THC level of 21% and CBD at 1.5%, it's a perfect choice for both recreational and medicinal users seeking a focused, energetic high with a touch of relaxation.

Why you should buy Chocolate Thai Feminized Seeds

  • Impressive THC content of 21% for a cerebral, energetic high
  • Unique chocolatey and fruity flavor profile
  • High resistance to fungal infections, suitable for varied climates
  • Perfect for SOG/SCROG setups, offering high yields

Growing Chocolate Thai (Indoor/Outdoor)

Chocolate Thai thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, as well as greenhouses, making it a versatile choice for growers. Indoors, it reaches a manageable height of 90 to 110 cm, while outdoor plants can stretch up to 140 cm. This strain is particularly friendly to beginners, thanks to its high fungal resistance and adaptability. When cultivated with care, indoor yields can range from 550 to 700 grams per m², and outdoor yields soar between 600 to 900 grams per plant. The flowering time of 70 to 77 days is a small price to pay for the abundant harvest that awaits.

Flowering Time

Chocolate Thai has a flowering time of 10 to 11 weeks, translating to 70 to 77 days. This period allows its rich terpene profile, including pinene, myrcene, ocimene, and caryophyllene, to fully develop, ensuring a flavorful and aromatic experience.

Chocolate Thai Yield

Indoor growers can expect yields between 550 to 700 grams per m², while outdoor cultivation can yield a generous 600 to 900 grams per plant. These numbers reflect the strain's robust genetic makeup and resilience in various growing conditions.

Effects of Chocolate Thai Weed

Enjoy a cerebral, euphoric, and energetic high that keeps you focused and giggly. This sativa-dominant strain is perfect for creative endeavors or social gatherings, offering relaxation without overwhelming sedation.

Smell and Taste

Chocolate Thai offers a delightful combination of sweet, fruity, and unmistakable chocolate flavors, making each puff a delectable experience. The rich terpene blend ensures a complex and enjoyable taste profile.

Chocolate Thai Terpenes

The terpene profile includes pinene, myrcene, ocimene, humulene, limonene, linalool, sabinene, bisabolene, and caryophyllene, contributing to its unique aroma and therapeutic benefits.

Origin of Chocolate Thai

Chocolate Thai's roots trace back to Southeast Asia, with a lineage enriched by crossbreeding OG Chocolate Thai variants with Big Sur Holy Weed. This history adds an exotic allure to its already captivating profile.

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