New strain releases - February 2023

New strain releases - February 2023

Last month, we launched a number of amazing autoflower seeds. Stardawg, Skywalker OG, Purple Haze, Pineapple Express, and Grape Ape joined our weed seeds catalog. This month we decided to mix it up a bit more, adding some photoperiod feminized seeds to the mix.

While each strain provides a different experience, both in growing and consumption, we are more than excited to reveal our newest strains to you, as we are sure all of these have major potential to be your next favorite strain to grow.

Biscotti feminized

Coveted by the crème de la crème of the music industry, Biscotti has quickly become one of the most popular strains out there. This indica-heavy hybrid has been mentioned in songs by multi-platinum recording artists Gunna, Juice WRLD, and Offset, to name a few. While this Girl Scout Cookies descendant has many reasons to be so beloved, we believe her power over all these artists lies in her ability to spark your creativity. Quite important, when making music, of course.

Now you can grow your own Biscotti in your grow room or cannabis garden. This supreme strain can ask for experienced hands. While she is not easily tackled by mold, Biscotti plants do need proper attention and her pruning done weekly. More advanced growers can adapt her to more cramped grow spaces, using topping or Super Cropping.

Biscotti feminized seeds are not the easiest to grow, but her tasty buds are more than worth the effort, as long as you are a fan of chocolate chip cookies, that is. Not very surprising, considering the history of her genetics, mixing South Florida OG and Gelato, with the latter being also part of the cookie dynasty. It seems that finding the source of Biscotti’s amazing flavor was not a tough cookie to crumble.

Pink Runtz feminized & autoflower

Cherry candies might be one of the favorite sugary snacks at the Weedseedsexpress office, but eating a bag of said candies will net you over 850 calories! Holy moly. Well, in that case, Pink Runtz weed is a way better choice when trying to watch your calorie intake. You get the same sweet cherry candy flavor and aroma, all while consuming 0 calories!

If her amazing flavors are not pulling you in yet, Pink Runtz’ balanced hybrid effects will. Expect to float somewhere between complete body relaxation, and rushing feelings of pure euphoria. While negative thoughts dwindle, positive emotions will get the upper hand and can even reach a point of pure bliss. Just beware, you might get stuck in fits of laughter if you are hanging out with a comedic crowd, or when you are watching funny videos on the internet.

Growing Pink Runtz feminized seeds is quite a fun experience, albeit perhaps a bit simple for the more advanced growers among you. Applying growing techniques might make the growing process a bit more challenging, but even more rewarding when done right. If you are an absolute beginner, we advise grabbing our Pink Runtz autoflower seeds and using our grow guide for beginners to take you by the hand, from seed to harvest.

Triangle Kush feminized & autoflower

Often, ‘Florida Man’ has been attributed with bad news. But with Triangle Kush, Florida Man has finally made the world a bit of a better place. Originally grown in the Emerald Triangle of Florida (not to be confused with the more well-known Emerald Triangle of California), when a female plant with the same name as the region was cross-pollinated with a Hindu Kush plant.

We think that the Hindu Kush parent is the reason why Triangle Kush is such a breeze to grow. Her plants can yield quite an impressive harvest, even when you make a mistake or two. Even a starting grower can pick up either Triangle Kush feminized seeds or Triangle Kush autoflower seeds and have a successful grow with either option. The latter will grow a lot quicker, though.

When it's time for harvesting, your crops will smell sour, sweet, and earthy. Her aroma is very similar to her flavors, yet the sour citrus will dominate when the smoke clashes with your taste buds. At the same time, your body slips into a state of pure relaxation, while a slight euphoric head buzz will turn your frown upside down. We didn’t lie when we said Florida Man did something good for once.

Lamb’s Bread feminized

Everyone loves Bob Marley, that’s just a fact. But do you know what Bob loved? Playing music and football? Yes, but also smoking the strain native to the beautiful island of Jamaica: Lamb’s Bread. This almost pure sativa landrace is known for her instant uplifting, and energizing effects. As she boosts your creativity, Lamb’s Bread is also capable of invoking deep philosophical ideas, just waiting to be shared with others, so be ready for that.

Plants grown from Lamb’s Bread feminized seeds do not share the same free-going spirit as Mr. Marley. They are quite high maintenance, demanding a warm climate and a big grow space. If you can provide her with all that, she also needs some time to fully develop her buds. We would not advise choosing this sativa strain as your first grow, that’s for sure. But if you have the patience and growing experience, Lamb’s Bread will provide you with a lot of ‘herb’ (as Bob Marley called it).

Lamb’s Bread buds will taste sweet, herbal, and a little citrusy. Her aroma is also sweet, but a bit more woody, earthy, and full of spices. Rather flavorful if you ask us, and another reason to grow this Caribbean cannabis strain.

Which will be your next favorite?

All our new strains this month bring a different experience. Some are perfect seeds for beginners, while others bring a challenge and are better suited for advanced growers. Two of our new strains are crazy popular among some of the biggest artists of the past, present, and (perhaps) future, as they help get you in a creative mood. The other two are more suitable for a relaxed evening (with friends) when you just want to take a break from all of your hardships. Everyone needs and deserves a break from time to time.

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