Grape Ape autoflower seeds

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Grape Ape Auto is an energizing strain with a delicious grape flavor. These cannabis seeds are easy to grow and carry a pleasant fruity scent.

  • Up to 24% THC
  • 30% Sativa / 50% Indica
  • Easy to grow
  • Fast flowering
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Grape Ape autoflower seeds
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Grape Ape autoflower seeds


Strain Info

THC level 24 %
CBD level 0.5 %
CBG level 0 %
Type Indica dominant
Ruderalis 20 %
Sativa 30 %
Indica 50 %
Genetics Grape Ape x Auto OG Kush
Yield indoor 450-500 grams per m2
Yield outdoor 80-140 grams per plant
Height indoor 80-150 cm
Height outdoor 80-150 cm
Flowering time 49-54 days
Fungal resistance High
Grower profile Beginner
Cultivation Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Climate Cold, Mediterranean, Temperate
Flavors Grape, Fruity, Sweet, Skunk
Effects Powerful, Relaxed, Cerebral, Energetic, Uplifting
Terpenes Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Phellandrene, Eucalyptol, Alpha Humulene, Phytol, Valencene, Borneol

Grape Ape autoflower seeds

Tired of monkey business? Crossing Grape Ape x Auto OG Kush resulted in a delicious grape-scented, highly potent autoflowering Indica dominant strain that will thrive under most growing conditions.

Grape Ape marijuana features a deliciously sweet and fruity grape flavor and is very easy to grow. By merging the powerful characteristics of the Grape Ape with the autoflowering OG Kush, we created a strain that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor even faster.

Do you want to find out more about these amazing autoflowering Grape Ape cannabis seeds? Keep on reading! More experience under your belt and not in a rush? Try your hand at growing our Grape Ape feminized seeds for an even more bountiful harvest.

Why you should buy Grape Ape autoflower seeds:

  • Delicious grape aroma and flavor

  • Very short flowering period

  • Potent Indica dominant weed with THC levels up to 24%

Growing autoflowering Grape Ape seeds (indoors and outdoors)

Grape Ape auto marijuana seeds are exceptionally easy to grow indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouse conditions. Available at your preferred weed seed shop, these seeds grow into small to medium-sized plants that display vigorous growth, rapidly developing side shoots and producing large quantities of flowers.

The leaves are a deep green, with certain phenotypes exhibiting striking hues of red and purple, complemented by tawny-colored pistils. The leaves are tightly curled, and the dense buds have a compact structure. The buds are particularly sticky, thanks to a thick layer of icy trichomes that become prominent as harvest time approaches.

The cannabis seeds of the autoflowering Grape Ape strain are feminized, ensuring that your crop will consist solely of female plants.

Flowering time

Grape Ape autoflower is a fast-growing strain with a flowering period of only 49 to 54 days. For outdoor growers, this means you can enjoy multiple harvests of delicious grape-flavored weed per season!

Plant height

Growing Grape Ape plants you will notice that they remain fairly small but grow more in width so that they look like small bushes.

Both indoors and outdoors, the plants grown from Grape Ape strain seeds will reach a height between 80 and 150 cm. This makes them manageable to grow, but large enough to provide an impressive yield!

Grape Ape auto yield

Grape Ape cannabis plants are known for their generous yields. On top of that, great flavors and an excellent high are waiting for you.

Growing indoors, Grape Ape autoflower provides you with 450 to 500 grams of fragrant purple buds per m². Outdoors, your yield can reach up to 140 grams per plant, under optimal conditions.

Effects of Grape Ape

With a THC level of 24%, this predominantly Indica strain induces intense relaxation, and an uplifting sensation, and boosts your energy levels. Within an hour, the powerful, intoxicating mental effects slowly transition into a full-body buzz. After that, the cerebral effects become more hypnotic and meditative.

Medicinally, Grape Ape can be used to alleviate a variety of conditions and ailments, such as muscle spasms, sore joints, and chronic pain. The soothing, yet uplifting effects are an excellent choice for those looking to elevate their mood or take the edge off when experiencing anxiety or stress.

Side effects

The side effects of the Grape Ape strain are relatively mild. Aside from the common dry mouth and eyes, you may experience slight headaches and dizziness as a result of her high THC content and powerful sedative properties.

Smell and taste of Grape Ape

As the name already reveals, Grape Ape weed has a sweet grape candy flavor and aroma, but also contains fruitiness and a faint hint of skunk. If you're interested in exploring more varieties with similar profiles, check out our selection of skunk strain seeds, which are known for their robust flavors and aromatic complexity.


The original Grape Ape is an Indica-dominant hybrid developed by Apothecary Genetics, a California-based company. This variety arose by crossing Mendocino Purps x Skunk, and an Afghani landrace.

In order to create her fast-flowering counterpart, we took the finest Grape Ape genetics and crossed them with a strong Auto OG Kush.

The best Grape Ape autoflower seeds for sale at Weedseedsexpress

In the Weedseedsexpress online store, we offer the highest quality seeds crafted from the finest genetics. Whether you're seeking a world-renowned variety or something exciting and new, both beginners and advanced growers have praised our extensive selection and excellent service.

As you'd expect from a mostly Indica strain, Grape Ape auto delivers incredibly relaxing, impressive physical effects. The mellow buzz and pleasant body tingles, combined with its delectable fruity flavor and incredible ease of growth, exemplify what you can expect from a top-notch autoflowering variety. This strain is grown from premium indica seeds, ensuring a high-quality cultivation experience.

Stop monkeying around and Shop Weedseedexpress to buy Grape Ape autoflower seeds today! Grow this great strain at home and enjoy the results of premier autoflower genetics.

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