Charlotte's Web is één van de meest bekende CBD strains met een relatief grote geschiedenis. Niet alleen in de USA, maar ook in Canada, Australië, Zuid-Afrika, de UK en vele delen van Europa zoals hier in Nederland.

De strain is ontwikkeld door de The Stanley Brothers uit Colorado met als doel een strain te creëren met een zo hoog mogelijk CBD inhoud. Dat is goed gelukt. De analyses en lab resultaten zijn namelijk verbluffend. Charlotte’s Web genetica bevat een zeer laag THC percentage terwijl het CBD niveau rond de 19% ligt. Hierdoor is Charlotte’s Web geschikt voor zowel medicinaal als recreationeel gebruik.

Wil jij deze plant zelf kweken? Koop de gefeminiseerde Charlotte’s Web zaden van Weedseedsexpress.

Het kweken van de Charlotte’s web plant

Hoewel de ouders van Charlotte’s web geheim zijn gebleven, is Charlotte’s Web een prachtige Sativa dominante plant (60% Sativa) met duidelijke eigenschappen van de Indica. De strain beschikt over een bloeitijd van 60 tot 70 dagen en kan zowel binnen als buiten gekweekt worden. Voor de beste resultaten dient de plant bij een buitenkweek rond half oktober geoogst te worden.

Het kweken van Charlotte’s web zaden is niet heel moeilijk. Minimale ervaring is daarom voldoende. Wanneer de Charlotte’s Web plant binnen gekweekt wordt zal de plant een maximale hoogte van 120 cm bereiken, terwijl de plant buiten maar liefst 180 cm hoog kan worden. Hierdoor zijn de opbrengsten buiten ook iets groter dan wanneer je de plant binnen kweekt. Voor een binnenkweek geldt een maximale opbrengst van 300 tot 400 gram per m2. Buiten liggen de opbrengsten gemiddeld tussen de 400 tot 500 gram.


Charlotte’s Web wiet is door haar zeer lage THC concentratie en de zeer hoge CBD inhoud geen doorsnee wiet. Psychedelische effecten zijn namelijk niet of nauwelijks merkbaar. Hierdoor is de strain ideaal voor volwassenen die baat kunnen hebben bij de overweldigende CBD-concentratie.

Het effect van de wiet richt zich voornamelijk op de fysieke delen van het lichaam. Hierdoor voelen de meeste gebruikers zich na inname vaak zeer ontspannen. Dit gaat gecombineerd met een algehele verbetering van de stemming. Andere gebruikers geven aan zich beter te kunnen focussen en energiek te voelen.

Smaak en geur van Charlotte’s Web wiet

Charlotte’s Web wiet heeft een zachte rook en een aantal heerlijke smaken en geuren die door veel gebruikers geliefd zijn. Smaken die je bijvoorbeeld zal proeven zijn die van dennenhout, salie, citroen en citrus. De geuren zijn een beetje skunky, bloemig en kunnen je doen denken aan gras.

Achtergrondinformatie over de Charlotte’s Web strain

De wetenschap is gericht op het verbeteren van de menselijke gezondheid. In sommige gevallen biedt de wetenschap echter geen oplossing. Bijvoorbeeld wanneer een behandeling niet mogelijk is, geen enkele behandeling goed aanslaat of wanneer iemand is uitbehandeld. In zulke gevallen wordt er vaak gezocht naar een alternatieve methode om de gewenste resultaten te bereiken.

Charlotte’s Web is daar een goed voorbeeld van. De strain is door de kweker als eerbetoon vernoemt naar Charlotte Fiji. Een jong meisje dat lijdt aan het syndroom van Dravet. Door de cbd van deze strain te gebruiken zijn haar epileptische aanvallen drastisch gedaald en werd zij het icoon van de medische cannabis legalisatie.

Lees verderinklappen

Eigenschappen Charlotte’s web gefeminiseerde zaden

THC waarde 0.5%
CBD waarde 19%
Variatie 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Genetica Unknown
Max opbrengst binnen 300 tot 400 gram/m2
Max opbrengst buiten 400 tot 500 gram/m2
Hoogte binnen 50 tot 80 cm
Hoogte buiten 80 tot 120 cm
Bloeitijd 60 tot 70 dagen
Schimmelbestendigheid Gemiddeld
Kwekersprofiel Beginner
Cultivering Binnen, Buiten, Kas
Klimaat Koud, Gematigd, Mediterraan, Droog
Smaken Aardachtig, Citroen, Dennen, Houtachtig
Effecten Energiek, Gefocust, Vrolijk, Relaxt
SOG geschikt ja
SCROG geschikt ja

Charlotte’s web gefeminiseerde zaden ervaringen

Recente beoorderlingen over Charlotte’s web gefeminiseerde zaden. Heb jij ervaring met dit soortje? Deel jouw ervaring met andere klanten en schrijf een beoordeling over Charlotte’s web gefeminiseerde zaden.

4.5 / 5 sterren uit 24 beoordelingen


VeryHappyCustomer!! (Geverifieerde klant) 2020-09-28

100% Germ rate within a few days. I just could not wait to leave a review about the customer service and delivery guarantee. My goods got stuck in the post office for months. My bad! I did not complain sooner, but as soon as I did, they replaced it. I received the new pack in less than 3 weeks. I strongly recommend WEEDSEEDSEXPRESS! I will leave another review about strain.

Kushmaster (Geverifieerde klant) 2020-02-10

Wow! I thought I had to wait for at least two months with this corona shit, but I got my seeds in two weeks, sick! Packaging is super stealthy and professional. Great job

Ray Lakeman (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-11-27

This variety is excellent, produces well and an easy grow (but maybe a little easy to overfeed). I haven't tried Charlotte's Web before, but the results we've got line up perfectly with what you'd expect from this sort of medical marijuana. The guys are awesome too, very helpful in every way!

slindy66 (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-11-26

Oh, and I agree with a previous post...this is NOT a strain for beginners to grow! Takes a lot of TLC and persistence. But worth sticking with it.

slindy66 (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-11-26

I am just super excited to find CW seeds for sale! I'm sure we all know this is a hard strain to get ahold of. Hardly any dispensaries here in NM even sell the bud! Once in awhile ONE of the local ones has it. We have been known to buy an ounce at dispensary prices to make our edibles! Anyway, THANKS!!!

USVET (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-09-10

Even though the specifications says it's suitable for beginners I would highly recommend to read a lot of growblogs before you buy these seeds. It remains a photo period specie so you need some knowledge about changing the light scheme to get your strains into flowering but if you do you can definitely achieve great yields and a fantastic high quality CBD weed. Personally the weed provides such a great calming effect. I suffer from various chronic pain complaints but by making edibles of the CW weed my pain has dropped dramatically. I am therefore very grateful offering the charlotte web seeds. Because of you, the quality of my life has increased dramatically

lilianh123 (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-07-29

Ordered these seeds on June 20th originally, all seeds received were either broken or damaged, as they were all shipped in a small bag together with some bubble wrap taped around it. I was then told these re-shipped on July 5th, no word of the seeds to date. I have not received anything and the tracking does not help as it has 3 day delay, however it did say they arrived in the country of destination July 13, we are almost into august and I feel I have wasted my time waiting for these seeds. I am very disappointed, the reviews seemed so good, yet so deceiving!

David (Weedseedsexpress) replied on 2019-09-17

Hi Lilian, We are very sorry things didn't worked out well for you. That's really not how it supposed to be. In consultation with you we have sent you a refund. Hopefully we'll speak another time again. Cheers, David

shaun mathias perry (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-07-17

Best service i have ever had in my life. No joke and i live on the other side of the world from this company. All seeds germinated, not 1 issue. Thank you weed seeds!

Deloach12 (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-06-14

Satisfied with your service. Pretty fast delivery even in NZ. Packaging was solid and pretty stealth. Will buy more soon. Have a good day

Pamela (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-05-01

wow wow wow!! both the delivery speed and the simplicity of germination were above expectations. Thank you soooooo much!!

Kev (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-04-29

Had an issue with my payment but Dave helped me in a great way. Even send me a little bonus. Really appreciate that Dave. Seeds seem to germ nicely but i will wait another 48 hours for some longer tails. Will update another time

Jeraldy R. Gage (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-03-19

Altough i had my doubts, after growing and smoking the weed i can say it for sure. This is the real deal! Thank you for selling the charlotte's web guys. I'm very sure you gonna help a lot of people in need. I'll spread the word!

R. (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-03-10

Amazing service, seeds did arrive abet late. But that was due to canada post issues . very responsive and also they offered if the seeda would not arrive after 21 days they would re-ship my order again. I would recommend this guys for sure and would shop from them again.

Jeremy (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-02-25

Although these are clones, i never expected to find the seeds to grow CW by myself. The results are truly amazing! Exactly the same taste, effects and flavors so this must be coming from the original CW. Guys you are amazing having this strain in you assortment. Just bought another 10 seeds and hoping it will arrive just as quick as last time.

jasondence (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-01-10

Good genetics, charlotte would be proud! :p But no kidding, this is a wonderfull plant, as soon as the plant arose from the soil my heart was struck by cupid. I wanted to sleep with this little baby and nurture Charlotte's web to maturity.Ofcourse, my wife protested. Okay, Joker off! I germinated 9 of the 10 seeds succesfully. The next stages went well, didn't use any chemicals just water and fertile soil. As soon as I put Charlotte's web into flowering state the aura changed and I felt loads of positive vibes. I recommed Charlotte's web to everyone!

Raven M. Cook (Geverifieerde klant) 2019-01-01

If you are looking for a high quality CBD strain that is easy to grow and produces good yields, Charlottes Web is exactly what you need.

Thomas Arner (Geverifieerde klant) 2018-11-25

From my experience I can say that strain is very good for medical use. Growing the plant was not difficult either. Even with my limited experience, I have been able to achieve good harvests.

Crowder Jay (Geverifieerde klant) 2018-10-12

Since I started growing and smoking charlottes web, my depression has clearly decreased. The effect ensures that my emotions stabilize, even at a low dose.

Fuentes (Geverifieerde klant) 2018-09-09

I had been looking for a high quality CBD strain for a while, so I would be better able to function during the day. On advice of weed seeds express, I bought these seeds and I am very happy with my purchase. Breeding went without problems and the plant was pretty quick to harvest. Although I feel that this is more a 1: 1 strain, my headache is gone and I can concentrate better.

Keach (Geverifieerde klant) 2018-07-18

Growing Charlotte's web was very simple and the weed has a high quality. This strain is also very suitable for making CBD oil. The effect of the weed is great. Very relaxing for the body, but also for the mind. I recommend this strain for people who suffer chronic pain or other medical (psychic) ailments.

Post (Geverifieerde klant) 2018-07-02

Although I'm not sure if these are the original charlotte's web seeds, the effect is exactly what I expected. No psychological effect, but a completely relaxed feeling. The CBD clearly has the upper hand. I can therefore recommend these seeds to anyone who wants to grow a CBD strain.

R. Ruble (Geverifieerde klant) 2018-04-27

The Charlotte's Web strain is among my favorite strains. Very easy to grow if you have a bit of experience. The plant has an average height so an indoor cultivation is very suitable. Moreover, the yields are good, the weed is of high quality and the effect is amazing chill to the body

Bobby Martins (Geverifieerde klant) 2018-01-05

Unfortunately, my harvest failed because of mold that arose at an early stage. I therefore already had to harvest the plants in week 7.

F. Stewart (Geverifieerde klant) 2018-01-02

Thank you Weedseedsexpress for the seeds and advising this strain! I experienced a great service and the shipment was really good. Because of the THC high of many types of cannabis I often become paranoia. However, I have no problems with CW. Because of this I am able to smoke a this weed every night without the unpleasant side effects. Personally I use this weed for treating chronic pain in my feet and it works very well. Moreover, I feel calm and experience fewer fears.

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Charlotte’s web gefeminiseerde alternatieven

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