New strain releases - June 2023

New strain releases - June 2023

Summer is coming in hot this month, and to enjoy the start of the summer season, we decided to reveal two new strains. In May, we launched the following weed seeds for sale:

For the month of June, we add two more feminized seeds to our seed bank catalog. One will entice those who love the sweet strains of Gelato and Wedding Cake, the other will offer a more unique flavor palette. Both options are great for growers who have a little bit more experience, looking for a bit more of a challenge. You will enjoy the fruit of your labor, as either strain will be a delight to smell and smoke.

Ice Cream Cake feminized

Bred from Wedding Cake and Gelato, Ice Cream Cake feminized seeds come with a promise of sweet, frosted buds for those with a taste for the finer strains in life. With flavors reminiscent of an ice cream parlor and a bakery combined, this strain captivates the senses and sends you on a flavorful journey. From the first wafts of creamy vanilla to an unexpected undertone of citrus, followed by an earthy touch, this strain is a treat for the nose and taste buds.

Growing these seeds is as delightful as savoring the weed, with a moderately challenging cultivation process. She requires the right balance of moisture, a suitable temperature range, and optimal humidity conditions. Cultivate her indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, and your reward will be vibrant plants sporting dense, colorful, trichome-frosted buds.

Ice Cream Cake is not just sweet, but also strong. Her tranquilizing effects can melt your worries away, easing your mind into a state of serenity. Just remember to go slow, or you might find yourself in a dizzying dance with this potent beauty. When it comes to Ice Cream Cake, the cake is indeed real and truly delectable!

GMO Cookies feminized

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and bask in the rewarding journey of cultivating GMO Cookies feminized seeds. This indica-dominant strain, a splendid crossbreed between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies, offers a robust growth with a little TLC.

Brace yourself for a sensory banquet as the GMO Cookies strain fills your cultivation space with a distinct fragrance that's hard to resist. Harnessing her inherent beauty requires the art of de-leafing to ensure optimal light and airflow reach every part of the plant. Think of it as your plant's exotic vacation, where ideal conditions bolster her health and yield.

The joyride doesn't stop at cultivation. Light up and prepare to get ensnared by its complex palette - an invigorating blend of earthy sweetness underscored by a robust diesel kick. Just when you thought the flavor journey ends there, surprise yourself with a subtle hint of garlic, elevating the smoking experience.

Savor the euphoric head high that slowly segues into a soothing body relaxation, an idyllic concoction for your weary soul. A session with GMO Cookies not only offers comfort and tranquility, but also opens a gateway to a gastronomical adventure, making your late-night munchies all the more pleasurable. Dare to grow, dare to taste – the unique GMO Cookies feminized strain awaits you!

Which will be your next favorite?

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