New strain releases - July 2023

New strain releases - July 2023

Summer is in full swing, and we are hoping you are all enjoying the warm weather. To make this summer season even better, we decided to launch two more new strains. In June, we launched the following cannabis seeds for sale:

For the month of July, we are adding two more feminized weed seeds to the WeedSeedsExpress catalog. While both strains offer different experiences, there is one thing that connects the two: extremely high potency! They will be a perfect addition to our High THC seeds. So if you are looking for highly powerful weed, either of these new seeds should be part of your cannabis garden or grow room sooner, rather than later.

Sleepy Joe OG feminized

Get ready to go presidential with the Sleepy Joe OG feminized seeds! Rooted in the impressive lineage of Obama Kush and Nova OG, this powerhouse strain boasts a delightful blend of flavors and powerful effects. Taking the cannabis scene by storm with a flavor profile that dances between the sweet notes of strawberry and the zesty punch of lemon, she's a treat for the senses and a gastronomic delight for edibles.

Growing Sleepy Joe OG seeds is like running a successful campaign: simple, rewarding, and adaptable to your strategies. Be it Sea Of Green, Low-Stress Training, or Screen of Green, these seeds thrive with your expertise and attention.

Now, about her effects - Sleepy Joe OG's name isn't just for show. It's like an executive order for relaxation, sparking joy, then ushering in a profound tranquility that lasts for hours. Perfect for those evening unwinding sessions where creativity takes center stage.

Watch out, though! This potent strain can hit hard, like a well-placed political debate punchline. Even seasoned cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate the impressively high THC content. Just based on THC levels, she is our most potent strain to date. In essence, growing Sleepy Joe OG seeds is your ticket to a high-quality, fruitful, and enjoyable cannabis experience.

MAC 1 feminized

Cultivating MAC 1 feminized seeds is like undertaking a celestial journey right in your own garden. Birthed from the enigmatic blend of Miracle Alien Cookies and an undisclosed Hybrid Male, MAC 1 seeds are a rare breed that exudes an alluring charm. Growing these gems, however, are not for the faint-hearted – they demand your care and attention, but the fruitful payoff of large, resinous flowers is well worth the effort.

Indoor or outdoor, MAC 1 seeds adapt splendidly, adding an element of versatility to their appeal. Indoors, they might require some space wrangling, but the Screen of Green technique ensures optimal growth. Outdoors, they bask in the open environment and prove to be less demanding of their surroundings.

MAC 1's effects are a symphony of sensations. The uplifting notes of creativity and euphoria crescendo into a calming melody, offering a harmonious balance. Her impressive potency ensures an enjoyable, well-balanced high.

The sensory journey continues with a fascinating terpene profile. Imagine a hike through an aged forest, laced with a zesty citrus twist. It's an aromatic adventure that leaves a tantalizing taste lingering. MAC 1 seeds invite you to a fruitful, enjoyable, and sensational cannabis cultivation journey.

Which will be your next favorite?

With Sleepy Joe OG and MAC 1, we know we have two amazing new strains to grow in your grow space, both outdoors and indoors. No matter which of these two new weed seeds you pick, you are in for huge harvests of ultra-powerful buds.

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