Regular Cannabis Seeds

Experience traditional cannabis cultivation with our Regular Weed Seeds, offering a balanced mix of male and female plants for the purist grower.

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Regular cannabis seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds, with their 50/50 composition of male and female cannabis seeds, are primarily purchased by experienced growers who are interested in breeding. These growers often want to create new seeds or cross different strains to develop new hybrid weed varieties.

To grow new seeds, it's essential to have both male and female plants. While you can harvest weed from feminized seeds, these seeds don't allow you to grow new seeds. If your goal is solely to grow full buds and harvest weed, then choosing feminized seeds or autoflower seeds would be more suitable, as these types of weed seeds will only produce female cannabis plants, ideal for those not looking to breed or produce hybrid weed.

Advantages of growing regular marijuana seeds

Growing your own seeds or creating new varieties

The first advantage lies in the opportunities regular seeds present for cultivating your very own strains or unique varieties. Imagine this: you're not just a cannabis grower, but a genetic artist with the power to shape the future of cannabis cultivars.

The process is intricate and meticulous, a labor of love where you can marry diverse strains, each with their own distinctive characteristics, to conceive something truly unique. These seeds give you the ability to explore the full spectrum of cannabis genetics, to blend and refine, until you find the strain that resonates with your personal taste or therapeutic needs.

If you grow regular cannabis seeds, you do not just find yourself at the start of a new grow cycle; you're at the start of an adventure.

Natural selection that creates strong genetics

The inherent natural selection process that comes with regular seeds is another significant advantage. In the wild, only the strongest and most resilient plants survive and reproduce. In this harsh but effective survival-of-the-fittest scenario, the plant's genetics are refined with each generation, leading to stronger, more robust progeny.

It's nature's quality control system at its finest, and it ensures the continued resilience of the plant species. As a grower, this means you're participating in a legacy of strong, potent, and hardy plants, honed by natural selection over thousands of years. Regular seeds are your ticket to this enduring genetic lineage.

Female cannabis plants boost stress resistance after male removal

Lastly, the practice of removing male cannabis plants bestows the remaining females with an impressive level of stress resistance. Once the male plants are removed, the female plants, unhindered by pollination, channel all their energy into producing rich, high-quality buds.

The intensity of their focus on survival amplifies their resilience against environmental stressors, be it fluctuating temperatures, inconsistent watering, or pests.

This resilience ensures a stronger, healthier crop and could lead to higher yields and more potent buds. It's a testament to the plant's natural survival instincts, demonstrating that in the face of adversity, it chooses not just to survive, but to thrive.

Characteristics of regular weed seeds

Regular seeds consist of both female and male variants. These regular marijuana seeds are as close as you would find them in the wild without having been manually sorted by gender.

Because this process has been omitted, these seeds offer a growing process that is more close to their nature. But because only female cannabis seeds grow into a cannabis plant with smokable buds, a successful harvest is not guaranteed with regular cannabis seeds.

Only experienced growers can recognize and remove the male cannabis plants at an early stage during the growing process. If you want to harvest from regular marijuana seeds, you will have to separate the male plants from the female plants during the growth phase.

In this way, you will avoid disrupting the weed production of the feminized plant. If you choose feminized cannabis seeds, then you won't have this problem. The female plants will then grow unhindered, and you can be sure that after the flowering period, you can harvest.

Suitable for

Regular seeds are suitable for:

Experienced (hobby) growers

Growing regular cannabis seeds requires knowledge and experience. Often these experienced growers are hobby growers who want to grow new seeds, mother plants, and/or new (hybrid) strains. It's quite the step to move from growing cannabis from feminized seed to becoming part of the circle of cannabis breeders.

The cultivation process is labor-intensive, and you will need to monitor the progress on a daily basis closely. If you only want to harvest buds, then it is better not to buy regular seeds. Opt for feminized or autoflowering seeds instead.

Growers who opt for organic quality

Do you want to grow marijuana seeds in the most unmanipulated, and therefore purest, form? Then you should choose regular cannabis seeds. Keep in mind that you will grow the seeds the hard way. You will therefore need to have green fingers and a passion for growing. In the end, you will get great organic weed, grown as nature intended.

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Regular cannabis seeds FAQs

What are regular cannabis seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are cannabis seeds that, just like nature intended, consist of both female and male weed seeds. This means that if you plant one of these seeds, you will grow either a male or female plant.

How to grow regular cannabis seeds?

Growing regular cannabis seeds involves several stages, each crucial in ensuring the healthy development of your plants. Here, we'll guide you through these stages and provide insight into identifying the sex of your marijuana plants, a critical factor especially when working with regular cannabis seeds, which differ from feminized seeds in that they can be either male or female.

Germination: Start by germinating your seeds. This can be done by soaking your regular seeds in lukewarm water for around 12 to 24 hours. After soaking, place the seeds between two damp paper towels and put them in a warm area. In a few days, a taproot will emerge.

Planting: Once the taproot appears, gently plant the regular cannabis seeds in a suitable growing medium, such as a light potting soil, with the taproot facing down. The seeds should be placed about 3 cm (1.2 inches) below the surface.

Seedling stage: The seedlings need plenty of light. Ideally, they should receive 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness each day. Regular watering is essential, but avoid overwatering to prevent damping off and root rot.

Vegetative stage: As the plant grows and matures, it enters the vegetative stage. It needs more nutrients during this phase, specifically nitrogen. Continue to provide plenty of light.

Flowering stage: When you're ready for your plants to flower, adjust the light to 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light each day. This shift in the light schedule will prompt the plant to enter the flowering stage. This is the period when you will begin to see the sex of your (male/female) plant.

The biggest difference between growing feminized and regular seeds is identifying the sex of your plant. A male plant produces (male) pollen sacs, while females grow pistils. Male plants generally show signs of their sex earlier than females, around one to two weeks after switching to the flowering light cycle.

Are regular cannabis seeds male or female?

As mentioned before they are both, regular cannabis seeds consist of both male and female seeds. Unlike feminized seeds, which are bred to produce only female plants, regular seeds have about a 50% chance of growing into either sex.

This aspect of regular seeds makes them a favored choice among breeders and cultivators interested in producing their own seeds, since male plants are required for pollination.

If the goal is to yield buds for consumption, however, female plants are the primary focus, as they are the ones that produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers. Therefore, when growing from regular cannabis seeds, it becomes essential to identify and separate male and female plants to prevent unwanted pollination.

If you want to know what sex your seed has, you will have to grow the plant to at least the flowering stage.

Do autoflowering seeds germinate faster than regular cannabis seeds?

The process of germinating cannabis seeds, be they autoflowering, regular, or feminized, is an intricate dance that hinges on the exacting balance of warmth, moisture, and delicate care. Each seed carries within it the spark of life that waits for just the right environmental harmony to awaken.

Yet, an interesting twist in the narrative emerges when we compare the overall growth cycles. Despite the germination rates of these seed types being relatively similar, the journey of autoflowering weed plants outpaces their regular counterparts. What sets autoflowering variants apart is their unique ability to transition from the vegetative growth phase to the flowering phase automatically after a set period, irrespective of the light exposure. This swift shift effectively streamlines the plant's growth, leading to a quicker timeline from seed to harvest.

In essence, the speed of autoflowering strains adds an element of efficiency to cannabis cultivation, offering a quicker path to harvest compared to regular cannabis plants—an attribute that holds considerable appeal for many growers.