Indica Seeds

Uncover the relaxing world of our Indica Seeds, renowned for their soothing effects and dense, compact buds.

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Indica seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Indica Seeds

If you are in the market for weed seeds that grow cannabis with relaxing effects, Indica cannabis seeds are always an excellent choice. The weed often contains less THC in contrast to sativa strains. But not only do genetics influence the THC and CBD content, but it also affects the external characteristics of the plant. 

For example, they do not grow very large and remain bushy and compact. Their size makes them ideal for indoor cultivation. The leaves are darker and wider, when compared to the sativa species, which are quite narrow. Due to a large amount of chlorophyll, the leaves also tend to be a bit oily.

This calming cannabis is popular among users who need physical relaxation and/or a good night's sleep. Indica is also frequently used in relieving physical complaints and chronic pain. The substance that takes care of this is CBD. Are you looking for high-THC seeds that produce weed for an active and creative high? Then Sativa strain seeds for enthusiasts can be a better choice for your next grow, offering the stimulating effects that many creative and active users seek.

Indica seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If you want to grow them indoors, then you don't need much space because these plants don't get big. And because they flourish excellently in cooler climates, such as the Netherlands or the Northern part of North America, indica marijuana seeds are also suitable for outdoor cultivation. Despite the fact the plants are small and compact, the yield will meet your expectations.

Advantages of growing indica seeds

Relaxes your body

Weed harvested from indica plants (please don't smoke indica seeds) provides a relaxing and calming effect. Perfect if you had a strenuous day at work. Medical marijuana patients have reported that indica-dominant strains can help with physical complaints and chronic pain relief.

As cannabis indica helps you unwind, higher doses can even help you relax to the point, that falling asleep becomes easier. This is also something you should look out for if you don't want to end up sleeping on the couch.

Small and compacts plants

Plants grown from indica seeds tend to be small and compact, making them extremely suitable for indoor growing. Indoor growers tend to have less space to grow their cannabis seeds. Being able to cultivate marijuana plants that do not need as much breathing room can be a godsend and key to a successful grow (and a happy grower).

Hardy strains

As indica seeds tend to be hardier and able to withstand colder temperatures than sativa plants, they are very suitable for outdoor cultivation. Timing is key, as most indica cannabis seeds still perform a lot better during warmer summers. If you plant your indica marijuana seeds too late, your harvest will not be able to reach its full potential.

Flowers quickly

Luckily most indica strains tend to have a short flowering stage, meaning that once your indica plants start to bloom, you can harvest your buds sooner rather than later. Also makes the window for making mistakes shorter, which is another reason why many of our indica cannabis seeds are easier to grow than their sativa counterparts.

Suitable for

Indica seeds are suitable for:

Growers who just want to relax

Indica has a stress-relieving effect and promotes sleep. The component CBD, in part, is responsible for this. The effect is also more focused on the body and is also called a "body-high", which is why you can feel all your muscles relax and create this feeling of couch-lock, where you don't really want (or can't in some cases) to stand up anymore, and just chill.

This does mean that it is smarter to wait with smoking indica dominant strains until after all your work (at home) is done. Unwinding is the name of the game with weed grown from indica cannabis seeds.

Novice and experienced growers

Indica marijuana seeds, are for the most part, easy to grow. This is because they are fast growers. And because of the shorter flowering period, they are less likely to fail. The latter is especially true when growing indica outdoors. There are also some popular autoflowering indica seeds (including Northern Lights and CBD Purple Kush Auto), which will ensure a successful harvest for you.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing

Indica strains have traditionally been outdoor plants because they can handle cool weather conditions well. Thanks to clever genetic engineering, they have been made suitable for growing successfully indoors. Especially considering plants grown from indica cannabis seeds do not usually grow tall, somewhere between 60 and 180 cm (24 and 70 inches). Indica seeds actually grow more in width and are, therefore, a lot easier to place in an indoor grow space.

Quick harvest

Indica plants are known for their short flowering periods, which means that you can harvest quickly. Although the plant does not grow very tall, it produces heavy and compact buds, which easily bring a hefty weight of indica weed on your scales.

A few indica seed suggestions from our seed bank

You are clearly looking to buy indica seeds online. But you might want to know what are the best indica marijuana seeds. Fair question. While our answers can never be truly objective, we have tried to select some of the best indica strains that would be a great addition to any cannabis garden or grow space.


We start off this list of suggested indica seeds, with a more sativa heavy strain. And you feel this in her effects, as she can start you off all euphoric and even creative. But not for long as G13 weed will lock you back into that couch, and you lose your focus while you float on this relaxing stoney cloud.

According to legend, this strain was once a well-guarded confidential strain, cultivated by a government research facility in Mississippi. Which was brought to the wide world of cannabis by none other than marijuana legend Neville Schoenmaker. Quite the story, if true of course.

What we do know for sure, is that growing G13 feminized seeds can be a bit of a challenge for beginners. This can be the case for indica dominant hybrid seeds, which still have a decent amount of sativa genetics in them. If you want an easy grow, and still enjoy her secretive buds, just buy and grow G13 autoflower seeds.

Girl Scout Cookies

At this point, this OG Kush descendant is almost as well known as Amsterdam classic White Widow. Just like the Widow, she is the mother of many other famous strains, including one of our strongest indica strains, Do-si-Dos. However, unlike White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies originate from the other side of the world; California, to be more precise.

And as easy as that Cali breeze, Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are just as effortless to grow. And with the option for the quicker, Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds, this indica dominant strain is a great choice for any grower that is just starting out.

Her high is, like most indica dominant strains, soothing and relaxing, but you can still expect some creative thoughts to linger. What also lingers is the taste of freshly baked cookies, with earthy hints of mint. And while her flavors are so amazing, they might not be enough to satiate your upcoming munchies. So prepare a pantry full of snacks (unless you want to watch your calorie intake, in that case, do the exact opposite).

Granddaddy Purple

Purple was once a color reserved for royalty and the rich, but nowadays anyone with a passion for cultivation can create a garden full of purple flowers. And Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds would be a great candidate for this fruitful venture. Because, unlike regular flowers, you can smoke hers and calm yourself to a zenlike tranquility.

And growing this feminized strain is just as tranquilizing, partly due to her mold-resistant traits. Beginners can definitely try to grow GDP, and expect a more than decent first harvest, with a load of powerful indica buds. You will also love how she smells and tastes: she presents a sweet berry aroma and a similar fruity taste.

She was conceived in the Bay Area (California) by mixing the strain we will mention next and Purple Urkle. This explains not only her dense buds, but also the purple hues they can display. While the GDP feminized cannabis seeds are a great option for beginners, Granddaddy Purple autoflower seeds are even easier and faster to grow, due to her ruderalis genes.

Big Bud

Big Bud has quickly become a very popular indica strain, mostly in part due to her ability to grow very dense buds. And not only experienced indica growers can try to grow these solid indica nuggets, but Big Bud feminized seeds are also very suitable for beginners to grow.

The reason she is considered a beginner strain? Her plants are very resilient, resistant to many pests and fungi, and grow rather compact. The only thing you need to help her with is the support of her humongous buds, as they can be quite heavy and bend the branches (to the point of breaking if they get exceptionally big).

We also offer Big Bud autoflower seeds for the fans of autoflowering indica seeds. They tend to be even easier to grow, with a faster turnover time, due to a shorter vegetative and flowering stage.


While many of our popular indica strains are focused on relaxation, these pure indica seeds have a different goal in mind. If the name didn't already give you an idea, weed grown from Sexxpot feminized seeds has a certain, aphrodisiacal quality to it. While she might not be as potent as some of her fellow indica marijuana strains, we believe this is for the better, as being too high might not be beneficial in the bedroom.

Sexxpot cannabis seeds are not that hard to grow, and also have a high yield potential. When growing indoors, you can harvest up to 600 grams per square meter. Outdoors, this indica grow can net you even higher yields, up to 800 grams per plant. This means you will be able to have plenty of fun nights with your significant other.

When you start smoking Sexxpot, you'll notice her robust skunky scent. Similarly, her taste is also skunky with subtle hints of coffee. As the smoke coats your taste buds, you'll be able to distinguish traces of tree fruit, such as peaches, berries, and nuts.

Buy the best indica seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

Why use WeedSeedsExpress

At WeedSeedsExpress, we offer only high-quality indica seeds for sale, as this is one of the keys to a successful harvest. Another major key is picking the strain that fits your type of grow. Make sure to check out the product pages before you buy indica seeds online.

To ensure you pick a particular strain that can bounce back after you make mistakes, it is wise to also check out our seeds for beginners. These options are specifically grouped to help you successfully grow your first marijuana plant and gain confidence as you develop your gardening skills.

If you're looking to grow weed with those lovely indica effects, just take a look at our indica catalog, and pick any of your new favorite indica strains. We have a diverse range of weed seeds for sale. Order your indica seeds at WeedSeedsExpress and get ready for the grow of a lifetime.

Indica seeds FAQs

What are cannabis indica seeds?

Cannabis Indica was, after Cannabis Sativa, the second species of Cannabis that was found in the wild, originally in India. Just like sativa seeds, indica seeds grow annual plants. Unlike sativa cannabis, indica dominant weed seeds grow more like a bush, and users generally report more of a body stone, than the typical head high.

In general, growing indica weed seeds tends to be easier to cultivate due to their shorter growth and flowering time. This doesn't mean that every single indica strain is suitable for beginners, but in general, the growing difficulty is a bit lower than with most sativa seeds.

Where do indica cannabis seeds come from? 

As the name suggests, most Indica cannabis strains originate from the remote areas of the Hindu Kush mountains (Central Asia) and the Himalayas. This includes countries such as India, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, and Afghanistan.

Indica was introduced into the Netherlands around the 1970s. From then on, indicas were often crossed with sativas and ruderalis varieties. By crossing them, these so-called hybrid weed seeds possess the best characteristics of each species.

Are indica marijuana seeds feminized?

Most of our best indica seeds are indeed feminized seeds, meaning they grow only female indica plants. If you want a guaranteed harvest, you need to make sure that you do not grow male plants, as they can pollinate your females.

In case that happens, your female plants will start to grow seeds, and will not focus on growing those lovely smokable buds. Choosing non feminized weed seeds makes that situation very likely.

To make sure that this does not happen and you grow yourself a nice yield of indica weed, go for feminized indica seeds only. This also includes our autoflowering indica seeds, as they also only grow female plants.

What are the fastest-growing indica strains?

On the topic of autoflower seeds, our fastest-growing indica strain is Hindu Kush autoflower. If you have grown autoflowers before, you know that you can expect not only a shorter flowering stage, their vegetative period is always significantly shorter. In total, seed to harvest, the minimum time this needs strain needs is less than two months!

Grape Ape feminized seeds are our fastest-growing photoperiod indica seeds, with a flowering time of 42-56 days. Within no time, you can try out your own homegrown grapey weed.

Is it better to grow indica or sativa seeds?

Comparing indica and sativa seeds is like comparing apples to oranges. Yes, they are both fruits, but they offer different experiences, both in growing and consumption. The same goes for cannabis; it all depends on what you are looking for in your next grow. In the following situations, we feel that indica seeds are the better option when compared to their sativa counterparts:

  • You are looking for a bushier grow, either indoors or outdoors

  • You want a more calm stone that will relax your body

  • You are an evening cannabis consumer

  • You can use some help falling asleep

If these situations do not suit your needs, consider growing hybrid or sativa seeds instead.

What is the best place to grow indica plants?

As mentioned before, plants grown from indica seeds tend not really grow in length, but rather in width. Because of this, your cannabis plants will be more compact and not only fit in your garden, yet can also be grown indoors without pushing against the ceiling.

Not every indica strain needs exactly the same type of environment, so make sure to check the product pages in question.

What is the purest indica?

We offer more than a few pure indica strains. The following strains are 100% pure indica seeds:

Which indica seeds grow the heaviest-yielding plants?

Indoors, Zkittlez feminized seeds can net you the biggest yield per square meter, with a maximum of 700 grams, which is quite the haul.

Outdoors, our highest yielder would be CBD Critical Mass feminized seeds, offering a massive 1200 grams, keep in mind though that this strain falls in the high CBD seeds category. If you are looking for a heavy yielder in the high-THC indica seeds section, G13 feminized will can get you one kilo of the good stuff. All these numbers are based on optimal growing condition.

Explore our hybrid seeds for sale to find these exceptional strains and more, ensuring you achieve the best possible yields in your cannabis garden.