10 Short Autoflower Strains For Small Grow Spaces (2024)

Compact autoflower strains are an obvious solution if you have limited space. 

While most autoflowers generally stay on the smaller side, certain genetics have been bred to maximize a short stature.

In this article, we'll look at some of the shortest-growing Autoflowers that we have in our collection.

1. Blue Cheese Autoflower (40 - 70 cm) 

Blue Cheese Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by skeby on Growdiaries

Blue Cheese Autoflower easy-to-grow strain that reaches 40-70 cm indoors and 60-110 cm outdoors, producing intense fruity and cheesy aromas that require strong odor control.

The flavor profile combines berries and cheese with a signature Blue Cheese aftertaste.

The upbeat, potent effects are relaxing and rejuvenating.

Here's what Adam, who is one of our customers had to say:

If you are not in a hurry are when you are looking for a plant that needs little maintenance, then these blue cheese autoflowers are an absolute must. I really enjoyed the plant. Especially the beautiful development of the tops were breathtaking. The weed is pretty powerful, but not too powerful. Nice and fruity too!

2. Lowryder Auto (30-45cm)

As the name suggests, Lowryder Auto is a compact and resilient auto-flowering hybrid.

Despite growing only up to 45cm in size and having a 7-8 week flowering time, this strain can produce up to 120g/m2 indoors and 90g per plant outdoors.

Lowryder Auto has an earthy, spicy scent with sweet citrus undertones. With its moderate 14% THC level, it delivers uplifting mental stimulation followed by lovely deep muscle relaxation.

The calming effects make Lowryder Auto excellent for social gatherings or unwinding after work. The plant thrives indoors under an 18/6 light cycle or outdoors in a guerilla style.

3. Diesel Autoflower (40 - 70cm)

Diesel autoflower is a compact, high-yielding strain with a signature gasoline aroma. It grows 40-70cm indoors and 60-110cm outdoors.

This resilient variety thrives in various climates. SOG and ScrOG techniques optimize yields. The buds have a fuel-like scent with citrus, earthy, and pine notes.

The Sativa-dominant high provides an energizing mental lift and relaxing body effect. With up to 25% THC, it's potent yet manageable. Diesel autoflower offers relief from stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, and appetite loss.

If time is not your concern, our photoperiod Diesel delivers larger harvests.

4. Santa Maria Autoflower (40 - 80cm)

Santa Maria Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by skeby and Silky_smooth on Growdiaries

Santa Maria Autoflower is beginner-friendly with generous yields. Grows compactly 40-80cm indoors, 80-120cm outdoors.

Monitor moisture to prevent mold. Top and use SCROG for better yields and stems.

Sweet, fruity, citrusy aroma. The taste is sweet and floral with pronounced citrus. Earthy, lavender aftertaste. The average 12% THC, 0.7% CBD provides pleasant relaxation and mood lift.

Relieves pain, insomnia, and muscle tension. May increase libido. Stay hydrated to minimize dry mouth and eyes.

5. AK-48 Autoflower (50 - 70cm)

AK-48 Autoflower from WeedSeedsExprerss grown by Legiongrower and DaGrRe from GrowDiaries

AK-48 Autoflower is a robust, medium-height plant with a sturdy structure and broad leaves.

It grows well indoors (50-70cm) and outdoors (60-90cm). Despite modest yields, it resists mold and humidity.

The buds have a sweet, spicy, exotic aroma with mango notes. The uplifting high provides alertness and focus while relaxing the body. Potent, so moderation is recommended.

Typical dry mouth and eyes side effects. The strong Indica traits relieve stress and anxiety.

For bigger single-plant harvests, opt for regular AK-48.

6. Purple Haze Autoflower (50 - 70cm) 

Purple Haze Autoflower grows 50-70cm indoors, and up to 120cm outdoors.

It flowers quickly in 56-63 days with vivid purple buds. Cooler 20°C nights and warmer 25°C days enhance purple hues.

The exotic aroma has sweet, earthy, tropical berries, and spicy notes. The fruity flavor lingers. The potent high is euphoric, psychedelic, and creativity-boosting.

For bigger plants and yields per plant, try the photoperiod Purple Haze strain.

7. Blue Dream Autoflower (50 - 75cm)

Blue Dream Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Kendog420 and JohnnyBlaze on Growdiaries

Blue Dream Auto is a fast-flowering Sativa-dominant strain known for vibrant colors, blueberry flavor, and uplifting, relaxing effects.

The autoflowering seeds yield compact, bushy plants ideal for small spaces. Indoors 50-75cm, outdoors up to 125cm. Resists mold. Easy for beginners and experts.

Dominant blueberry aroma with sweet tropical fruit and earthy notes. The taste is blueberry and tropical sweetness. Provides a balanced cerebral uplift cascading into deep body relaxation. Keeps one active and social.

Relieves stress, depression, fatigue, and headaches. This plant has 19% THC so moderate dosage is recommended.

For the highest production, try photoperiod Blue Dream instead.

8. Critical Autoflower (55-65cm)

Critical Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by TigerLily4U on Growdiaries

Critical Autoflower is an easy-growing, fast-flowering blend of Critical and Lowryder genetics.

This resilient autoflower will complete its life cycle in 56-63 days indoors, reaching just 55-65cm tall.

Outdoors, heights will surpass 1 meter.

It has a sweet, lemony aroma and woody, lingering flavor. The effects emphasize physical relaxation over cerebral stimulation, delivering potent body-focused relief ideal for chronic pain, sleep issues, and anxiety.

At low doses, users feel a light euphoric lift, while higher doses bring profound tranquility.

Consider our photoperiod Critical, which grows to around 80cm if you need larger yields.

9. Zkittlez Autoflower (60 - 75cm)

Zkittlez Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Mosquito_Haarlem_Holland and Danger90946 on Growdiaries

Zkittlez Autoflower is a sweet, robust strain ideal for beginners and experts. Grows short - 75cm indoors, 100cm outdoors.

Support branches during flowering. Thirsty and nutrient-hungry, needing calcium and magnesium.

Candy and fruit flavored with citrus and kush notes. Allow 2 weeks for ripening to appreciate diverse flavors. Balanced cerebral and relaxing high, calming without sedation.

Good for casual and regular users. Alleviates ADHD, anxiety, stress, and pain.

For stronger plants and larger harvests, choose the photoperiod Zkittlez.

10. Critical Purple Autoflower (60 - 100cm)

Critical Purple Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Mother on Growdiaries

Critical Purple Autoflower is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Critical Mass, Big Bud, and Ruderalis.

Its autoflowering genetics allow easy cultivation without light cycle management.

Thrives indoors and outdoors. Indoors up to 1m, outdoors to 120cm. Fast 7-8 week flowering provides high yields - 400g/m2 indoors, 200g/plant outdoors.

Sweet, earthy, citrusy aroma with cedarwood notes. High THC ensures prolonged relaxation. Alleviates chronic pain, anxiety, and stress.

Also combats nausea and stimulates appetite - beneficial for treatments like chemotherapy.


Looking For More Short Autoflowers For Your Small Grow Space?

We hope you found the perfect short autoflower strain that will fit your grow space.

If you need more options, please check out our full range of autoflower marijuana seeds for sale. Autoflowers in general stay relatively small compared to photoperiod seeds and are perfect for grow tents and small spaces.

Happy growing!