Top 5 Best Canadian Outdoor Strains to Grow in 2023

Top 5 Best Canadian Outdoor Strains to Grow in 2023

Although Canada is known for its long cold winters and short muggy summers, it is certainly possible to grow weed outside, although one crop per season is perhaps a realistic expectation. Smaller yields are also more likely, although the quality will not disappoint. Especially not when you select a suitable strain. 

Is growing marijuana in Canada outdoors a good idea?

In 2019, over 450 acres of Canadian land were used to grow weed which is significantly more than the 350 acres of inside space. So yeah, you can definitely grow cannabis outdoors in Canada. 

Just remember that although hardy, cannabis plants are susceptible to extreme weather conditions, so make sure you grow after the danger of frosty nights has passed. Choose a sunny spot with good quality soil, unless growing in containers.

Some strains do better in cooler climates, while others prefer warm, humid conditions, so it is also advisable to choose a strain that is known to do well in Canada. Here is our top 5 best strains to grow outdoors in eastern and western Canada

Top 5 Best weed to grow outdoors in Canada

1. Jack Herer


Named after a pioneering cannabis activist, Jack Herer is undeniably one of the best strains of marijuana on the market! It's a bestseller for a number of reasons. This medical-grade cannabis is an excellent option for beginners and is relatively easy to grow.


Plus, this strain is the perfect balance between Sativa and Indica. It is a heavy yielding plant. If you are looking for a satisfying strain, this Cannabis Cup winner is sure to give you the answer!

Effects, taste and odor

This weed strain is capable of inducing a tremendous stoned high, which can help numb the pain. When it comes to flavor, the Jack Herer is very satisfying and offers an unparalleled sweet taste. Truth be told, you can't go wrong with Jack Herer!

2. Blue Dream


Blue Dream is widely regarded as one of the most legendary cannabis strains loved by recreational and medicinal smokers alike. It became popular for several reasons, including its unique effects, its potency, and its therapeutic properties, as well as being easy to grow outdoors and inside.


Blue Dream is quick to germinate for both outdoor and indoor grows. It matures into a tall weed, so some pruning or training methods may be advisable, especially outdoors. Blue Dream is also sensitive to extreme climate changes, and its aroma also lures insects, so keep a close eye on her.

Effects, taste and odor

Blue Dream's haze emotes a dank, mild scent when smoked. As the smoke travels towards your taste buds, you will be able to detect a complex array of aromas from the mellow sweetness of blueberry with a calming floral extract. Blue Dream is a cheerful energizing strain with a mild high that reduces migraine and other ailments. Ideal to smoke while sitting outside by a lake watching the sunset.

3. Gorilla Glue auto


Gorilla Glue is a successful, powerful hybrid that offers euphoria and relaxation and locks you to your sofa. Its large flower clusters are full of resin and will fill your grow space with a strong scent of pine, with a sour aroma that the plant inherited from its "parents": Sour Dubb, Chem's Sister, and Chocolate Diesel.


This plant is straightforward to grow, requiring little to no maintenance, but you will be rewarded with a great yield if you take good care of it. Although this is not the largest, it is still of the finest quality. Plus, it produces so much sticky resin that you won't know where to cut it first!

Effects, taste and odor

This variety is one of the strongest variants around, a trichome monster, and, unsurprisingly, its effect is equally impressive: After consumption, it creates a happy and pleasant high feeling, extremely positive in nature. As it is a mix between Sativa and Indica, it is ideal for those looking for relaxation as well as euphoric feelings and heightened emotions. The strong taste that the Gorilla Glue creates has pine notes, with a citrus aftertaste that lingers in the mouth. It is also light chemical and diesel-like in the aftertaste.

4. Amnesia Haze

Almost every smoker knows Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. It was able to prevail mainly because of the grandiose effect, which is incredibly potent. As it should be for a mostly Sativa dominant strain, the high is very top-heavy and psychedelic; after a few tokes, you are in another world.


Amnesia Haze grows into stately specimens with heights of up to 250 centimeters outside. The long flowering time of 10 weeks means that you will need to be careful to get the timings right with Canada's comparatively short summer.

Effects, taste and odor

Amnesia Haze has a fresh, fruity taste that is characteristic of all Haze varieties. The high is creative, euphoric, relaxed, and lazy, perfect for a Sunday morning.

5. Northern Lights auto


The Queen of Indica's is one of the oldest and most famous strains. She is now available as an autoflower for pure Indica harvestable multiple times a year.


Northern Lights auto is easy to grow and is forgiving of beginner mistakes. This autoflowering version of the Northern Lights will perform well outdoors in the lower half of Canada. Mature plants will measure between 120 cm and 1.70 m and produce between 250 and 400 g per plant.

Effects, taste and odor

The taste is still the full-bodied Northern Lights, quite acrid in the mouth, you have to like it, but Northern Lights fans will appreciate the effort to get closer to the mother. Note that fruitier nuances are present in this autoflowering strain and help soften the original strain's earthy side a little. The smoke is also a little softer, but you can recognize the thickness of the Northern Lights.

The high is always very physical; you can feel the Indica, a small discreet high all the same on the first tokes. It is really a relaxing herb that allows you to decompress after a hard day's work. Stressed out people will appreciate it.