What is the best seed bank to use in Australia?


Living in Australia and planning to buy cannabis seeds to start your own grow? We have more good than bad news. Cannabis seeds are still a delegate subject in Australia. Yet, since 2020 there are positive changes to be noticed in the Australian politics as recreational cannabis has been legalized with Australia’s capital Canberra in the lead. Having said that, cannabis and cannabis seeds are still not welcome in most states. Fortunately there are still seed banks out there that ship to Australia. But what are the best seed banks to use in Australia and how secure is shipping to Australia actually?

Your Seed Bank Australia Guide 2021

This guide will help you choose to buy from a reputable seed bank that is able to ship successfully wherever you live in Australia so keep reading and make a solid choice.

Why do Australian growers prefer a European seed banks that ship to Australia?

Of course you can buy marijuana seeds from the black market in Australia, but is it a smart choice? We don’t think so. Most Australian customers prefer to buy online via a European or Canadian seed bank for the simple but utmost important reason: the seed quality and to be able to know what they are growing. Besides when ordering via an online seed bank you have plenty of guarantees to make use of which you don’t have when ordering cannabis seeds in a shady manner.

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How to choose the best seed bank for Australia?

Being an Australian resident, buying cannabis seeds can be exciting. After all, you want your seeds to reach Australia safely and be delivered at your address. Fortunately, you are largely in control of a successful delivery. It starts with finding a reliable seed bank that has proven experience in shipping to Australia and offers guarantees.

Currently there are several seed banks that are successful in shipping to Australia but how to choose a seed bank? There are a few points of interest where you should pay attention to:

  • Reviews and customer experiences – reviews are a great way to check how previous customers have experienced the seed bank in terms of seed quality, customer service, delivery time and payment options.
  • Customer service how easy is it to reach the customer service? Just send a message and see how and how quick they respond.
  • Delivery time reliable seed banks that ship to Australia will show an honest transit time on their website. Here you can think of 10 up to 20 business days.
  • Stealth shipping it’s very important that the seed bank offers stealth shipping so check this upfront.
  • Guarantees check what your guarantees are when ordering at a certain seed bank. Does the seed bank provide a delivery guarantee for shipments to Australia and what is their policy in case a shipment doesn’t arrive or when you have a germination issue?

What are the best seed banks to use that ship to Australia?

Weedseedsexpress has been sending cannabis seeds to Australia since the end of 2016 and grew strongly due to successful deliveries in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Nevertheless, it’s important let you decide from whom you buy your cannabis seeds online. That is why we provide a comparison table with which you easily compare the seed banks.

 WeedseedsexpressILGMCrop King
Free shipping availableYes, for orders above 190 AUDNo, standard 25 AUDNo, standard costs 40 USD
Delivered within3-8 days5-10 days7-25 days
Delivery guaranteeYesYesYes
Free seedsAlways 20% extra seedsNoNo
Shipping to P.O. BoxNoNoYes
Germination guaranteeYesYesYes
Seed priceMediumHighMedium – High
Shipping within8 hours24 – 48 hours24 – 48 hours
Response customer service3 – 16 hours12 – 48 hours24 – 48 hours

Final thoughts

When ordering from one of the companies above you won’t be disappointed. Just try it out and start with a small order in case you are not convinced. You can always place a bigger order the next time.

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