New Cannabis Strains

Our latest cannabis strains represent cutting-edge genetics, offering unique flavors, aromas, and effects. This regularly updated category features the newest and most innovative varieties for cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs seeking exceptional new experiences.

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Sleepy Joe OG autoflower
Sleepy Joe OG autoflower seeds
Godfather OG autoflower
Godfather OG autoflower seeds
Aspirin OG feminized
Aspirin OG feminized seeds
Panama Red feminized
Panama Red feminized seeds
Legend OG feminized
Legend OG feminized seeds
Hash Plant feminized
Hash Plant feminized seeds
Pixie Dust feminized
Pixie Dust feminized seeds
Gary Payton feminized
Gary Payton feminized seeds
Colombian Gold autoflower
Colombian Gold autoflower seeds
Colombian Gold feminized
Colombian Gold feminized seeds
White Rhino feminized
White Rhino feminized seeds
CBD Zkittlez feminized
CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds
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